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Agent Carter

Real Name
Kailyn Peggy Carter
Current Alias
Agent Carter

New Agent 13



Young Avengers, SHIELD

James Rodgers (Father), Sharon Carter (Mother), Lucas Rodgers (Paternal Half Brother)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los, Angeles, California;Formerly SHIELD Helicarrier, New York City





Unusual Features
Bald Eagle tattoo across her upper back


Marital Status

Junior SHIELD agent, student

High School level


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I don't need to be "enhanced" or "super" to be a hero. Quote2
-- Kaitlyn Carter


Kaitlyn was born from when Steve left Widow and pursued a permanent relationship with her mother, Sharon Carter. She was born little over a year after her older half-brother and generally remained in Brooklyn with her mother who decided to retire for a time from SHIELD. Thus, Kaitlyn spent a more normal life with her mother raising her in what was Steve's family home and generally took the chance to raise their daughter outside the influence of her and Steve's work.

Kaitlyn generally did the usual for any young person, which involved going to school and taking part in extra kinds of activity. Mostly, her mother and father had her put into mixed martial arts classes and gymnastics, something Kaitlyn actually loved. But she didn't think much of it at the time since the last thing she expected was to ever be heroes and agents like her parents. Nevertheless, she grew up on their tales of the old days and spent some of her days imagining what it would be like to be a hero. Though, it generally wouldn't be much beyond her imagination as Kaitlyn continued her normal life until shortly following the day she turned ten did things start to change.

With a mutual decision between Steve and Sharon, Sharon decided to return to SHIELD while enlisting her daughter to be trained as an agent herself. At first, Kaitlyn grew excited as she was put into the Junior agent class where she met Samuel Wilson Junior and her half-brother, which she wasn't aware of at the time. With being put in such a class, Kaitlyn was trained further to refine her current skills and learn the trade of being a spy, being trained primarily by her mother while her father began tutoring her, Sam, and Lucas in fighting techniques. But Kaitlyn quickly discovered she had a thing for marksmanship, finding herself almost a natural at it with firearms and throwing weapons.

Eventually though, things began to change when Kaitlyn began to notice how very similar Lucas was to her father and how close the two were, almost like herself and Steve. Suspecting something, Kaitlyn confronted her father on the matter who confessed to Lucas being his son and her brother, triggering a series of events where she and Lucas no longer got along. It got to the point they were practically going fist to fist in fights and accusations which also forced Sam to separate them often. Steve eventually resigned from being their tutor and Kaitlyn was separated from Lucas to continue her own training.

The new Academy

Where Lucas continued to be split between a normal life and SHIELD agent training, Kaitlyn devoted all her time to becoming an agent. She began to improve her skills and gradually became a Level 1 agent, though still training as well. Thus during the six months that Lucas was also on the Helicarrier she tried every way in which to avoid him. The two only spoke when they had to and rarely did much of anything together, even following when Kaitlyn was able to get her own forms of gear to help in her career.

But soon enough at sixteen, Sharon and Steve enlisted her into a new program: the Young Avengers. Moved to California, Kaitlyn found herself becoming part of the new Academy and much to her dismay put on the same squad as her brother.

Powers and Abilities


Has no known powers, not even her father's enhancements.


  • Kaitlyn has shown to be herself a Master martial artist and an exceptional close quarters fighter.
  • She also has been trained extensively in acrobatics, thus her coordination, balance, flexibility, and dexterity are at peak human levels.
  • Much like her brother she was gifted with high intellect and has shown to have the mind of a tactician.
  • Some other skills Kaitlyn has shown is being a master markswomen with firearms, being able to hit a target with near perfect accuracy.

Strength level

Kaitlyn has the average strength for a woman her age and height who engages in intensive exercises.


  • Kaitlyn is still very much human, baring all their weaknesses which means she can be easily injured or killed.
  • Kaitlyn does suffer from some self-esteem issues, primarily due to who her parents are and trying to meet their standards and her own.
  • To complete some of her missions, Kaitlyn does rely heavily on some of her gadgets and taking some of these away prevents her from properly defending herself or completing a mission.



  • Grappling Hook:At her disposal, Kaitlyn makes use of a grappling hook that can either magnetize itself to a surface or has three hooks in which to latch onto places. She uses this primarily as a way to get to higher places or across large gaps at least up to 40 feet.
  • GPS Tracker:This track enables Kaitlyn to locate her fellow Young Avengers, SHIELD vehicles/gadgets, and sometimes enemies within a 5-mile radius. Usually, this machine is attuned to several frequencies at one time but may require a tracker chip to locate certain things, such as enemies.
  • Magnetic Gloves:Kaitlyn has modified gloves that allow them to have a kind of powerful magnets within them that are difficult to see but are within the palms. This give off a force that allows her to magnetize to certain surfaces or objects or she can reverse this polarity to force things away from her or cause an electromagnetic pulse.

Transportation: Earth Resistance vehicles, jet-pack
Weapons: Various firearms, flash grenades, tranquilizers, small trench knife


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  • Kaitlyn has sometimes been called by her mother's old codename of Agent 13.
  • Unlike that of Sharon's child in Earth-616 Kaitlyn survived and was born healthy.
  • Kaitlyn has stated she is bisexual but much prefers boys.

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