Julia Carpenter, code-name Spider-Girl, is the teenage daughter of SHIELD agent Don Carpenter. She is a mutant, born with superhuman agility, super intelligence, and the ability to crawl on walls. Using her super intelligence, she built mechanic web-shooters that use a special formula she invented herself to create artificial webbing. She was recruited for the Ultimates, SHIELD's own superhuman task force, but later on left the team to join the Young Avengers.

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Agility - Julia was born with enhanced agility and fighting skills.
  • Super Intelligence - Julia was born with intelligence greater than that of a normal human.
  • Adhesion - Julia's hands and feet can stick to walls, and because of this she built web-shooters for herself so she could emulate her favorite hero Spider-Man.
  • Web Shooters - Julia has built mechanic web-shooters for herself so she can shoot out artificial webbing.
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