Johnathan "Johnny" Blaze, the Ghost Rider, was a normal motorcyclist until him and his girlfriend were attacked by the Sons of Lilith, a biker gang lead by the evil vampire Blackout. The vampire bikers took Johnny and sacrificed him to Satan, and they kept his girlfriend Roxanne captive. In Hell, Johnny made a deal with the demon Zarathos that he would harvest guilty souls for the devil as the new Ghost Rider, as long as Zarathos sent him back to the world of the living. Johnny, as the Ghost Rider, went to find the gang and Roxanne, only to discover Roxanne had already been turned into a vampire. Johnny killed Blackout with his "Penance Stare", and got help from Dr. Strange to turn Roxanne human again.

Powers & Abilities

  • Demon-Cycle - When he turns into the Ghost Rider, Johnny's average motorcycle transforms into a super-fast one with flaming wheels.
  • Penance Stare - Johnny, in his Ghost Rider form, can stare into the eyes of any sinner and make them feel the pain they've inflicted upon others (physical or emotional). This usually kills them.
  • Hook & Chain - The Ghost Rider's main weapon is a flaming metal chain with a hook on the end.
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