Life's Beginning

He was born as a small Infant in the care of Two loving parents:Marie and Maurice Lancaster.He was avery Wealthy male that even though he had Trillions and Trillions of Dollars at his disposal,he did not spend his Money unwisely and only used it for appropiate situations.He was not a Power-hungry person and was a very Wise,Kind,Generous and Charismatic.He was a excellent Movitator,Leader,Straigist,Thinker,and had many special quanties that he and others admired while using them to his advantage.He was very Smart,gifted and Powerful person as he was able to grab attention from entire Crowds in secs even Violent ones,able to figure out Advanced problems that Scientists and others are puzzed by,and could Best,beat,excell and conquer anything he tried at like Sports or Video games.Out of all his Great gifts his most powerful one was:His Will-power.He had a Iron-forged Unbreakable Will that friends,family and others thought he could do anything.His Will could not be shattered,broken,tainted or changed.He always and never changed his Good ways.At the Age of Nine,Joshua has sought to make everything how it was supposed to be:Perfect.He had used his money to support Charity's,Life Support and Disease Research.He was a World-wide Humanitarian supporting people who needed the Money badly.Although,he did focus on himself as he believed to help others and to help yourself on a even Larger scale.He constantly Worked out,Studied and trained himself to be the Best and to be prepared for the Outside World.He has trained himself to be one of the World's Greatest Martial Artists defeating and excelling Heroes and trained Opponent's like Captain America,Black Widow,Spiderman,ShatterStarWolverine and others like White Tiger and Iron fist.He was a Mentally-Supreme Super Genius as his Intellect made him one the World's Smartest minds.He was able to calculate even the most difficult of Anomalies (Problems) and can match the Intellect of Iron Man,Henry Pym and other Super Genius like Doctor Doom in mere Heartbeats.He is a Prodigy of Intellect,Intell,Combat,and in many other Categories.He was inspired by MLK and other Black African-American Heroes to start his Legacy.He wanted to receive Awards and be given praise for being a Citizen not for saving their lives.He was a Keen student and could pick out most things that were wrong to create a Perfect World.He was a Complete Straight A student as he earned Student of the Wee,Honer Roll and other Great Academic Awards during his Student years.He was identified by many as the Smartest man on Earth by the Age of 13.

Teenage Life

At the Age of 13,he was so Smart he graduated College and earned his Master Degree.He also earned Degrees in Technology,Wealth and Business Management.He was Perfect in Technology knowing how to Hack any Tech and use it without gaining Knowledge about it.He could even make Advanced Weaponry like Hand Chain Railguns:a Railgun small enough to fit in a Soldier's hands and use Rapid-Fire while raining down Armageddon.At the Age of 18,he decided he wanted to be like his Father:a Business man.He took over control for 50 Business and was rich enough to earn 2 Trillion every second.He also created many Agricultural Business as well as Banks,Restaurants and Stock Markets.Every thing was fine until...........

Alpha's Hero Career

Everything went fine until on Dec 8,1985 when a Mafia Boss and his Crew murdered his Parents.He was struck with Greif and Misery.He could not think straight for several days until he was helped by his Friends to pass on.He also found a Secret Vault as which he found out his Father was a Hero fightning that Mafia Boss.He fortified the Vault,used his Money to make Battlesuits,Vehicle and other Items to fight Crime.Due to almost all of his Costumes and Gear where made to be in the Dark,he had to fight crime at Night until he had bought and made more designed to fight anywhere.He made his SuperHero name out of the first letter of the Greek Alphabet:"Alpha".He trained in Accuracy,Escape training and other Skills.He first started with Bank Robbers and Purse snatchers but then got feared enough and skilled to fight Crime Bosses,Gangs,Mafia Bosses and Analytical Foes.He eventually encounted the Mafia Boss that killed his parents.The Mafia Boss was heavily armed and had a large crew.He was eventually taken down as Alpha defeat his Crew and the Mafia Boss.He took him to a court and convinced the Judges to give him a Death Sentence:as Alpha gained positive Rep when fightning Criminals and had the Citizens on his side and due to the Mafia Boss killing Thousands of people also being the Highest-ranked Crime Lord.The Crime Lord was killed one Hour later by an Electric Chair.As he was killed,many Criminals started to back down but also pop p.this led to Alpha to roam the streets to hunt down villians and Upgrade his Skills and Tech.After a few months,the city's Crime was the lowest in the World attracting more Citizens and allowing Alpha to take rest.One day,a Alien Invasion of the Chitauri occured prompeting Alpha to take action as he and the Newly-arrived Avengers started to take back the city,he was hit by a Chitauri Leviathan.He was badly wounded and needed Medical attention.As the Leviathan tried to strike another blow it was distracted by a Fraction of Citizens saving Alpha from the horrible monster.As they tended to his Wounds,the Avengers take the City back from the Chitauri.He thanked the Citizens and the Avengers for their help.Knowing that the World needed more help than a Large Metropolis and that he had to get more powerful to do it,he went to the Weapon X program.

New and Stronger Powers

After getting directions from Wolverine and Gambit and using a Helicopter,he reached Three Mile Island and the Weapon X program.He asked if they were augmenting Mutant powers or cab give mutant powers.The Head Adminstator said that they needed Test subjects and if he survived he could have powers that he normally could not have.He volunteered and was put in Peak Human Physical Attributes testing.After the testing was over and he survived he had gained Peak Human Physical Capabilities like Peak-Human Strength,Peak-Human Durability,Peak-Human Stamina,Peak-Human Agility,and Peak-Human Speed,Pek-Human Sensory System,God-like Regeneration,Peak-Human Mental Process.The Head Admin also stated he could give him the Claws of Wolverine,Cyclops Laser Vision,Biomass Manipulation,Molecule Absorbtion.He agreed to due the testing.He was able to use powerful Laser Vision and can create Bone Claws.He also paid them to fuse Copper,Bronze,Silver,Titanium,Gold,Platinum and Chrome,Anti-Metal,Adamantium,Adamantine,Vibrabium and Uranium to his Skeleton and Bone Claws.After they also gave him a Military Weaponry and Tech and the Meta Sword:only one of it's kind able to slice through and withstand any material.


After about 4 days,he was walking toward the Weapon X when he was suddenly attacked.The Head Admin stated that he was just a Test Subject and had to be eliminated so he would not go against them.They attacked him with a Military and Insane mutants.He defeated and destroyed all mutants,then turn some off the Military into Dust as most joined his Businesses as Workers or BodyGuards.He completely destroyed te Weapon Facilty turning into a Planet Terraformer.He completely transformed Jupiter into a Habitable Earth-like Planet.Then,he started to save the World to make it Perfect.

World Savior/Transformations

After a Few months,he was accepted by Sheild's Head Director Nick Fury to be apart of the Avengers Initative.He accepted seeing as a way to save the World and make it "Perfect".He had to go through a series of Trails and Tests to prove himself.After,beating and saying ive been through worse,he was turned into a Avenger.He worked with them form years and years.During the Kree Invasion,he was attack by a Kree Solar Ray and Fusion Blaster.During that time,The Gods of the Multiverse:The One above all,Death,Oblivion,Infinity,Eternity and the Living Tribunal.They began disagreeing,and Alpha was thrown into a Sun.Due to the energy being channeled through them and his Adaption ability,he became a God-like creature with a appearance like Dormammu.He completely obilterated the Kree Invasion force and Planet.After,he gained many new forms from which he adapted from Environments.

New Legacy

Later,he colonized more of Earth's surrondings Planets and made a Tashma-Hall like building on Jupiter also using a Planet Terraformer to colonize Jupiter for his home(which is also his base of operations)Also,during the merge with the DC Universe,he made Earth in the middle and associated with it more than Marvel(which is why you might see more DC than Marvel on this page).He created the Infinity Reactor for all un-hostile planets(mainly Earth) that makes Infinite Energy for all uses.After, and making Earth an ally with DC,he marries Gwen Stacy(Earth-96283)/(Earth-616) who he is unboundedly loyal and faithful due to them loving each other.A LOT.After,One year they have 4 kids:Tyrone,Blake,Jasmin and Amanda Lancaster who's SuperHero name was Omega for Tyrone and Zeta for Blake.His Sons and Daughters was meant to "Perfect" and continue his Legacy for Good and Perfection along with him.During his journeys,he made the Marvel Universe unhostile and contined to go to the DC Universe carrying on his legacy there.Also,his wife Gwen has become a Super-Hero going by the name:Alpha-Woman.Also,their New Planet called the Prime Planet is in the middle of the Marvel and DC Universe.

Powers and Abilities

  • Peak Human Strength:His Strength is at Peak Human potential.He can lift 1950 pounds at Maximum Strength and 1000 pounds at lowest.He can snap steel and Wood.He can snap Steel bars or Handcuffs or any type of Wood,doors,and chains.He can also break and destroy reinforced steel and Titanium.He also has and has been called having the Strength of Ten men.He can beat other Peak Humans like Captain America and Black Panther.He can also knock out ordinary Humans or Peak Humans.He is seen fighting and damaging SuperHuman foes and even Super Soldiers.He is unarguably Earth's most powerful Human.
  • Peak Human Durability:His Durability is at Peak Human potential.He is Durable enough that if a person hit him with a Wooden stick or a Metal bar it would break on the very First hit and he would show no sign or pain or discomfort.He can withstand many types of damage or pain during his time as a Sheild Agent and now as Avenger.He can survive and withstand being shot with High-Caliber Guns,surviving multiple Anti-Tank and Anti-Air Missles,can survive a Rpg Massacre,and can survive even 40 M1 Abrams firing at him with little to no discomfort.He also has a Proto-Adamantium Skeleton so his bones are Invulnerable.Also,he is immune to Magic and the Elements.
  • Peak Human Agility:His Speed is at Peak human potential.He can run up to 30 miles per hour.His agility is greater than any Olympic Athlete.He can cooridinate his body with Dexierity,Balance,and Flexibility.He can leap 65 yards and leap 50 feet into the air.His reflexes also are on Peak Human level.His reaction time is 35 kph.He can dodge gunfire from all directions.He can run a mile in 50 seconds.He can run up to 75 miles a hour.He can outrun cars,climb Skyscrapers with no support,navigate any variety of obstacle courses with ease and grace,catch arrows in mid-air,can catch and even surprise foes with Super Speed and dodge deadly and fast attacks.
  • Peak Human Stamina:His Stamina is on Peak Human potential.His body eliminates the excessive build up of fatigue toxins in his muscles granting him exceptional Endurance and Lung capacity that allows him to hold his breath for 5 minutes.He can exert himself for 12 hours before needing rest or showing any signs of fatigue.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor:He has a SuperHuman Healing Factor.His body also regenerate any damage done to immediatly.He can regenerate damage done to his body on a level that exceeds the Hulk and Wolverine.His healing factor also can regenerate his mind so he can never become insane.Also his body can fight off any thing that can keep him from being Healthy.He is immune to all diseases,infections,disorders and cannot become intoxicated by Drugs,Alcohol or impurites in the air.He is also immune to Hyponis,Mind Control,Telepathic Mind abilities. and Gases that could limit his focus.He also can live forever in his physical prime due to his cells constantly regenerating.He can regenerate anything in his body within a matter of seconds and even Total Cell Destruction.His Healing Factor alloes him to regenarate and adapt to the one's that harmed him absorbing the damage being immune to that type of damage then absorbing the opponent's powers.He can use multiple powers absorbed at once but they vanish in 1 Hour.Every power he absorbs,his other powers get stronger.He is able to absorb an oopponents powers by contact or in proximity(range) of 5 meters.He can also use their powers to amplify his own or theirs that he absorbed.
  • Peak Human Mental Process:His Mental performance has been greatly enhanced, allowing his mind to operate at the most efficient and rapid manner possible.He also has a Eidetic memory which means he never forgets anything and has perfect memory.He also has Street Smarts,Book Smarts,and he is one of the worlds greatest scientists and inventors.He is also Multilingual.He is one of Earthest's Greatest minds.His mental prowess is at PeaK Human potential.He also has Psi-Sheilds that can protect his Mind from the Strongest Mental attacks.
  • Master Combanant/Skilled Martial Artist:He is noted to be one of the most if not the most powerful and skilled Martial Artist/Master Combatant.He is very skilled in Dragon style Kung fu,Tae Kwon Do,Judo,Mauy Thai,Boxing,Jujitsu,and Ninjustu.He also can detect Weak points on almost any opponent.He has stated he knows more than Tent-thousand ways to kill a Man,Alien or Entity.He is able to defeat multiple,armed or skilled opponents by himself and hold his own against a large army.He has been known to defeat Lady Shiva multiple times,hold his own and gain an advantage from Karate Kid and is a match with Batman(Bruce Wayne).He has also been in the Army and and has been their best fighter.He is also very skilled with weapons as he is good with Shikens,Kunais and and other throwing weapons but is unrivaled with Blades,Knives,Staffs and convientional weapons like Explosives.He is also uncannly skilled with his two signature Dual Triple-barrel Flintlock Pistols that he has been commented on by almost every hero of all three Universes.
  • Bone and Adamantium Claws:His skeleton includes 6 12'inch long retractable Bone Claws,three in each arm,that are housed beneath the skin and muscle of his formarms that look exactly like Wolverine claws.Alpha can release these at will,one each arm.The skin between his knuckles tears and bleeds but the blood loss is halted by his Healing Factor.Alpha can unsheathe any of these at once at will,and unlike Wolverine can move his wrists while unsheathe although it makes them come out slower.When unsheathe they are entirely in his wrists.These claws were originally made of Bone and are dense and sharp enough to cut through Wood,Stone and most types of Metal.When he was bonded with Proto-Adamantium they were strong and sharp enough to cut through anything but Captian America's Sheild (but he could still scratch the Sheild).He also has Proto-Adamantium claws in his fingertips that can cut through anyting but Cap's Sheild.He can also take off the Proto-Adamantium coating when he unsheathe his Claws.
  • Laser Vision:He can shoot a red beam capable of easily leveling a city.If he restrains his power beams they can kill a person with Peak Human Durability,at normal unrestrained he can level a city and at maximum he can destroy a entire continient like South America.He can also use them to create Portals to teleport him anywhere.He is able to use them from his hands,chest and eyes.
  • Indomitable Will:He also has a very strong and powerful sense of will.His willpower has led many teams on occasion.Even though that he has very limited Superhuman abilites,his will and Determenation make him the of the strongest beings on the planet if not the strongest and one of the strongest beings in the Universe.His abilities include withstand massive amounts of Mental and Physical pain and assault,nigh-invulnerably to telepathy and Mind control or other Telekinekic powers,and his most impressive feat was he could control 5 Green Lantern ring on each hand and use them at full effect and beat both a White,Blue,Red,Green,Purple,Pink,Yellow,Black lantern rings power at maximum combined.He can detect any Terriorist or Criminal in his area.
  • Tactile Telekinesis:He is able to use a very Powerful and simple form of Psionic Control called Tactile Telekinesis.This type of Telekinesis allows him to use and mimic Super-Strength,Super-Durability,Super-Speed,Super-Agility,Super-Endurance,Super-Flight,Voice-Manipulation,Force-Field Generation,Vaporization,Telekinetic Force Manipulation,Telekinetic Force Blasts,Super-enhanced Hearing and Super Stamina.
  • Kinetic Energy Manipulation:He is able to control Kinetic energy at will.He is able to cause a target to become Immobile(cannot move) for a period of 2 hours without losing energy.He can also absorb the Kinetic energy of others to lower there speed or never become paralyized.He can use Kinetic energy to increase his Strength,Speed,Durability,Stamina and jumping ability.He can speed up Kinetic energy to combust objects.He can cause others Kinetic energy to slow down and freeze.He is also able to control Kinetic energy to be able to control Impacts,propel himself,make objects move,increase or decrease a objects movement or can change it's path,can convert Kinetic energy into other forms of Energy,can absorb Kinetic energy,can use Kinetic energy in combat,can create Constructs or Blasts out of Kinetic Energy,create Sheilds of Kinetic energy,can control the movement of others,can use Kinetic energy to heal himself or others,can use Kinetic energy to control Ice,Fire and Water,can use Kinetic to slide on any surface and can use Kinetic energy to create a large Shockwave of charged and stored Kinetic energy that tears through anything in it's path.
  • Vector Manipulation(Direction Control):He can control the direction of anything in the Universe and beyond.He can control the Velocity of any object,can control the direction of any attack,make himself Invulnerable,deflect any attack or force,travel between Dimensions,regenerate himself or others,increase or decrease his or others speed and strength,use the power of flight,transfer heat,become invisible,reflect others powers,create Plasma,create Razor wind,can create Vibrations,control Velocity and can be overwhelmingly physicaly powerful.
  • Omnifarious:He is able to shapeshift or transform into any form imaginable or unimaginable.He can transform into any animal,creature or being that he can think or not think of.He is also able to not only transform into the being but take on the appearance,powers,DNA,charateristics and personality but it does not take over his.For Example:His Demon form would make him more aggresive but no Evil or Malicious.He can transform into any being he wants and this cannot be negated.
  • Divine Grace:Due to his Enchantment by Wonder Woman and her mother,Captain Marvel,Shazam and the Spectre he has the ability to virtually block,parry,miss,redirect or control any attack.This ability has allowed him to survive and save his teammates.This allows him to escape and save people or objects from seemingly  desperate or impossiblely horrible sitations.This is arguably one of his most powerful abilities.
  • Divine Empowerment:Due to Alpha having a direct pipeline to the One above all,being a Hero and Universal Protector and helping souls go to the next world he is able to turn into a entity named Delta.He gains far more Muscle Mass and Magical abilities.He is able to transform at will by focusing his mind.He is able to see the future,gain more Luck,resistance to Magic and Sorcery,God-like Intellect and Understanding,Light-Speed flight,Healing powers,Psi-Sheilds and Unbreakable Mind,SuperHuman Physical capabilities,Self-Substance,Teleportation,Omni-Presense,Omni-Science,Sorcery over almost all types of Magic,Telepathy,ability to gain strength from all races Hope and Pure Good and Immortaility due to being banned from Hell.Also,his Powers,Appearance or Skills cannot be copied,seized or duplicated.
  • Atom Mass Manipulation/Atom Disperal:He is able to increase the size of his Atoms and Molecules to grow up to a indeteriminate amount of Size.He was once able to grow to a planet Orbit that was 5 times bigger than Earth when it was shruken.He is also able to hold the Warworld with his thumb and stop it's final attack.His most used size would be 60 feet using it to beat and decimate villians.He is resistant to almost all race sized at a Human rate when higher than 28 feet.He has no effect on the Environment due to being very nimble at times.Also,incresing in size increase his resistance against attacks.He can also induce a Charge capable of leveling citys.His Strength is tied to his power.In this Form when he become 28 or higher he becomes strong enough to destroy Planets,Citys and Regions.He can withstand even Darkseid's attacks and has drasically enhanced Stamina.His Speed has almost fast as Superman.He is able to control his density able to go through walls or take less damage from attacks.He is also able to increase his Density,Mass and Weight to destroy the area around him or to grow as large a Super-Star/Super Nova.
  • Peak Human Accuracy:He can shoot targets 2 miles away.His brain is hotwired for Advanced Precision superior to any Gold-medaled Archer who has ever competed.Additionaly,his aim is not supernatural,but is at Peak Human Aim.His friends and even most Superheroes and Villians said it was near-impossible for him to miss a target or more.
  • Peak Human Sensory System:He has Senses at he very top of Peak Human potential.His Hearing Senses have increased to the point he can hear Silent Snake at Night,hear a screaming person a city away and hear crys around the area he is in.His Sight has increased he can see better than a person with Glasses,see 1 mile away and see a little bit through Steel walls.His touch senses have increased that he can feel how dense it is.His taste has increase that he can taste every thing it is made of.His smell has increased he can smell multiple odors and even faint smells.
  • Molecular Absorption: ability to molecularly bond with anything he comes in contact with. Once he bonds with an object he takes on its physical characteristics. For example, if he bonds with steel he gains increased strength and durability. The limits of his absorption ability were never revealed. He at times was able to meld with the ground beneath him sinking his hands at one place and having them come up at another place. He has also absorbed the properties of sand, from sand in his boot. Instead of gaining the properties of a rock, as sand is just small stones, he gained a form not unlike Marvel's Sandman-- a being comprised of small grains which he can manipulate in a variety of ways at will.He is able to absorb molecules and make explosion up to the size of Planets.

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