He is under the Alias Stone.


Before Stone

He was a stone miner in the city of Merocity. Soon he found a glowing stone and touched it. Soon a collapse came and he got in the collapse. Three days later he got out with a strange power. He can turn to stone, and control rock. Soon he faced a crook in the bank.

First Fights

Soon after he faced the crook and became the Stone, a computer hacking evil genius called the Hacker appeared. Stone figured out how to beat this computer hacking fiend. He destroyed his hacking chip and put him in jail.

Soon he fought a Supervillain named Super Leech who can drain blood. Stone had a hard time facing Super Leech. Soon he figured out how to beat him. He lead him to a tofu factory. Then lead him to a tofu squeezer and he got crushed to death.


  • Stone Transformation- Can turn to a stone creature.
  • Rock Manipulation- Can control rocks.
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