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Real Name
Joseph Terrence Adams
Current Alias

Terry, Kid, Beast




Donovan Adams (father), Mary Adams (mother), Terrence Adams (brother, stillborn, deceased)


Base Of Operations
Mobile; formerly Metro City


5' 8" (human); 6' 4" (werewolf)

145 lbs (91 kg) (human); 300 lbs (136 kg) (werewolf)



Unusual Features
When in werewolf form, covered in brown fur with yellow eyes.


Marital Status

Adventurer, student; former thief

Metro High School


Place of Birth


First appearance



Joseph's parents always thought that Joseph was a gift. He managed to survive while his twin brother did not. Joseph was the miracle child that they had always wanted.


This all changed the day he hit puberty. It was revealed that Joseph was a mutant. His parents were already anti-mutant activists and Joseph's transformation changed their view of him. They now no longer considered Joseph as their son, but as a hideous beast. They didn't care that most of the time he was normal, they only saw him as the thing they hated most.

Joseph was regularly beaten and caged in their basement. Joseph's parents didn't want word to spread that they had a mutant son, so they said that he had died. They even held a funeral for him. Don and Mary just longed for Joseph to actually die.

Joseph was never fed, he was forced to eat the rats that crawled into the basement. Once a full moon came Joseph transformed and broke free of his confinements. He ran through the forests and looked for a place to sleep.

Lone Wolf

Joseph was free, but filled with anger. He hated his parents for what they did to him. He wanted to control his powers to avoid being seen as a monster again. This was however, easier said than done. Joseph was constantly being hunted because his parents told the town that he killed their son. Joseph was constantly living in fear. He was never safe, not even in human form.

Joey adams

Joseph's human form.

He became a criminal to try to survive. He went across the country to escape his past. He eventually learned to control his intermediate transformations. During a full moon, Joseph changed and he ended up in Kansas again. He was hungry, so he broke into a store to try and get food, but he was caught by the police. They shot at Joseph and he attacked. He threw one officer against his police car and sprinted towards the other. The officer shot Joseph in the arm and then Joseph tore the cop's arm off. Joseph was about to kill the cop when he slightly regained control. He was horrified by what he did, so he fled to Illinois.

He was found by police covered in blood. He was afraid of hurting them, so he ran away. Joseph's past still haunted him and he was again filled with rage. He needed something to distract himself from his hardships. So, Joseph enrolled himself into school.

At Metro High School, Joseph was a loner. He purposely did this as to not get attached to anyone. He enjoyed the food part of school the most and he would steal extra whenever possible. Joseph managed to stayed under the radar to all school officials. He wanted to live a normal life, but he knew that it was impossible.

After stealing food one night, Joseph heard someone being attacked. He could smell gunpowder and blood. He ran over to where the assault was. A kid from his school, Nate Coen, was getting beaten with a pipe. Joseph intervened, saved Nate, and then left.

On another day, Joseph knew that he was being followed by a group of people. He could hear their heartbeats and tell that they were going to try and mug him. Joseph led them to an alley and waited. Once they came around they ran towards him. One guy charged Joseph and he easily dodged the attack. Two more came his way and Joseph grabbed one by the throat and then kicked the other away. Joseph growled at his attacker and then dropped him to focus on the others.

Suddenly Joseph heard the guy on the floor pull out a knife. He turned to stop him, but it was to late. The guy stabbed Joseph between the ribs. Joseph fell to the ground and waited for his wound to heal. He realized that the person's knife was made of silver. The gang that was around Joe picked him up and allowed the guy with the knife to continuously stab him in the gut.

Joseph was getting weaker and he started to pass out until he saw Nate Coen come to his rescue. Joseph focused on healing his wounds while Nate defeated the gang. Nate came over and tried to picked Joseph up. Joe pushed him away and started walking. He collapsed and blacked out. Then an ambulance arrived and took Joseph. On the way to the hospital, Joseph regained consciousness. He jumped out of the ambulance and went into hiding.

New Insights

While traveling through the woods, Joseph saw something in the sky. It looked like a descending spaceship. He followed it to a farmhouse. Two blue aliens came out and went into the house. Joseph could hear yelling and he could tell a struggle was taking place. So he ran into the building to help. Joseph recognized the couple, they were the Coens. The two Kree were looking for something and they were destroying everything. Joseph jumped on one Kree soldier's back and he clawed at it. The other soldier shot at him. Joseph was wounded and he fell off the soldier. He got back up and the soldier grabbed his arms. Joe tried to push him back, but the soldier was to strong. He snapped both of Joseph's wrists and threw him through a nearby window.

Joseph knew that the only way to save the Coens was to transform. After he changed Joseph jumped back through the window and fought the Kree soldiers off. He was winning until one soldier that ended up outside, shot a propane tank. The blast blew a hole in the wall and lit the house on fire. Joseph turned to the Coens and picked them up. He jumped threw the roof of the house and ran them into town. They thanked him for saving their lives and then Joseph backed into an alley. He changed back and smiled at them, then he left. Joseph no longer considered himself a monster, he was a hero.

The Onslaught War

Main article: The Onslaught

Joseph and the rest of his school went on a class trip to New York. They were there to visit Empire State University and receive a tour. During the tour, it seemed like there were several earthquakes happening at the same time. The building was evacuated and Joseph could hear what was actually happening. There was a battle going on and he was needed for the fight. So, he snuck away and headed towards the epicenter of the battle.


Following the events of the Onslaught War, Kid became the leader of the newly formed Outsiders. His team would be composed of teenage heroes like himself, as stated by the New Defenders. It was his duty to recruit new members and his first was the new hero Speedy. The teen was being captured by MRD troops and Kid intervened. After saving him, Speedy eagerly accepted Kid's offer to join the Outsiders.

Guardian, team leader of the New Defenders, sent the young team to investigate a disturbance in Portland. After arriving there the two saw what looked like a demon emerge from a destroyed home. They prepared to fight Vengeance in the cul-de-sac to keep the situation contained. Kid attacked first, but was injured after wounding his enemy. Vengeance's blood burned the fur off Kid's hands. He retaliated by elbowing Kid away and entangling him in his chain. Speedy came in to save Kid while making fun of Vengeance and then he appeared to be winning the battle. The fight seemed to be ending with Vengeance down on one knee but he disappeared. Fists then appeared out of fiery holes surrounding Speedy.

He dodged each hit, but was then caught off guard by a chain. It had wrapped around his throat and was slowly cutting off his air supply. Kid desperately tried to remove the chain and find Vengeance but he was safe from harm in his portal. Suddenly, the mystical chain around Speedy's neck vanished along with the several portals. Speedy rubbed his severely bruised throat and thanked Kid for helping him. He was having trouble breathing, so Kid decided to take his friend to safety and report the situation to Guardian.

Once at the Defenders' Tower, Joseph helped Henry to the infirmary and then made his way to Guardian. He seemed unusually stressed, but Joseph couldn't figure out why. Guardian asked about the progress of the missions and Joe informed him on the Outsiders' encounter with Vengeance. Not once did Guardian turn his head or open his eyes, as he spoke to his young ally. Joseph couldn't help but ask about the missing Defenders, to which Guardian asked that he leave. Joe obliged and made his way out of the briefing hall, to find Angela.

He did not want to ask Angela the same question, fearing what her answer would be. Instead he brought up the topic of his next mission. Angela informed Joseph that his priority was still to recruit new members to his team. Again, Joe felt something was off. There had to be a reason why the Defenders were no longer operating as a team, everything resorted to solo missions. The only real team that existed was between Joseph and Henry. Joe could not refuse his orders and he set out to expand the roster of the Outsiders.

Sinister Intentions

Joseph roamed the streets in an attempt to clear his mind. He didn't care about missions or being a mutant, he just wanted to be at peace. As Joe tried to relax and ease his thoughts, he heard the sounds of a struggle. The wind was blowing a scent to Joseph's nose, that of carbon. He hesitated at first, but then raced towards the source of the disturbance. In the distance he could see a car flipped over and on fire. A shadowy figure slowly walked towards the wreckage. Joe crouched by a nearby car surveying the scene. From the overturned car, emerged another figure. From the look of his clawed hands, Joseph immediately thought he was Wolverine.

Now knowing he had an ally in the fight, Joe transformed into his lupine form. Kid Wolf, running on all fours, raced to help Wolverine. As soon as he started running, Kid's more enhanced vision kicked in, revealing that Wolverine was no where to be found. He continued forward regardless, knowing that innocent lives could be in danger. Kid stood by the two adversaries, Weapon X and Sinister. Weapon X was the boy Speedy described to Kid during their first encounter.

He thought Weapon X would be friendly, but Kid was wrong. Weapon X lunged at him, showing no desire to injure his opponent. Kid managed to avoid the slashes, but quickly went on the offensive. The sets of claws on both opponents met several times, rendering each attack ineffective. During the fight, Kid noticed Sinister remaining idle. The distraction cost Kid as Weapon X took advantage of the opening, stabbing Kid through the forearms. He didn't remove his claws, readying the other arm to decapitate Kid. Before he could strike, Kid lunged his head forward, digging his massive jaws into Weapon X's right shoulder.

The claws of his left hand retracted as he grabbed hold of the wound. Kid jumped in the air and drop kicked Weapon X in the face, sending him flying backwards. With his arms healed, Kid made his way towards Weapon X only to be stopped by Sinister. He grabbed Kid by the throat and forced him to one knee. He then uppercut Kid out of his grip. Instead of turning to Weapon X, Sinister went back for Kid.

He began to attack him, Kid defended himself but each attack hurt him more than the previous one. As Kid dodged the incoming punches he saw Weapon X leaping through the air. He landed on Sinister, with claws fully unsheathed, impaling his back. He then rolled back, hurling Sinister into a nearby wall. Kid thought Weapon X was going to finally help him and as he reached out his hand for help, Weapon X sliced it off. Kid grabbed his wound, allowing Weapon X to pick him up off the floor. He thrust his claws deep into Kid's stomach, holding him up in the air, before throwing him on the ground again. Weapon X then jumped over Kid and repeatedly stabbed him in the chest.

Weapon X turned to a fist in his face, hurling him several feet back. Sinister laughed at the fallen Kid Wolf and he prepared to finish him off. As he lifted his foot, Sinister was hit by a high-speed punch. The impact created a shock wave that pushed him aside. Speedy had come to his friend's aid and saw the state that he was in. He knelt beside Kid telling him that he would be okay, then his eyes became bloodshot. Kid's usual appearance changed drastically and he started looking more like a wolf. The feral Kid's wounds had healed and before he could tear out Speedy's throat, the speedster was picked up by his hair. Sinister held him in the air, beating him at the same moment. As Weapon X got up, he recognized Speedy as Tommy from the MRD camp. He came to his rescue, spearing Sinister away from him.

Kid had gotten to his feet, larger than before and his dark gaze fell upon Weapon X and Sinister. He unleashed his uncontrollable feral rage on the two, eventually coming face-to-face with Weapon X. Kid raised his massive claws in the air ready to drop them on Weapon X's head. As they fell down at a fast rate, Speedy ran by, pushing Kid back. He could see his friend was not himself and he needed to calm him down. Speedy ran circles around Kid, creating a vortex around him, just as he had done to Vengeance. The air was being sucked out of Kid's lunges, causing him to black out. Before he collapsed, Kid continuously struck his claws out in a desperate attempt to hit Speedy. He failed and reverted to Joseph after becoming unconscious.

Speedy continued running at Sinister, creating dupes to distract him. He stood still watching the number of Speedy's increase dramatically. As he watched Weapon X attacked from behind, forcing Sinister to his knees. Weapon X didn't hesitate to try and kill Sinister, but his attack was halted by Speedy, who pleaded him to not go through with it. While Weapon X contemplated his choices, a concussive blast pushed the two away. As they sat up, the real Mister Sinister was by the younger Sinister's side. He formed a force field around himself and his ally and flew away.

Joseph was on his knees now, holding his head and stumbling to rise. Weapon X unsheathed his claws and ran towards the downed Joseph, but Speedy intervened. He explained to Weapon X who they were and that they were all friends. Weapon X glared at Joseph, sheathed his claws, then placed his hand on the shorter Speedy's shoulder. Weapon X gave him an uneasy smile and walked away. Joseph thought he was a lost cause, but Speedy reassured him that Weapon X was now apart of the team, but he didn't know it yet.

Powers and Abilities


Mutant Lycanthrope: Joseph is a mutant with the ability to transform into a humanoid wolf at will. Joseph is not a true werewolf, in that his powers derive from mutation and not from supernatural causes. While in lupine form, Joseph possesses various superhuman attributes. He also retains his full level of intelligence, but for an unknown reason, he loses his ability to speak. However, during a full moon, his personality is considerably more vicious and dominated by bloodlust.
  • Superhuman Strength: Kid Wolf possesses superhuman strength. While in his intermediate form, he is able to lift about 1,500 lbs. His feral form, during a full moon, is vastly more powerful and he is capable of lifting at least 10 tons. His strength also extends into the muscles of his legs, allowing him to leap, from a crouch, roughly 18 feet into the air.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Joseph's advanced musculature, while in his lupine form, produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for up to 3 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him.
  • Superhuman Agility: While in his lupine form, Joseph's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Joseph's lupine reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.
  • Superhumanly Acute Senses: Joseph has superhumanly the acute senses of sight, smell, and hearing similar to those of an actual wolf. He can see part of the infrared spectrum and thus detect the heat signatures of objects or people in total darkness. He can smell other living creatures within 100 feet (when upwind) and follow a scent over nearly any terrain. He can hear the sound of a heartbeat in a cave at a distance of 30 feet.
  • Claws and Teeth: Kid Wolf's claws and teeth are extremely sharp and tough, enabling him to rend through a variety of substances including fabric, wood, cinderblock, and even some metals.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Joseph is capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed areas of his body with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Injuries that result in massive tissue damage such as bullet wounds, slashes, punctures, blunt force trauma, and severe burns heal completely, without so much as a scar, in a short amount of time. His ability to heal is at least 10 times that of a human.


Even in human form Joseph is a highly conditioned athlete and is faster and more agile than most people. He also has better night vision than most people, though none of these attributes reach into the superhuman range unless he is transformed.

Strength level

In his normal human form Joseph possesses the normal human strength of a teenager of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. In his intermediate lupine form Kid Wolf possesses superhuman strength, enabling him to lift (press) approximately 1,500 lbs. In his feral state, Kid can lift (press) at least 10 tons.


Although Kid Wolf is not a supernatural werewolf, he is particularly vulnerable to silver. While he can be injured with weapons composed of more conventional materials, such as bullets or knives, he can always heal from them rapidly. If Joseph were to sustain an injury to a vital area of his anatomy, such as his heart, from a silver weapon, he will quickly die. If he sustains a non-lethal injury, he will eventually recover though his recovery time will be considerably longer. Although Kid's healing powers are extensive, he can be killed if he is decapitated and his head is removed from the vicinity of his body. If he gets to angry or is in extreme danger, he loses control and becomes feral, this is even more evident under a full moon.


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