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Real Name
Current Alias

Nathaniel Coen, Super-Kree, Nate, Kal



Kree Empire, partner of Power Girl

Zam (father, deceased); Lona (mother, deceased); Edgar Coen (adoptive father); Nora Coen (adoptive mother)


Base Of Operations
Hala; Coen Farm, Metro City





Unusual Features
Hair turns white and skin becomes pale when using awareness


Marital Status

Adventurer, student

Metro High School; Kree Imperial Academy

Kael was given to the Supreme Intelligence to be a test subject for the advancement of the Kree race.

Place of Birth

J.C. White

First appearance



In an attempt to further advance the Kree race, the Supreme Intelligence called for an experiment in which a child would be infused with the DNA of powerful warriors of the Kree Empire. The DNA came from Captain Marvel, Photon, Ronan the Accuser, and Shatterstar.

Zam and his wife Lona, decided that their soon to be born baby should take part. Their baby would become part of the history of the Kree Empire as one of its greatest protectors. A few days after Kael's birth, Zam and Lona gave him to the geneticists of the great experiment. They were told that they would be able to see him whenever they pleased, but that eventually changed.

Zam became paranoid because he believed that they were killing his son. Lona agreed with him and she planned to break their son out. The DNA bonding process was a long one. Only certain parts of it would be infused with Kael's DNA. He would have the cosmic awareness and solar energy absorption of both Captain Marvel and Photon. The combination would make the powers stronger. Shatterstar's DNA would give Kael the ability to emit the solar rays and energy in different forms and purposes. Again this DNA helps improve those of Captain Marvel and Photon. Ronan's DNA was used because of how well it reacts to his suit. A suit would be created for Kael and act similarly to Ronan's. Lastly, Kael will be infused with nanobot technology so he can have greater control over his body and mind. These nanobots would also react with the ones in his suit for enhanced abilities.

The project was completed and the Supreme Intelligence wanted to have Kael put in the Kree Imperial Academy. Before this could happen, Zam and Lona came for their boy. They took him and his suit by force and fled. They wanted to get Kael out of the Kree Galaxy. They put him in suspended animation and then boarded a ship. They left and were being followed by the Kree Navy. Zam and Lona were nearing Earth when their ship was damaged. A hole was torn in its side and it exploded.

However, Zam and Lona escaped with Kael in an escape pod. The shockwave from the ship explosion damaged the escape pod as well. The ship crashed near a farm in Illinois. Zam died instantly in the crash. Lona was mortally wounded, but she took her son and moved him away from the ship. The owner's of the farm, Edgar and Nora Coen, went to the crash site. They were afraid, but saw that Lona needed help. With her last breath, Lona asked the couple to take care of Kael. They brought him in their house and then buried Zam, Lona, and the ship. Kael awoke from suspended animation to a new family that would raise him as Nathaniel, a human.

Human Life


Young Nate.

Nate's life as a human was not an average one. He managed to get into high school at just twelve years old. He was always the best at whatever sport he played in. Nate assumed it was all of his natural abilities. Other kids in his school didn't take to him to lightly. They thought he pretended that he didn't know what he was. These kids figured that Nate was a mutant and they wanted him out of their school.

When Nate was on his way home that night, those kids mugged him. They moved him to an alley and started their assault. One kid hit Nate over the head with a bat. Nate hardly felt their beating, and he was surprised. Nonetheless, he attempted to defend himself. He grabbed the kid with the bat and pushed him. The kid smashed into a wall. Most of his attackers preceded to run away, but some stayed behind. One kid pulled out a gun and pointed it at Nate's head. Two others grabbed hold of Nate's arms. Another started attacking Nate's face and torso with a lead pipe. The kid with the gun shot Nate in the arm. He couldn't get away because he had grown weak.

Suddenly, a boy came to Nate's aid. He knocked out the kid with the gun and was then hit in the face with the pipe. It didn't phase him and he continued the rescue. It was obvious to Nate that the kid was a mutant. Nate thanked him and then the kid left, but he wasn't sure who he was.

Nate told his parents what had happened and he asked them what was wrong with him. He wanted to know if he was a mutant. They took Nate outside and showed him three graves. He didn't understand. Nora told Nate that he was an alien and that his birth name was Kael. They told him the story of how he arrived to them and the fate of his birth parents. Edgar dug up the third grave to reveal the pod that brought Nate and his parents. It was a lot for him to take in. In the pod, he saw a light flashing on one of the panels. He pushed it and a video message started playing. It was his parents during their ascension towards Earth.

The video explained everything to Nate. He now understood where he came from and why his parents died. Nate decided that he would learn to use his powers because one day the Kree would come looking for him. Nate also found a detailed analysis of the experiment in the pod. It described what abilities he had and who they came from. He just had no idea how to use them.

After further examining the pod, Nate discovered a disc. He placed it in the pod's on-board computer and it turned out to be a training program. It showed Nate's powers being used by their original owners. Zam's voice guided the program and he explained that he would give Kael trials to complete.

It took all summer but, Nate learned all that he could about using his powers. After he completed training, Edgar took Nate to the basement under the farmhouse. He showed Nate the suit that came to Earth with him. Once Nate walked in front of the suit, a hologram appeared. It was his parents again. They told him about the suit and that he should use it one day to become the new hero of the Kree Empire. Nate was stunned by what his parents said to him, but he accepted all of it.

A New Year

Once the school year began, Nate was filled with pride. He liked that he had this big secret about his origins. Throughout the first day he noticed that someone was constantly staring at him. He had seen the guy before and remembered that he was a loner. His name was Joseph Adams. Nate knew Joseph preferred to be alone, it was just how he was. What Nate didn't know was that Joseph knew his secret because he was the one who saved him.

Nate decided to follow Joseph one day after school. Then he saw Joseph was surrounded by a gang. Nate didn't understand why Joseph looked so calm. One of the gang members charged towards Joseph and he easily evaded. Two more went after him. Joseph grabbed the first by the throat and then kicked the second one away. It looked as if Joseph was growling at his attacker.

Suddenly the rest of the gang ran in to help. Joseph dropped the one guy and focused on the rest of them. Before he could do anything, the guy on the floor stabbed Joseph in his ribs with a silver knife. He fell to the ground and the gang picked him up. They put him against the wall and then the guy with the knife started stabbing Joseph in the stomach.

Nate couldn't take it any longer, so he ran out to save him. He drop kicked the guy with the knife in the face. Nate got up and was punched in the face. He grabbed that guy and threw him into the others. Then they all jumped on him, so Nate started to generate heat all over his body. The entire gang was burned and they fell over in pain. Nate turned to Joseph who had blacked out. He woke him and tried to help him up. Joseph pushed Nate away and got up himself. He began walking away while dripping blood. Then he collapsed onto the floor.

Before Nate could help Joseph, an ambulance arrived. They took him away and Nate left.

Facing Fate

While working on the farm, Nate saw something crash land a few miles away. He ran over to the crash site and discovered that it was a ship of Kree design. Nate opened the door of the ship and was attacked by a woman. She was not a blue-skinned Kree, like his mother. The woman shot at Nate with an energy pistol. Nate dodged the blast with a back flip. Then he sent a blast of his own towards her. He landed a direct hit, but her armor seemed to absorb the blast. She sprinted towards him and then jumped behind him. She shot Nate in the back and he was rendered unconscious.

The Kree took Nate back to Hala as her prisoner. When Nate woke up he was before the Supreme Intelligence. He was happy to see his creation once more. He told Nate that he planned to train him to become the hero of the Kree Empire that he was originally supposed to be. Nate refused and requested to be sent back to Earth. The Supreme Intelligence said he would send Kael back to eventually conquer it.

Nate tried to attack the Supreme Intelligence, but he was stopped by his capturer. He was told that if he didn't do as the Supreme Intelligence asked, he and his Earth family would be killed. Fearing for his parents' safety, Nate had no choice but to follow his orders.

The Kree Empire

Kael was no longer allowed to be called by his Earth name, while he was enrolled in the Kree Imperial Academy. Kael fought during his time on Hala, but he always lost. He was often punished for these actions. He struggled to learn how to be a Kree soldier. He was focused on getting through it to return home. He was sent on missions where he was nearly killed. His only happiness came from a woman named, La-Renn, and her daughter, Sha-Renn. La-Renn would help Kael whenever he was wounded and Sha-Renn was the only one he trusted on his missions. She became Kael's mentor and he finally began to master his powers and he started to appreciate the Kree more. By the end of his training, Kael was convinced that he was a proud member of the Kree race.

The Final Mission

In order to be accepted in Kree society, Kael's next mission would send him back to Earth to retrieve his Kree property and then to bring back one of Earth's heroes. Kael would be sent with his mentor, La-Renn, to ensure success.

Before being sent on this mission, Kael had to undergo one last training exercise. He and his team were tasked with exploring the Blue Area of the Moon[1]. Their ship had experience a failure and the whole thing shut down. No one saw the rouge meteor headed towards them. The meteor crashed into the ship and split it in half. The part of the ship that contained Kael and Sha-Renn exploded. The rest of the team were rescued and Kael and Sha-Renn were assumed dead.

The Supreme Intelligence could not let the public know of this great tragedy. His perfect Kree was killed in a mere training exercise. To hide this failure, the Supreme Intelligence had a Kree Sentry[2] modified to become a replacement for Kael. It was given his abilities and appearance as well as his memories. Kael II was put in the original's place and no one, not even the sentry itself, would know the truth.

It seemed that Kael and Sha-Renn were dead, but in fact they weren't. Kael was out cold and Sha-Renn was barely conscious. She used her telepathy to send a distress message to Earth, and it was heard by Phoenix. During his battle in the Onslaught War he focused on saving the young Kree. He formed a psionic field around them to protect them from space. He also used his powers to awaken their latent abilities. Phoenix briefly possessed Kael to teleport himself and Sha-Renn to their last location, Hala. After this, they were to far for him to telepathically reach.

Birth of Heroes

On the planet of Hala, Sha-Renn and Kael trained in seclusion to learn how to use their newfound abilities. They not only became allies, but friends as well. Kael would often lead the training sessions because he was speaking for his parents. They taught him self-control and how to be a true Kree. In addition to training, Kael and Sha-Renn would discretely save Kree in need.

When Kael turned fifteen, he decided that he needed to return to Earth. So he offered to bring Sha-Renn with him and she accepted. Before leaving, Kree-Lar[3] came under attack by rouge Kree Sentries. They had malfunctioned and gone on a rampage. The Kree Navy could do nothing to stop them. Sha-Renn and Kael would not allow their home to be destroyed by its own defenses.

They arrived at Kree-Lar and attacked the rouge sentries. The sentries would rebuild themselves each time they were destroyed. Lona told Kael how they could defeat the sentries. Kael informed Sha-Renn of a his mother's plan of attack. Sha-Renn flew in by herself and destroyed the two sentries. Then she threw their pieces into the air and Kael unleashed a massive concussive blast the shook planet Hala. The blast disintegrated the sentries and the threat was over.

A crowd of Kree formed at the battle site and they cheered for their heroes. The people of Kre-Lar dubbed them Powerboy and Powergirl; a new breed of Kree heroes were born.

The Supreme Intelligence took notice of the young heroes deeds and he met with them. He declared them as soldiers of the Kree Empire and he required them to follow his orders. Kael disagreed with the Supreme Intelligence and he walked out. He waited for Sha-Renn, but she stayed. Kael went back for her, but she couldn't disobey her fellow Kree. Kael decided to stay to watch over her.

The duo continued their watch over Kree-Lar, until they were needed for greater tasks. The two lead a team of soldiers on their way to scout out a vacant planet. The trip was met with resistance as their ship was attacked by the Skrulls. Power Boy protected the soldiers as the ship exploded and Power Girl went after the Skrull ship. Kael took them back to Hala and returned to find no one. Sha-Renn was missing. Using his cosmic awareness, Kael located her near Earth. He teleported to her location and saw she was in the middle of a Skrull fleet. It was preparing to invade Earth. Before he boarded the main ship, it exploded.

Power Girl emerged fighting a swarm of Skrull soldiers and then a Skrull crashed into Power Boy. He stopped it and knocked out the pilots. Power Boy turned and saw his partner being thrown at him. She was badly injured and then a fist hit Power Boy in the back of his head. Everything was blurry and he barely managed to dodge a blast that came his way. Stardust returned and hit Power Boy with an energy beam at close range. He was wounded badly and it became hard to breathe. Power Girl came to his rescue and she manage to distance them from Stardust.

Power Girl's arms were shaking from the pain and she was having trouble moving. Power Boy told her to leave so she could recover and get help from the Kree Navy. She refused to leave her friend behind and then Stardust closed in. With an incredibly strong strike, she took out Power Girl.

Power Boy defended his life as well as Power Girl's and he managed to get the upper hand. Then Stardust unleashed an enormous cosmic blast and Power Boy attempted to push it back. He was failing and could feel his muscles tearing, then his body gave out. Power Boy imagined a place of safe haven for himself and Power Girl before the blast engulfed them both.

Alternate Reality

Main article: World's Collide

Kael opened his eyes and saw Sha-Renn next to him. He looked around and realized that they were in a destroyed city. He thought they were dead, but didn't understand what had happened. He picked up Sha-Renn and walked with her to investigate. Kael continued looking for help, holding the dying Sha-Renn in his arms. She was bleeding profusely and could die at any second. Kael screamed out for help in the wasteland. He was crying for her until he got the attention of the Silver Surfer and his allies.

He flew down on his board and watched as Kael pleaded for his aid. The Surfer felt remorse for the girl and saved her life by turning her into his Herald. Her body was restored to perfect health and she stood before Kael, who was happy that she was safe. He hugged her in the moment and she was unresponsive. Seconds later, she thrust her hand through Kael's chest. His face was frozen in shock as he was picked up by the altered Sha-Renn. She then backhanded Kael off her arm and sent him flying.

Powers and Abilities


Solar Energy Absorption: Kael has the ability to metabolize solar energy and convert it for a variety of uses including converting the light of the sun and stars and to a variety of different forms of light and energy.

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Flight (Potentially trans-light speeds)
  • Super Speed
  • Photonic Energy Blasts
  • Concussive Blasts
  • Heat Projection
  • Stasis Ray Generation
  • Trans-dimensional Shunts
  • Teleportation: Kael possesses a limited form of teleportation in the sense that he can only teleport to previously visited locations.

Cosmic Awareness: This awareness grants him the ability to ascertain opponents’ weaknesses and it acts as a sort of omnipresent consciousness that enables him to perceive objects, individuals, and cosmic threats or anything of significance to him anywhere. After having his latent abilities awakened by Phoenix, Kael is able to use his awareness to communicate with the dead.

Nanobot Injection: Kael’s bloodstream contains nanobots that enable him to reroute pain sensations and control adrenaline bursts. When coupled with the nanobots in his suit, the interaction causes his body to grow, enhancing his strength to an adult version of himself.


Gifted Intellect: Kael is highly intelligent for a child.

Multilingual: Kael is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Kree.

Skilled Gamer

Expert Combatant: Kael was trained by Sha-Renn in armed and unarmed combat.

Strength level

Under Earth's gravity he can lift (press) 1000 pounds. When he converts his psionic energy into physical strength, he can then lift (press) 20 tons.


None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Flight
Weapons: None known.


  • He nicknamed Sha-Renn, Sharon


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