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Real Name
Johnaton Blaze
Current Alias

Johnny Blaze, John Blaze, J.B., Brimstone Biker, Spirit of Vengeance, Frank Ryder, The Devil, King of Hell, Riding Ghost, Grim Reaper, Racer of Death



Naomi Kale (mother; deceased), Barton Blaze (father; deceased), Crash Simpson (foster father; deceased), Mona Simpson (foster mother), Danny Ketch (brother), Barbara Ketch (sister; deceased), Roxanne Simpson (foster sister/wife; deceased)



5' 10"
6'2" (As Ghost Rider)

180 lbs (82 kg)
220 lbs (As Ghost Rider)

None (As Ghost Rider)

Reddish Blond,
None (As Ghost Rider)

Unusual Features
As Ghost Rider, Blaze has the appearance of a flaming skeleton.


Marital Status

Stunt rider, adventurer; former carnival owner, demon hunter, movie stuntman, drifter

High-school graduate

Johnathon bonded with demonic spirit of vengeance Zarathos, becoming the Ghost Rider

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics: Ghost Rider Vol 1 1


Quote1 Your tyranny has come to an end, Blackheart... Vengeance is upon you... You may now die and burn for all eternity, you miserable piece of shit! Quote2
-- Ghost Rider

Early Years

Johnathon "Johnny" Blaze was the son of a motorcycle stunt rider named Barton Blaze. Working for a man by the name of Crash Simpson, Barton Blaze and his son Johnny became accustomed to the life of a carnival. When Barton Blaze suddenly died, Johnny's world was turned upside down as he lost the last of his family. Not long after the stunt accident that killed his father, Johnny Blaze was adopted by Crash Simpson. Upon his adoption, Johnny lived with Crash, his wife Mona, and his daughter Roxanne.

Johnny and Roxanne became very attached to one another. One day, while Johnny and Roxanne were practicing a motorcycle stunt, the motorcycle caught on fire and was about to explode. Roxanne jumped off the motorcycle; but Johnny continued to ride it in an attempt to prevent the tent they were practicing in from burning to the ground. Mona immediately ran over to see if Johnny was alright. However, as she approached Johnny the motorcycle exploded - putting Mona into the hospital. From her hospital bed, Mona Simpson had one request for Johnny Blaze, that he would never ride in the motorcycle shows ever again. After those words, she passed away making them the last words she would ever speak in this life.

Keeping his promise to Mona, Johnny never rode in a motorcycle show. However he continued to practice and improve his riding, despite the promise he had made. He kept his riding a secret. One day as Johnny was practicing, Roxanne stumbled into the tent where he was. Upon doing so, she discovered that Johnny knew how to ride. While practicing continuously, the Crash Simpson stunt show continued and prospered. Not long after the Crash Simpson Stunt Show had gained in popularity, Crash Simpson discovered that he had cancer and was going to die soon. Johnny felt as though he was not able to bear the loss of another fatherly figure in his life. Therefore, he decided the he would do whatever was needed to save Crash Simpson's life no matter the cost.

Becoming the Ghost Rider

Making a pact with the devil who later became to be revealed as the arch-demon Mephisto, Johnny Blaze sold his soul to spare Crash Simpson from the disease that was killing him. The Devil agreed to make the pact on one condition, the condition was the one day he would return to collect his fee for curing Crash of the disease. Lives continued on and no one knew of the pact Johnny had made. Crash Simpson not caring for his life anymore and not knowing of the cure that had ridden the disease from his body, decided to make a giant stunt and jump over twenty-two cars, however when he attempted this, Crash collided into the ground and died.

After Johnny Blaze saw Crash die, his world had crumbled down, he did not think that life could get any worse. Just as he thought that the Devil appeared. Johnny began yelling at the Devil and telling him that he double crossed him, the Devil stated that he had cured Crash Simpson’s disease and that he wanted to claim his reward. With that statement heard he declared that Johnny Blaze would become his Emissary in the dark hours and in the light he would join him in Hades. The pact was made, by day Johnny Blaze would walk among the living, but by night he became the Ghost Rider. During the day Johnny Blaze performed in his traveling stunt show along with Roxanne Simpson after the death of Crash.

Vengeance against "Vengeance"

When Zarathos' Hellfire (the source of the mystical flames that encompass the bones of all the Ghost Riders in history) has caused some serious psychological damage to a Satanic-worshiping biker and leader by the name of Bobby Blackthorne, along with his men. As a result of his unending pain and suffering, he and his men made a deal with Mephisto, under the guise of Satan into ending that pain inflicted by the Hellfire.

After a deal with a Hell Lord, Blackthorne and his gang started kidnapping and murdering several individuals throughout their neighborhood for a regular ritual sacrifice, just for their extreme pain and suffering, caused by the Hellfire, to end. However, unbeknownst to Blackthorne, Mephisto only manipulated the Hellfire as he turns Blackthorne into a bloodthirsty and an absolute savage demon, known as Vengeance. In the process of Mephisto's "blessings," Blackthorne and his gang eventually became rich and powerful men, slowly leaving their biker career behind. Because of this, Blackthorne's men became prominent philanthropists and businesses magnates while Blackthorne became a well-known and well-loved Senator, who eventually became a candidate into running for the position of the Vice President of the United States.

All of these cruel and evil activities committed by Blackthorne, including his dark past, have remained hidden among the public and his associates. That is, until the Spirit of Vengeance himself, the Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze suddenly came into spiritual contact with Zarathos, after the demon had felt a strange demonic presence containing the countless souls who were in deep suffering, the presence of Blackthorne, which was so powerful, it started weakening Zarathos and its powers that manifest Johnny's powerful abilities as the Rider. Because of this, Johnny searches for that very presence as it grows stronger, since Johnny was already getting closer into it after arriving at the city of Washington, D.C.

There, Johnny was only disappointed after he only went so far, only to find nothing that would help Zarathos prevent his persistent pain from ever worsening. That is, until Johnny witnesses a political campaign currently ongoing near the U.S. Capitol, a political campaign led by the exact politician who was running for Vice President, Blackthorne. Finding this interesting, Johnny joins in along the crowd. Seeing the politician as he delivers his speech to his supporters, Johnny started feeling sick, as he slowly heats up.

Meeting the Future Vice President

In fury and in rage, Zarathos urges for Johnny to transform into the Rider, only to be overwhelmed by his weakened state, causing for him to pass out in front of everyone at the campaign, shocking everyone at the site, including Blackthorne, who wasn't even aware that the Spirit of Vengeance itself was coming for him, yet. Later on, Johnny would find himself waking up in the hospital, where he was immediately approached by Blackthorne and his party secretary, who confidentially paid for Johnny's bills during his stay. As the two have finally met for the first time, Johnny tried to act as normal as he could an, but after he shook his hand, he noticed something unusual about Blackthorne's dorsum, revealing for it to be branded with eerie, satanic-like symbol, a symbol that was once familiar to Johnny.

Feeling intrigued by this discovery, Johnny ridicules and asks about where his "tattoo" came from, only to confuse Blackthorne in the process, since no one has actually saw the hidden mark, not to "normal people," anyway. Startled by what Johnny said, Blackthorne took it as a joke as well, though Blackthorne did knew, that something was off with Johnny, sensing that he has something to do with his powers and abilities going unstable as it also unleashes into Vengeance in the worst unexpected timing. The two had a long talk about other discussions in order to distract themselves from what happened, with Blackthorne pretending like Johnny had never seen the unusual brand on his hand, before he eventually left the hospital, still suspicious with him. Despite, Johnny didn't stop there, thinking that the branded mark that he saw has something to do with Zarathos' progressive weakening, since it was clearly familiar to him after all.

The Devil's Temptation

After getting out of the hospital, Johnny continued his series of investigations into finding out whether if the Vice President was in fact, possessed by a demon which was affiliated with a Hell Lord, just like him, or not. On his way into finding a motel to stay on for the week, Johnny is confronted by a homeless beggar, who says he holds the answer to his problem. He talks to the little girl, who runs off. While running after her, Johnny encounters a group of men, a group of women, and a twin of little boys, before revealing to Johnny that all those people were the victims of Blackthorne. The two boys then transformed into the demon Mephisto, who tells Johnny that he could help him easily get rid of Blackthorne, and also offers him that he could finally get Johnny a normal life, away from being the Rider, but at a price.

Asking Mephisto what the price was, which made the demon laugh, with him telling Johnny that the price is nothing but simple. Mephisto then revealed Johnny what the price was in exchange of reverting Johnny back to normal, which was of course, Zarathos himself. By handing the Spirit of Vengeance as Mephisto's prisoner once more, Mephisto could just, kill two birds with one stone: by getting rid of Blackthorne's threats towards everyone else, and at the same time, easily turning Johnny back into normal man, once he hands Zarathos over to him. At first, Johnny has started falling into the devil's temptation, only to realize that dealing with Mephisto has ruined his entire life in the first place, after his father had died and it became much, much worse ever since he became the Ghost Rider for the first time.

According to him, dealing with the devil once was already enough, with him adding that he'll find another way to stop Blackthorne without having Mephisto having to take control over the strings in his life ever again. Johnny then accepts and embraces that what he was is what is now, being the Ghost Rider, and nothing could have ever changed his life back to the way it used to be, not even Mephisto, but to embrace his destiny bonded with Zarathos, the Spirit of Vengeance. Afterwards, Johnny rejects the devil's offer as he drives away from him riding his motorcycle continuing his search for a motel, while Mephisto was speechless from a distance, before leaving a sinister grin on his face and vanishes into thin air.

Facing Vengeance

Ghost Rider vs Vengeance 61615

Ghost Rider faces the satanic-worshipping and extremely-sadistic Vengeance

Several days later, Blaze arrived back in Washington, specifically at the Capitol Hill, to have a one-to-one talk with Blackthorne in private, so he could finally find out about the truth of it all. The party secretary even slightly tried to turn down Johnny since Blackthorne was too busy with his campaign, but he insisted since he wanted to tell him something important, leading for Blackthorne to have no choice but to talk once again, to his "supporter." During their conversation, Blackthorne tried his very efforts not be be triggered and broken by Johnny, only to be silenced by Johnny while he forces him to tell the truth. Blackthorne claps sarcastically and started laughing uncontrollably as he lashes out in rage now that Johnny had figured it out, along with his head slowly burning away.

As a result, Johnny witnessed Blackthorne inadvertently becoming the demonic entity known as Vengeance, who made another recent deal with the Mephisto for strengthening him through an extent, in case of facing the Ghost Rider, seeking Blaze. Blaze transformed into the Ghost Rider and manages to fight Blackthorne back with ease. As the battle goes on, the two demons had a tough, but fair fight, causing slight wreak and havoc across the streets. That is, until Blackthorne started to overpower Johnny due to his immeasurable and underestimated power given to him by Mephisto himself.

Final Stand-Off

As he was started getting brutally beaten too hard on the ground by the villain, Johnny started seeing Mephisto once more, with the devil taunting him for losing, rhetorically asking Johnny whether he had any faith. Thinking of an idea with what the devil had told him, Johnny then took their final battle inside a Christian church near the Capitol, where both him and Blackthorne reverted back to their human forms.

Though Blackthorne had briefly overpower Johnny now that they were back to human form, Johnny remained persevere until Blackthorne slows down from extreme exhaustion, while he slowly and unknowingly drives Blackthorne back outside the church. Kicking Blackthorne out of the the church once more, and through the Spirit of Zarathos' Vengeance, he immediately transforms into the ravenous Rider once again, grabbing a severely damaged and weakened Blackthorne by his throat, using the iconic Penance State to absorb all the Hellfire within him, along with his soul being burned by the demonic stare, finally finishing him.

The Rider then ruthlessly crushes the burnt body into ashes, ultimately destroying Bobby Blackthorne and preventing his schemes as the potential Vice President from ever commencing into the world. After this, the Rider stand as the authorities have arrived to apprehend him for causing a series to collateral damage among the streets of the Capitol and for murdering a well-beloved, "innocent," political figure. In response, the Rider simply tells the cops and military that he was anything but innocent, referring to his sinister past hidden from the public, which would be later be exposed, with the help of several tabloid newspapers across the states, revealing his true history to the public, right after his timely death.

The Ghost Rider stares deeply at all of their souls, ensuring that there's no more soul needed to be cleansed, then leaves the scene without a scratch, before vanishing, confusing the authorities to why did they even let the Rider go, proving that they were only too scared to go after him. In the wake of the battle's aftermath, Mephisto, who was in the form of a random stranger dressed in a trench coat, arrives and joins in along with the crowd in the streets, as he observes the specific area where Blackthorne was killed by the Ghost Rider, with only him smirking in disbelief, saying how much Blackthorne was another disappointment he was to him, before walking away from the scene once more.

Meeting Stephen Strange

To be added.

Battling Blackheart

At one point, the powerful demon known as Blackheart was banished by his father from Hell onto an prison-like dimension below the nether realm where he was trapped in for centuries, after knowing his plans on trying to overthrow his father in his throne in the netherworld. He remained imprisoned in the hellish dimension until he manages to find a way out of it, finding his way escaping into the Earth's dimension where he began stating chaos and destruction that he encounters in his every path, manipulating and killing every single person that he has encountered, absorbing all of their innocent souls onto himself, one by one. Later on, Blackheart would eventually encounter several foes throughout his exile on Earth, from the mystical sorcerer Doctor Strange of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, to his would-be-later archnemesis, the legendary Ghost Rider of Johnny Blaze.

The Devil and the Rider

Eventually, Blackheart manages to make his way to New York City, specifically in the streets of Hell's Kitchen. There, Blackheart started manipulating the town's criminals and even a few civilians and the crime rate of the town itself, brainwashing every single individual on the streets into killing one another. Because of this, it would eventually make him cross paths with the Guardian of Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil. However, just by the second Blackheart came upon devouring the man's soul, a flaming chain from behind unexpectedly grapples the demon's neck and pulls him, thankfully letting go of the man. The two battle whoever it shortly ended with Daredevil getting single-handedly defeated by the overpowered demon. However, just by the second Blackheart came upon devouring the man's soul, a flaming chain from behind unexpectedly grapples the demon's neck and pulls him, thankfully letting go of the weakened vigilante. As the hero was freed from getting devoured, he watches in horror and shock as Blackheart was confronting someone else, something else, revealing to be the legendary Ghost Rider himself.

Teaming Up with the Avengers

To be added.

Blackheart's Final Campaign

A Demon's Dominance

Blackheart Legion 61615

Ghost Rider faces Blackheart in his greatest, yet also somehow one of the most vulnerable form, "Legion"

While he was on a search for Johnny Blaze through tracking down the Caretaker, he unexpectedly stumbled across several of Johnny's loved ones while he had traveled throughout New York City. From his younger sister, Barbara, to even Johnny's wife and soulmate, Roxanne Simpson, Blackheart knew it would be the best opportunity on having his revenge against Johnny, by taking away everything that he loved. As a result, Blackheart transformed into his own human form, taking the identity of Frank Ryder, a man who was originally the Blaze's neighbors, until Blackheart, killed all of them as he devours their soul without anyone noticing around the neighborhood, since Blackheart had replaced all of the family members with several duplicates of himself.

Johnny, who later figured out who their neighbor's true identity really was, he decided for him and for his family to leave town, away from something coming their way, something dangerous. Unfortunately, before they could even leave the house, it was already too late. After returning back to their residence, Johnny and a few residents was shocked to find out that everyone near around his neighborhood were found dead as their corpse somehow rots, and as Johnny returns to his house, it was then he came upon the realization that Blackheart could have taken both Barbara and Roxanne.

Johnny was proven right, as he had noticed the signs on their kitchen wall, threatening him with letters on the wall written by using fresh blood. The words threatened Johnny to take the Caretaker with him, or else, both of his loved ones will die a death they would suffer from. Johnny had no other choice but to do what he was told by begging for the Caretaker's help. The Caretaker immediately agreed, responding that there's too many deaths going on that day, and decided for them to finally settle the situation without anyone dying on his hands. The Caretaker also told Johnny that his other reason for threatening them was because of the Contract of San Venganza, which the Caretaker had secretly kept since he rebelled Mephisto.

After a long talk on planning how to deal with Blackheart, the two Riders brought the contract and eventually made their way on to Blackheart's base of operations on Earth, an ancient temple filled with tombs that were secretly dedicated to Mephisto, which recently found in the plain deserts of Texas. The three then confronted, giving the contract to the demon and finally, he manages to absorbs all the thousand souls from the contract, making him more powerful and unstoppable than he had ever been. Johnny then insisted on letting Barbara and Roxanne go. Blackheart released Barbara, however he decided to do something else to Roxanne, something worse than killing her. Instead, Blackheart used his unusual powers on Roxanne, painfully wrapping her in some kind of cocoon similar to the ones that forms during the Terrigenesis of an Inhuman, slowly transforming Roxanne's form while she was still inside the cocoon.

Upset and horrified by what Blackheart has been doing to his wife, Johnny never hesitated and transforms into the Ghost Rider along with the Caretaker as they charged towards the demon to attack and end this, once and for all. During the ensuing battle, both Riders manages to pick up a fair fight with the demon, until they were eventually and were single-handedly by the more powerful villain, who now calls himself Legion. Now having the power of a thousand souls, Blackheart became more powerful than ever. Defeated by the more powerful demon once more, Blackheart repeatedly beats down Johnny to a pulp, the same way he did to him back at hell, until he reverted back into his human form, while Blackheart effortlessly threw the Caretaker at the tombs of the temples, knocking him unconscious, causing for Blackheart to absorb more souls from the deceased. Just as Blackheart could hang both of the Riders at once with their Hellfire Chains, this took Barbara her opportunity to pick up the contract on the ground, in which she immediately shredded it, without any hesitation, finally depowering Blackheart.

Furiously disappointed at the fact that the souls containing several of his powers were now gone and useless, Blackheart roars and screams at Barbara, charging towards her with anger as he transform his hand into a lethal organic blade ready to impale her with it, a blade that is enchanted by a serum capable of to killing even the strongest and toughest being imaginable. However, just as he could aim at her heart, the Caretaker immediately jumps in front of the blade, impaling him with it, instead of Barbara. The Caretaker dies in Johnny and Barbara's hands, the Caretaker told him his finals words, and whispered him on how to finally end Blackheart at that moment, before sadly dying from the poisonous effects of Blackheart's blade, mystical poison not even one's soul could survive or withstand its lethal effects.

A Demon's Downfall

After taunting Johnny one last time of how pathetic he was for dealing with the devil which resulted in the Caretaker's death, Johnny eventually got up from his knees as the Ghost Rider and continues to battle Blackheart in a final, duel to the death. During the battle, Johnny used the advantage of letting Blackheart smash all the remaining in tombstones inside the temple so that the demon could absorb it each time he smashes another one. And after gaining the upper hand on taking down the demon, Johnny knocks and holds down a fallen and a weakened Blackheart.

With all his anger and fury inside of him, the Ghost Rider releases a mighty and another earth-shattering roar on Blackheart's already disfigured face and finally, he performs the Penance Stare on him, burning all the souls that Blackheart had absorbed all his life, giving him a fatal finish in the very end of the battle. Now a powerless, mindless, and a soulless catatonic being, an all-powerful Ghost Rider delivers a deadly blow towards a disfigured and a dying Blackheart using the mighty fist through Zarathos' rage, shattering his entirety into a million pieces, killing the son of Mephisto, once and for all.

However, despite Blackheart having to die at the hands of his most hated enemy, he manages to successfully have his own revenge on Johnny, by slowly poisoning his wife while she was encased inside the cocoon, Roxanne. Just as Johnny and Barbara pulled out Roxanne out of the cocoon, it was already too late. Roxanne didn't make it, due to radioactive poisoning. As she dies in Johnny's arms, she told her beloved and her sister-in-law that she would always love them no matter what, and told them to stay strong even after all of these events.

Powers and Abilities


Mystical Empowerment from the Spirit of Vengeance: In human form, Johnny does not possesses any super-human power. But, as the Ghost Rider, he's the supernatural combination between human host and experienced motorcyclist Johnny Blaze and the demonic, Zarathos. As the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze possesses a variety of supernatural powers.

  • Demonic, Ghost Rider Transformation
  • Superhuman Capabilities
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Hellfire Manipulation
    • Hellfire Infusion
    • Hellfire Projection
    • Hellfire Forgery
    • Hellfire Telekinesis
    • Hellfire Attacks
    • Hell Firestorm
  • Soul Manipulation
    • Soul Reading
    • Soul Consumption
  • Interdimensional Travel
  • Mystical Chain Projection
  • Demon Magic Manipulation
  • Penance Stare
  • Self-Size Alteration
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Heightened speed riding the The Hell Motorcycle


  • Expert Stunt Rider
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant
  • Occult Knowledge

Strength level

Class 15+


None known.


Equipment: None known.

  • The Hell Motorcycle


  • The Hellfire Chain


  • No special notes.
  1. Modern Comics: Doctor Strange Vol 1 30


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