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Real Name
Kara Howlett
Current Alias

Daughter of the Mutt, Wolf Girl



Savage X, Weapon X

Daken (Genetic Father), Unknown Mother, Boien Howlett (Twin Brother), James "Logan" Howlett (Grandfather), Itsu (Grandmother), Howlett/Logan Family Tree


Base Of Operations
Weapon X Facility, Savage Land, Antarctica




Black, with red streaks

Unusual Features
Semi-feral appearance


Marital Status


High School Level

Mutant born from the genetic DNA of Daken and an unknown woman

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Get in my way I won't be afraid to cut you down, ally or enemy, it makes no difference. Quote2
-- Kara Howlett


Kara was conceived when Weapon X decided to use the DNA they had of Daken and another agent at the time and created them as "Test tube babies". Once placed in the tube they were there until slowly they developed over the next nine months and were closely monitored by the Weapon X scientists around the clock to ensure they were safe. Luckily, the two were healthy the entire time they developed, and eventually after nine months were ready to come out.

But it seemed they were only in the world for a few mere moments as infants. Shortly after this the two were placed in separate chambers, this becoming the day they were aged at a faster rate to about five years old and from there were to be groomed to be agents of Weapon X. Thus their academics, martial arts training, and other areas were soon started from this tender age to the present day. Though, Kara's days during this time were far from being ideal conditions for a child, regardless if she was meant to be a weapon or not.

Compared to her brother Kara was abused quite often, both physically and mentally. At the hands of her caretakers and teachers she faced many beatings and was often degraded. This at first affected her and almost made her not want to continue, but she often had no choice. By the time she was eight Kara's claws popped for the first time and her healing factor activated during one of these beatings. Following this it slowly became apparent she had other abilities seen often in the Howlett family. But, she gained her powers far earlier then her brother did and was pushed to more advanced training which Boien eventually followed after being nearly killed by two other agents.

Over the years, Kara began to grow angry and resentful towards their human handlers. This even caused her to despise humans over time and Kara began to lash out in rebellion to the point she began to show a bit of a twisted, sadistic side much like her father before her. Though this caused unease among many they continue to train the Howlett Twins until the day they turned sixteen, which by then Kara discovered her secondary mutation.

Savage X

A year since then Kara was assigned to a newly made team by Weapon Plus, dubbed "SAvage X". She quickly established herself as second in command to the group along side her brother and thus far has caused more tension in the group then anyone else. This is especially so with the young mutant known as Sierra Anderson.


Over the years Kara has shown to be a rather angry and bitter person, mostly towards her abusive upbringing by Weapon X. Yet, she also has shown to be rather cruel and sadistic, having inherited some of her father's personality but not quite to the level Daken was at the current moment. But it is quite obvious she enjoys humiliating and harming others, taking joy in the pain she inflicts or others get. Because of this many suspect she is borderline sociopath but it remains to be seen if she will fully as she gets older. Nonethelss, she isn't afraid to scare and intimidate others, especially when she is in a feral or near-feral state.

She does also seem to have major trust issues, having never been able to trust a soul except the likes of her own twin. She has never known kindness or love and has come to view them as foreign and unnecessary. The only genuine affection she ever shows is around Boien and the only times she genuinely smiles, which some have complimented when Kara isn't around she has a rather beautiful smile befitting her own beautiful appearance. But despite a blunt and stubborn attitude as well Kara in her own ways show she is loyal regardless, especially towards her brother and teammates who she will protect with her life, something she has only ever confessed to Boien.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Stamina:Kara can engage in physical activities for far longer then the average human,the fatigue toxins in her body taking several hours longer before they begin to hinder her. So far, Kara has stated she can go for about five days without tiring so quickly.
  • Superhuman Endurance:Kara is incredibly durable,having slightly stronger bodily tissue and bone then the average human. It's likely she could take a hit from the Hulk or falling from great heights without taking serious damage immediately.
  • Superhuman Speed:Unlike her brother Kara has shown to be rather fast, being about ten miles faster then her brother Boien. Thus far she has clocked her speeds at 35 mph, showing she can keep up with a car at low speeds.
  • Superhuman Agility:Kara's balance and coordination are above the best human athlete, allowing her to perform feats most cannot without many years of training.
  • Superhuman Reflexes:Kara's reaction time to just about anything is greatly above the average human.
  • Healing Factor:Kara's healing factor is roughly about the same level as her brother but weaker then her father's. She can heal broken bounds and nearly fatal wounds from a few weeks to a month while minor wounds take but minutes to hours to heal. She also is immune to diseases, poisons, and foreign chemicals.her aging is also slowed.
  • Bone Claws:Like most of her family, Kara has bone claws located in her hands. Much like her grandfather's clone she has two bone claws that unsheath from between her knuckles and are black in color but have a smooth surface. They are about a foot long in length and extremely durable to be able to go through bone, stone, brick, wood, and weak metals.
  • Keen Senses:Kara has senses that are equal to that of a wolf. She can see with greater clarity then normal humans, allowing her to notice things faster then others and even to see in total darkness. She can smell and hear from about a mile and a half away or trace the faintest scent, even if it's a few weeks old. She also can "taste" a scent or tell the slightest change in food.
  • Psychometry:By physically touching an object Kara can see the history of an object or area at a radius of 100 feet. More or less she can see the "imprints" left behind and see those of the past or who has touched an object or been in the area.
    • Empathic Psychometry:As a sub-form of her Psychometry Kara can also sense and observe the emotional imprints left by people or animals. Thus she can know what that person or animal was feeling at the time they were holding the object or were in the area.


  • Like her brother Kara has trained extensively in mixed martial arts, being considered a master level. She also has shown great prowess in acrobatics.
  • Kara can also be described as a master blade thrower, having come to prefer throwing knives, daggers, and other small bladed weapons as her choice to use.
  • Has shown to be highly intelligent and it's been said by some Kara has the mind of a tactician.
  • Is also an excellent tracker and hunter

Strength level

Kara has the average strength for a girl her age and height who engages in moderate to intensive exercises.


  • Kara's healing factor can easily be subdued by Carbonadium which can nullify healing factors.
  • Kara has been described as a little mentally unstable and may fall into a feral state more often then the likes of her twin.
  • Is easily subdued by high pitched sounds and certain smells.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Her own feet, Weapon X vehicles
Weapons: Usually throwing knives


  • No special notes.


  • Kara's codename means "war-like" or "aggression", meant to represent her love of fighting and aggressive attitude.

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