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Ju Biyu Lee
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Dr. Wang Lee (father), Tian Lee (mother), Hope Lee (aunt)


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Xavier Institute





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Marital Status

Student, Adventurer


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Ju was the daughter of a wealthy couple Dr. and Mrs. Lee from Hong Kong. When Ju was 12 yrs old, her parents decided to move to America. They set up their practice in Beverly Hills, California. Men who said they were interested in stock for his business then came to see Dr. Lee. Eventually the police came to Dr. Lee’s office, and started to interrogate him about dirty money that had been tracked back to his business. Dr. Lee was very confused out first. He then came upon the conclusion that it must have been the money from the group of men who bought his stock. He told the police all he knew, and they told him that he was off the hook for the time being. He was told not to leave town in case of future questioning. Once he arrived at home for the night, he saw that his front door was open. He saw men in his living room huddled in a corner. He then heard his wife scream before a gunshot was heard. He then yelled, “No!” One of the men who had bought his stock then turned around and shot him. Ju was watching the whole time from upstairs while frozen in fear. She saw her hands begin to glow as feeling of anger, sorrow, rage, irrationality, and the desire for revenge filled her whole body. She then stood up, and stretched her arms out forth at the murderers of her parents. She then screamed as all her pain was released in the form of bright lights from her fingertips. Then there was a huge explosion. A fire then broke out which engulfed the house, while half the house had mostly caved in from the explosion. Fire trucks eventually arrived a few minutes later. They found the house full of dead bodies except for an unconscious girl, Ju. Ju woke up the next day in a hospital bed. A group of cops showed up to question her about what had happened the night before, but she wouldn’t respond. A doctor told them that it would be better for them to come back later. Eventually a woman from social services arrived. She told Ju that she would be released from the hospital in a few days. She told Ju that she would be then taken to an orphanage, until they could find a family to adopt her. Without any DNA results from the corpses and the fact that she has only lived in America for a few months now, no one was sure who Ju really was. Ju didn’t want to be taken to an orphanage, so, in the middle of the night, she broke out of the hospital and ran away. She would eventually come across a mall where she would decide to stay. While there, she found other children and teenagers who were also staying at the mall. The other children had formed a scam artist ring under the command of an unnamed adult who was behind the scenes. Ju, believing she had nowhere to go, decided to join. On a fateful day about a year later, she was being chased by mall security when she used her powers to escape. Some of the X-Men observed this, and went after her. They revealed to her that she was a mutant, and that they were to. They were able to convince her to become their next X-Man. After a couple weeks of training, she decided to take on the code name of Jubilee.

Powers and Abilities


  • Plasmoid Manipulation: At it's fullest potential Ju Lee's mutant abilities revolve around the generate and manipulate combination plasmoid/magnetic energy fields that will allow her to both generate highly ionized phenomena in conjunction with the manipulation of electromagnetic spectra.
  • Pyrotechnic Manipulation: She regularly uses this power to create/generate, shape and manipulate plasmoid projections she regularly calls her fireworks, often taking the shape of brightly colored streamers, sparklers and multi-colored energy globules that exploded at her mental command. Obeying her mental control traveling where she directs them, arranging themselves however she saw fit and exploding whenever she wished.
  • Energy Plasmoids: In that essence Jubilation can not only create/generate effects reminiscent to multicolored pyrotechnic projections but also adjust the strength of the energy discharged. Ranging from a multitude of colorful sparkles capable of temporarily blinding a person to a powerful detonation capable of smashing objects and destroying property. The plasmoids could produce concussive force, heat and light. Jubilee can absorb the fireworks back into her own body without harm.
  • Matter Detonation: With a great deal of training, Ju's power will grow into the ability to detonate matter at a sub-atomic level by causing her quasi-animate energy to be created in microscopic sizes, while having a great amount of explosive force as well.
  • Ionic Reformation: Under tutelage by Wolverine, Ju eventually learned to give her fireworks a more personalized touch, shaping them into various forms and constructions she can use to better her closed quarters capabilities. A personal favorite she spent years honing was the Kuzuri claw, a four pronged energy blade extending from the forearm that would cause anything slashed by it's hyper heated edge to discharge at a sub-molecular level. Great for hampering regenerative and healing capabilities.
  • Kinetic Charging: In a similar vein reminiscent to Remy's Kinetic Control ability, Ju learned she can use her plasmoids to excite or hamper the activity of matter or energy at an subatomic level enabling her to generate her own unique type of molecular/atomic acceleration via precise plasmoid energy guidance and detonation. Using her Plasmoid generations to control the amount of discharge and kinetic activity between the material bonds of just about anything, she can cause a number of effects to occur ranging from molecular dissolution, causing objects to dissolve into dust or ash to generating shockwaves by accelerating kinetic energy to the point of vibratory ignition.
  • Kinetic Activation: Jubilation can incite movement within objects and people by using her plasmoids to transfer kinetic energy to the effected parties, making them move in whatever trajectory she desires.
  • Explosion Manipulation: Lee can learn to cause anything within range of her power to explode with varying amounts of force with time and practice. Seeing as she can potentially entice nuclear detonation, she could take this principle even further than atomic detonation to small supernova inducement.
  • Potential/Kinetic Infusion: In the same way her detonations of atomic bonds can cause matter or energy to volitally explode or disintegrate. Ju Lee can subsequently channel those same energies into an object with explosive results, besides the regular norm of causing matter to rupture in rather destructive fashion, she can also agitate the molecular structure to release concussive force or increase the momentum of moving objects with equally devastating results e.i. giving a low caliber pistol bullet the destructive force of a battleship navel gun. If said objects lack a physical outlet however they then build to critical mass before discharging like a hand grenade.
  • EM-Charged Particle Harnessing: By focusing Magnetic & Electromagnetic phenomena in conjunction with Charged Particle of her power, Jubilee could potentially harness EM particle energies on a planetary scale to achieve a number of useful effects. Such as highly destructive EM based shock blasts which can shatter mountains, the only downside to this heavily disruptive phenomena would be the catastrophic damage done to the planet's own electromagnetic field coupled with the fatalistic scrambling of the universes own Particle Structure with every use of this power, so it's not an ability she ever strove to perfect due to the dangers presented.
  • Modular Wave Transportation: By converting herself into raw modulation wave energy, Jubilation Lee become a living portal that can shoot across the any form of carrier signal imaginable; potentially enabling her spontaneous traversal across planetary to interstellar distances in the blink of an eye. Offensively this can result in a devastating explosion in the area where it is used as a result of the damage done to the earths EM Fields.
  • Flight: By generating an EM plasma aura with equal polarity to the earths Geomagnetic Field, Ju can repel herself up off the ground enabling her to fly along the EM Waves at varying speeds. With time and practice she can channel this aura to ride universal EM streams for interstellar flight, possibly reaching supersonic to superluminal velocities at the drop of a hat.
  • Psionic Shields: Jubilee's mind possessed a natural defense against telepathic detection or attack. These psionic shields rendered her mind "slippery" and invisible to telepathic beings unless they knew precisely what to mentally scan for.


  • Skilled Gymnast: She had qualified for the Olympic Games, as a member of the Chinese team, before her parents were killed.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combat: She has received training from Wolverine.
  • Skilled Scam Artist: From her time living in the mall, she had become an experienced scam artist.

Strength level

Jubilee possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.


None known.



  • Biàn Bracers: Pair of liquid metal gauntlets composed of an Adamantium/Vibranium nanokinetic metallurgic mesh designed by Forge, created to shift & morph specifically to her thoughtwave patterns from they're black fingerless glove forms and act as the perfect focus for her plasmoid energizing abilities. Able to morph into a host of T.O. active facilities powered by her own abilities.
  • Hover Discus: The bracers morph into a stepping disc that Ju can fly around on by riding it along EM carrier waves like a skateboard. Using it in place of her natural but dangerous abilities of aviation by channeling her powers through it.
  • Wave Perilous: Devices become a portal device that can be used in conjunction with her particle harnessing abilities to better transport her and others across vast distances without fear of causing damage to the universe at a sub-quantum level.

Transportation: Her own transportal abilities.

  • Wǔkù Protocol: The arsenal function of the shifting gloves she wields. The program enables her bracers to reformat into a slew of weapon, shielding or armor forms that best enable her to capitalize on both the technologies conduit like functions to better channel her abilities as well as extrapolate her proficiency in both armed and unarmed combat by morphing into most any conceivable shape she desires.
  • Buster Bishop: A pair of plasmoid fueled shape shifting pistols with which focus and better temper the more destructive side of her Plasmoid Manipulatory abilities, a design function coined from other energy absorbers and redistributors capable of taking different firearm shapes on command, Jon tempered these to store up Ju Lee's EM particle energies to better curb & study their more catastrophic tendencies sending back it's findings to his data banks for further analysis on how to they function and to figure out how best alter them into a less apocalyptic setting.
  • Wu Kong Battlements: named after the titular protagonist of an old fable, like it's name would suggest this battle function allows Ju Lee to transmorph her gear into melee weaponry with which to better shape her fireworks, as well as concentrating her molecular acclerating capabilities. The forms this weapon function can take range from Bo Staffs to Tekkou, Dagger blades to stilettos and other handheld offensives. Due to the metal's techno shifting attributes these weapons can also be controlled in a idiosyncratic manner, akin to thor's hammer Mjolnir.


Ju is the Nexus version of Jubilation Lee (Earth-616)


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