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Warbird II

Real Name
Kal'dara Naganandini
Current Alias
Warbird II

Majestrix-to-be, Little Warbird, Warbird 2.0



Young X-men; Formerly Shi'ar Subguardians

Kallark (Father), Ava'Dara Naganandini (Mother), Kubark (Paternal Half brother)


Base Of Operations
Unknown; Formerly Chandilar




Blue, (Dyed green)


Unusual Features
Feathered hair, pointed ears, purple skin


Marital Status

Adventurer; Formerly Warrior-in-training

Taught by scholars and warriors of Chandilar

Mutant Shi'ar


First appearance



Quote1 I am no pampered princess, and as long as blood flows through my veins I'll fight all who oppose me. Quote2
-- Kal'dara


As opposed to most of the Young X-men Kal'dara originates from the Shi'ar homeworld of Chandilar, being the daughter of Emperor Gladiator and Ava'Dara and the younger half-sister of Kid Gladiator. Originally upon her birth she would have been considered the second in line for the throne, yet due to her half-brother's more hot headed nature and immaturity she was named the heir of the Shi'ar empire. As a result this has unexpectedly put her at odds with that of Shy'ra Neranami, daughter of former Emperor Vulcan and Deathbird.

As a result of her status, Kal'dara from a young age had certain expectations she had to adhere to. In the beginning, she was looked after by her mother a majority of the time while her father was often busy with royal duties. Once Kal'dara reached the age of five it wasn't long before she was deemed ready to enter the academy the Shi'ar had in order to prepare her for the coming future. Thus, much of Kal'dara's time was spent here but also split to learning the royal duties, grooming her for when the time came she would have to take over.

Unfortunately, Kal'dara began to quickly grow resentful of her parents as the only thing they seemed to care about was preparing her to be a strong warrior and killer if need be. This resentment triggered tension between herself and her family, despite her parents actually caring quite a bit about her and her safety. Although, they often had a strange way of showing it with Kal'dara missing much of their affections and concerns as she got older. And by her pre-teen years she began to show a rebellious side with slacking off classes, slipping away from her duties, and doing things hardly becoming of a princess for the Shi'ar, causing anger from her family at this.

Well into her teen years, Kal'dara became worse in going against the wishes of the Shi'ar royal family, leading Gladiator to order her to be taken under the wing of the Imperial Guard. As such, she began a far more ruthless, difficult training that left her exhausted and having little time to do anything else. But it did do the trick Gladiator was hoping for in shaping up Kal'dara's attitude through hard labor, discipline, and training.

Even this though did not completely take away Kal'dara's desire to do more then being simply an Imperial Guard. She wanted to achieve more, see what lied beyond Chandilar rather then remain there her entire life which was something her brother, Kubark, noticed. Sharing some his adventures on Earth with Kal'dara, inspiring her to make an attempt to seek to have such adventures of her own.

New Opportunities

Following her talk with Kubark Kal'dara approached her parents, seeking permission to go to Earth much to their surprise. After a few days to think about it Gladiator, with convincing from his wife, decided to allow it on the condition she no longer argue over her training when the time came for her to return to her home world. Agreeing on this the young princess took a small Shi'ar ship to make her way towards Earth which took a few days before she reached the blue and green planet and came to land somewhere in the Great Basin Desert.

Initially she was approached by Carey Gallio when he sensed her approach, seeking to recruit her into his Hell's Circle but she refused when he told her of their goals. Shortly there after she left to explore the planet for a time, before she was approached by the Jean Grey School and soon joined them. Not long after she quickly befriended fellow Shi'ar hybrid, Myra Shaara who developed an instant crush on the princess without her noticing. After settling in a few months went by that the two women along with Chatan Guthrie headed out shopping, an activity Kal'dara took delight in before they came across Chris Summers, with the situation being tense until he explained his approaching them. Though Myra and Chatan agreed Kal'dara was a bit more skeptical but also decided to join the team, albeit with the intention of keeping an eye on the Summers boy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strontian/Shi'ar Hybrid Physiology:Kal'Dara's physiology is a mix of her mother's, Shi'ar, and her father's, who is a Strontian. Thus she has many of the physical traits from either parent such as feathered hair, eyes lacking pupils, and hollow bones from her Shi'ar heritage while she has the blue hair, purple skin, and blue eyes from that of her father's race. The mixed physiology has also given her the following abilities:
    • Superhuman Agility:Kal'dara has shown herself to be far more agile than the finest human athlete, especially her balance and coordination being above their levels. With her bones being hollow she also shows slightly above that of normal Strontians as the lighter, hollower bones help in her movements.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Kal'dara's stamina is three times that of a human and slightly above the average Shi'ar, allowing her to go for several days at a time or exert more energy in several hours before fatigue toxins begin to impair her.
    • Superhuman Speed:Kal'dara is capable at moving speeds far beyond the finest human runner, having been clocked at running at least 200 mph, being faster then even most Shi'ar.
    • Near-Invulnerability:Due to interference by her Shi'ar genes, Kal'dara is not invulnerable like most Strontians but is still more so then most other species. Her bodily tissue and muscle are far more resilient, allowing her to withstand tremendous impact forces, superhumanly strong individuals with mild discomfort, withstand extreme temperatures, low caliber bullets, and go unaided in space. But unlike those of her father and his people she cannot withstand going through stars, a supernova, or nuclear explosions without sustaining some form of injury.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Kal'dara has greater reaction time above most humans and Shi'ar, allowing her to react to most close combat situations or other actions faster then most others.
    • Superhuman Strength:Kal'dara possess strength far beyond humans or shi'ar alike, the limits which have yet to be found. She has shown to lift 10 tons without strain at one point in her pre-teen years and recently in her teen years has shown to lift 25 tons or easily shatter stone, most metals, and rock.
    • Telepathic Resistance:Kal'dara produces a counter force or natural psionic shield within her mind that creates a barrier, preventing telepathic intruders and probes from getting into her thoughts. Usually, they must be powerful or she must allow someone willingly in before they can do so.
  • Crystal Manipulation:Kal'dara has a X-gene, causing her to be able to create and manipulate crystals. Through the use of naturally occurring minerals, whether it's sand, dust, rock, or stone to name a few, she can create crystals of varying sizes and colors, normally into certain shapes that she can imagine. But if minerals are synthetic or man-made she cannot create them or requires naturally occurring crystals. She can then manipulate them into most shapes that are limited to her imagination and usually are turned into some form of melee weapon and shields, but she can make other shapes as well if she can visualize them in her mind.


  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kal'dara has been trained extensively in the Shi'ar fighting styles, being trained at the Shi'ar warrior academy and personally by her mother.
  • Decent Blade User: Kal'dara has been trained in the use of various blades, but much prefers smaller blades such as daggers.
  • Some Aviation: Kal'dara has also some limited skill in flying air crafts.

Strength level

Due to her Strontian heritage, Kal'dara can lift 25 tons without strain, being well above that of a normal Shi'ar woman.


  • From her father, Kal'dara inherited many of his weaknesses such as being affected by certain radiation, magic, and confidence levels.


Equipment: X-men communicator
Transportation: X-jet
Weapons: Various daggers, Her crystal manipulation


  • Kal'dara is a What If? idea if Emperor Gladiator and Ava'Dara were to have a child.


  • Kal'dara's name is a mix between her father's and mother's names while her last name is the same as her mother's.
  • She seems to share her mother's flirtatious nature in that she has flirted with Chatan Guthrie, Chris Summers (albeit as nothing more then a joke), and Leonardo McCoy before his leaving the school.

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