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Real Name
Julias da Costa
Current Alias

Magma Boy, Living Solar Panel, Mr.Magma



Hell's Circle

Robert da Costa (Father), Amara Aquilla (Mother), Selene Gallio (Alleged Maternal Grandmother/Ancestor), Emmanual da Costa (Paternal Grandfather, deceased), Nina da Costa (Paternal Grandmother), Hercules (Alleged Paternal Ancestor), Carey Gallio (Alleged Maternal Relative)


Base Of Operations
Hellfire Club Hollywood Mansion, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Nova Roma, Brazil





Black(Occasionally orange)

Unusual Features
Body turns mostly black due to use of most of his body's ambient light but retains some light due to partial magma form


Marital Status


Taught by those of Nova Roma; Self-taught


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 It's time for the sun to set on the age of humans, and rise for the new age of mutants. Quote2
-- Julias da Costa

Early Life

Julias is the son of two veteran X-men, Amara Aquilla aka Magma and Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot, with the two also being former members of the New Mutants. Though they seemed the unlikeliest of couples, the two began dating sometime following the events of the Avengers versus X-men conflict and the Phoenix Force energy being spread across the globe. Though the relationship never became serious, Amara eventually became pregnant with Julias causing her to decide to leave the X-men for a time. Thus, she moved back to Nova Roma, Brazil along with Roberto who wanted to be there for his son.

Eventually Julias was born but his parents had made the decision to remain in Nova Roma, raising their son here. Due to the fact those of Nova Roma viewed themselves outside the realm of the modern world, Julias got a taste of not just modern life but also a slice of old Roman Culture. His parents felt it was best he was well versed in both if he decided to remain there or return to America he could move back almost seamlessly with either one. Aside from this, Julias had a relatively normal childhood. He grew close to many boys in Nova Roma, even competing with them in several sports available in the city.

But, just like his father Julias became quite an athlete in several sports, including his father's favorite. He also became very diverse in learning from his parents modern day fighting styles and those of the Romans, learning to wield a sword with some proficiency. When Julias though eventually reached the age of twelve, he decided to compete in Nova Roma's version of the Olympic Games, a much smaller version of the competitions they once held in Rome. But his sole goal of joining the games was in the hopes of impressing one of the girls about his age that he had grown up in a childhood crush. Though his parents were amused by this they both supported his role in taking a position in the games, in particular going for discus, javelin, and track events.

During one of the track events, Julias found himself up against a long time rival, something that he turned heated as the two boys got older especially when they both liked the same girl. But things went south halfway through the race when his competitor began egging him on and trying to knock him from the race, though Julias shrugged these off a remark about his mutant parents and his mother's lineage threw Julias into an angered state. And before he knew what he was doing Julias was not only beating the rival but burning him when his powers manifested then forcing his parents to intervene, and also later apologizing for the spectacle. Only to add insult to injury, the girl Julias had been competing for went to the aid of his rival causing him to become bitter and hurt.

Accepting an Inheritance

From that day on, Julias became a hot headed, rebellious youth as many of Nova Roma saw similar dark potential they had once seen in one of his supposed ancestors, the Black Priestess Selene. This belief by some didn't help Julias' growing attitude towards those who saw him as nothing more than an out of control mutant lacking his parents' control. And though the two began to train him extensively following them manifesting it did little alleviate the fact that like in modern society those of Nova Roma weren't entirely much different. They were fearful of the three, but his parents seemed to dismiss it as they were use to it but Julias was in disbelief.

Eventually, his different views caused him to clash with his parents when he pointed out how useless it was to convince Nova Roma they were not like Selene. But the argument became tense and Julias decided to disown his home and his parents, leaving Nova Roma rather then stay in a cut off society he viewed as no better than other humans. Though it wasn't long until he was found by Zuras, taking in the wayward Costa into the fold where he met another distant family member, Carey Gallio.

Powers and Abilities


  • Solar Energy Absorption:Julias is able to absorb solar energy from the sun in much the same way as his father, Sunspot, was capable of doing. He can store solar-derived energy into the cells of his body in a natural way as to keep it for later use. This energy then is released when Julias resorts to using this energy for various ways, causing his skin to take on the similar dark form his father does when using up the ambient light in and on his body, though it does not turn completely black like Sunspot's.
    • Enhanced Strength/Durability:When in his darkened state, Julias is capable of augmenting his strength to being twice that of a normal human, so far he has shown to be able to lift a semi-truck with ease and throw it several feet. His form also has shown to be incredibly durable with being able to withstand most impact forces with mild discomfort.
    • Concussive Blasts:Julias is able to channel the solar energy into powerful concussive force blasts that vary in strength from just knocking someone down to going through solid steel. At this point though Julias can only use this power when he is in his darkened state.
    • Flight:By channeling thermal updrafts through will Julias is capable of propelling himself through the air to fly or to hover. But, unlike his father he leaves a faint orange light trail behind him but his current maximum speed is unknown with so far being at 100 mph.
  • Geo-Thermokinesis: In a similar manner to his mother, Julias can psioncally draw lava to the surface, forming small volcanoes and allowing him to control this flow. He can alter it's direction, shape, or composition at will, allowing him some versatility. He can also telekinetically cause rocks within his vicinity to become molten and be fired in a fiery blast towards targets.
    • Partial/Full Magma Form:Much like Magma, he can also take on a magma form which allows him immunity to high levels of heat, his limit currently being up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit but is unknown if it could reach levels hotter than this in the future. He shines with intense light while giving off tremendous amounts of heat in a form completely made of molten rock. Unlike his mother though, he does have greater psionic control of this form to alter it's shape and composition along with creating fiery blasts and larger earthquakes the size of a city block. He can make it a full or partial form, with the partial being only half the power of the full.
    • Pyrokinesis:Julias does have some control over fire, being able to generate fireballs and streams of fire. But to manipulate it there must be an existing source within a ten-foot radius but this can be enhanced from his magma form.
    • Geokinesis:Julias also has control of the Earth's tectonic plates, though within a smaller range of a city block. This allows him to control the plates to trigger earthquakes while also being able to psionically control rocks within his vicinity to levitate and be thrown or brought together as a shield. This is also enhanced by his magma form.
  • Heat Immunity:Julias is immune to heat that is up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, but anything hotter tends to start affecting him.


  • Multilingual:Due to both parents being multilingual, Julias knows Roman, Spanish, Portugese, and English fluently.
  • Adept Hand-to-Hand Combatant:With the training he has from his parents, who are two veteran X-men themselves, and training by Nova Roma's soldiers Julias has become an adept hand-to-hand combatant to be able to hold his own in a fight.
    • Skilled Swordsman:Due to being in Nova Roma practically his entire life Julias has also learned to be skilled with a blade, being primarily taught by Magma herself.
  • Skilled Athlete:Julias also inherited his father's skills in athletics, proving himself to adapt to several types such as running and throwing, but also has extended this to others.

Strength level

Julias has the same strength as a man his age, height and weight but this can be augmented by his powers to being twice that.


  • Though he can combine the two states his powers allow him to take, by doing so his Magma form's power is cut in half compared to his full magma one.
  • Like when his father was younger, Julias can only absorb solar energy during when the sun is out and hasn't yet reached to where he can absorb it at night.
  • He can also be affected by water, as it has been known to weaken his forms after prolonged exposure. This is especially so in his magma form, if it cools down he becomes sluggish and makes it far more difficult to manipulate it freely.
  • Prolonged periods of time away from the ground seems to affect Julias, making him quite ill and weakened physically, also leaving him unable to use his powers.
  • His powers also are heavily affected by his emotional state, causing them to become unstable when angered, stressed, upset, or panicked.



  • Earwig communicator
  • Julias also has a specialized suit of unstable molecules, allowing him to avoid burning away his suit when using his mutant powers.

Transportation: Powers, Hell's Circle jet and jeeps
Weapons: His powers, swords when available


  • Julias is a What If idea if Sunspot and Magma were to have a child


  • Like his father before him Julias has a spot in the Hellfire Club by inheritance, something he accepted.
  • He has also shown a love for soccer much like his father but has also shown interest in various others as well.

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