Karl Lykos was a genetic mutate with the ability to shift back and forth between his normal human form and a giant Pteranodon. He was taken in by Mr. Sinister and used as an evil henchman.


Karl Lykos was a teenage genetic mutate who ran away from home because of his cruel, abusive parents. He was told about Mr. Sinister's island Utopia, where homeless mutants were being sheltered. In Utopia, Mr. Sinister saw potential for Karl and recruited him for the Marauders, a team of super-powerful mutates who obeyed Sinister's every command. Going by the code-name of Sauron, he was sent on a solo mission to kill the Avengers. He was defeated, and told the Avengers the location of Utopia, not wishing to be hurt even more. Unlike the other mutates taken in by Sinister (who died when Sinister blew up Utopia), Lykos survived and redeemed himself by later on joining the X-Men.

Powers & Abilities

  • Transformation - Karl can shift into a giant Pteranodon.
  • Flight - In his Pteranodon form, Karl has giant wings that allow him to fly.
  • Claws - In his Pteranodon form, Karl has super-sharp claws that can be used for scratching and digging into his enemy's flesh.
  • Scale Skin - In his Pteranodon form, Karl has bulletproof scale-covered skin.
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