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Real Name
John-Roderick Benjamin Parker
Current Alias

Uncle Ben, Benji, Johnny-boy, Four Eyes, Old Man, Spider-Man



Spider Corps,
Avengers (occasionally)

Unnamed parents (deceased)

Richard Parker (younger brother; deceased)
Mary Parker (sister-in-law; deceased)
May Reilly-Parker (wife; deceased)

Peter Parker (Spider-Man; nephew)


Base Of Operations
Forest Hills, New York





Unusual Features
Small hairs on hands and feet that allow him to stick to walls and other surfaces.


Marital Status

construction worker,
former US Army soldier

Bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania

Formerly a US Army soldier and an ex-hippie, Ben taught his nephew, Peter about great responsibility after the loss of his aunt. After failing to help Peter fight off Doctor Octopus, Ben was bitten by one of the escaped radioactive spiders, granting him the same powers as the web-slinger.


First appearance

Mighty Spider-Man #1
(as Uncle Ben)
Mighty Spider-Man #10
(as Spider-Ben)


Quote1.png With great power comes with great responsibility. I taught my nephew that and now it's my turn to take that path. Quote2.png
-- Ben Parker, Spider-Ben

Early Life

John-Roderick Benjamin Parker, better known as Peter Parker's Uncle Ben, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the eldest son of Canadian immigrants. He, along with his younger brother Richard struggled due to being on welfare but they both lived happily as their parents worked two to three jobs to make sure they were well-fed and clothed.

By the time Ben reached his teen years, his family was able to get out of welfare and find more stable jobs and moved to South Philadelphia, where he attended South Philadelphia High School. During his senior year, he met his high-school sweetheart, May Reilly, who was a year younger than him. Ben immediately fell in love with her and the two began to date even after school. After Ben graduated high school, he was drafted into the U.S. Army, which he accepted. During his years in the army, Ben wrote to May every day when he was sent across the globe, missing her as well as his family, but gained great experience in discipline and self-defense -- his quick learning earned him a black belt in both karate, taekwondo and kickboxing.

After he was discharged from the Army, Ben married May and they both moved to New York City, where they resided in the suburban Forest Hills.

Peter's Birth

Ben arrived at the hospital to see Peter as a newborn, and he was ecstatic that he had become an uncle. In fact, he was the one who gave Peter his name after his favorite childhood story: Peter Pan. After Richard and Mary were both killed in a helicopter accident, Ben and May raised Peer until he reached his teenage years.

Era of Spider-Man

Uncle Ben

Ben was the person who had encouraged Peter to continue on with his studies after discovering his newly developed intelligence, but that intelligence would lead Peter to become bullied by Flash Thompson and Kong McFarlane. Ben didn't like what was going on with Peter, and one day, he decided to accompany him to school in order to prevent the bullying, even to the point when he confronted them himself calmly, and they backed off until he left. During a field trip, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, causing him to collapse and be sent to the hospital, and Ben got a call from the school and quickly rushed to take him home, not even knowing that the bite would give Peter amazing powers later on.

A few days later, Ben ended up getting a call from Flash and Kong's family, threatening to sue him and May for the damages Peter inflicted during a physical altercation, and Ben agreed to pay both of the families restitution. When Ben confronted Peter about the fight, he grounded him for his behavior and sent him to his room, much to the latter's anger and frustration. Surprisingly, he got a call a few days later from the Thompsons and McFarlanes that their suit against him was dropped after they were given $400,000 from Peter, who had started a wrestling career behind his uncle's back.

As Peter became more confident with his powers, his grades began to plummet when he became a quarterback on the football team. Both Ben and May confronted Peter over his failing grades, igniting a lashing out from Peter. When May demanded Peter apologize to Ben, he refused and left the home, ending up staying with Kong, who eventually became Peter's friend. After the confrontation, Ben became very worried about Peter and decided to go find him, but was stopped by May who told him that she would find Peter herself. However, May returned home with a heartbroken expression and told Ben what happened between her and Peter and that he lashed out at her for bringing up his late parents when she was trying to have him understand their worries, and Ben just comforted her.

Later that night, Ben was confronted by a burglar that broke into their home; ironically, he was the man Peter had let go while leaving a wrestling match. Ben fought the burglar, trying to knock the gun out of his hand, but despite his well-learned fighting skills, the burglar knocked him over and aimed the gun at him. But when he was going to meet his demise, Ben was shielded by May, and she took the bullet. After the burglar fled, Ben tried to keep May alive, unfortunately, the bullet struck her lung and she told Ben to tell Peter that she loved him and died in his arms. Her death left Ben heartbroken as he cradled May's now-lifeless body.

When Peter returned home, Ben mournfully informs him of May's death and Peter immediately left the home, subduing the burglar and bringing him to the police. After May's funeral, Ben tried to talk to Peter, but was avoided due to his guilt over her death. They were able to speak later on, with Ben telling him about his worries for him and questioning him on his lashing out at May. When Peter couldn't answer, Ben told him about Peter's father:

"Your father believed that if there were things in the world, good things that you had to offer, that you could have people see the good within others' hearts and the rest of the world, things that can help people and make them feel better about themselves. You have the power to do that, but don't try to be something that you can't be. That great power is in you, and with that comes with great responsibility. If you go that path, the best of the best will be at the end of the tunnel waiting for you."

Since then, Ben's relationship with Peter recovered and improved which inspired Peter in becoming Spider-Man and protected everyone from villains. However, Peter ends up keeping his identity a secret from Ben. This caused concern for Ben which started when the Green Goblin attacked the school and arrived with Gwen's father George Stacy to see if he was alright as well as the attack at the World Unity Festival. Soon after, Ben himself was attacked by the Green Goblin and was rushed to the hospital where Peter quickly showed up to see him, and thankfully, Ben was alright but he tells him about his worries for his strange behavior. Peter brushes it off but informing him that he was relieved that Ben was alright.

After the Goblin's defeat, Spider-Man became a household name and Ben himself became a fan of the webhead, that is until Peter revealed his identity to him and showed him his spider powers. The reveal left Ben shocked and asks Peter why he had kept his identity a secret, Peter tells Uncle Ben that his words inspired him in becoming a superhero and that Aunt May's death woke him up out of his selfish behavior. This made Ben more proud of Peter for becoming a better person and was ecstatic that his nephew was a superhero. He attended Peter's high school graduation and recently visits him at Empire State University regularly.

Rise of Spider-Ben

Uncle Ben (Pre-Spider-Ben)

One day, while visiting Peter at ESU, he overhears Peter talking to some of his classmates along with his friends on who he sees as his hero. While the others site the X-Men or the Avengers as their heroes, Peter told that he sees Ben as his hero and the others laughed at him (except Harry, Kong, and Peter's then-girlfriend, Dawna), mockingly stating that Ben was 'too old and outdated' to be his hero. Peter tried to defend him, but Ben tells him not to and leaves, his feelings already shattered. This angered Peter and he went to go to talk to Ben after class and informs him that he's still a hero in his eyes regardless of what the others say about him. Ben could see the slight anger Peter was showing and he knew that Peter wasn't going to let anyone talk bad about him and after what had happened. Despite Peter's cheering up, Ben still felt down over what Peter's peers said about him.

A few days later, Ben visits Peter once again, chaperoning him on a field trip to the Oscorp Laboratory -- the place where Peter got his powers from the radioactive spider. During the tour, Ben ends up meeting Spencer Smythe, who ends up showing the college the project he was working on: a group of sentinel robots to aid the police force in the later future (which most of the students weren't at all fond with). Then suddenly, the tour was interrupted when Doctor Octopus of H.Y.D.R.A. attacks the laboratory along with other super-powered villains Peter had fought. As Peter suits up as Spider-Man and takes on his enemies, Ben saw the fight while escorting the students out of the museum. When Spider-Man gets beaten by the villains, he chose to stand up for him much to web-slinger's fear. Ben manages to take on the smaller villains, but when he tried to fight Doctor Octopus, he was knocked out of the way, crashing to a room where it stored a mass production of genetically engineered spiders. After Spider-Man makes the tentacled villain retreat, he rushes to see that Ben was alright. However, one of the radioactive spiders escaped and crawled into Ben's shirt and as he leaves the laboratories after Peter makes his leave, the spider crawls onto his hand, biting him, the same way the other spider did to Peter. Ben collapses and Peter's peers began to take notice and the instructors rush him to the hospital.

In the hospital, Peter rushes to Ben's side after hearing what had happened and Ben had already woken up. He was discharged a day later but still began to feel the side effects from the spider bite, which the serum in the spider's venom began to mutate his bloodstream. As he reaches to full recovery, he began to discover his power when his hand got stuck on the wall. When he yanked it off, parts of the paint came off of the wall and it made Ben very shocked as a result. As the days passed, Ben began to discover more of his newly-given spider-powers such as enhanced strength/speed, wallcrawling, Spider-Sense, and more. When Peter began to suspect that something was going on with him, he decides to take a sample of his uncle's blood and discovered that Ben had been bitten by a radioactive spider. When Ben was asked how did he get bitten, he told him that he had crashed into the room where it had contained all of the radioactive spiders and one of the spiders escaped and bit him and it gave him the same powers Peter was given.

Spider-Ben's costume

This gave Ben a new inspiration in wanting to help his nephew fight criminals now that he was given new powers but Peter doesn't want him to get hurt after what had happened back at the Oscorp Laboratory and due to the loss of his Aunt May. But when Peter himself gets badly beaten by Doctor Octopus, almost putting him under a coma, Ben decided to take the matter into his own hands. With the help of Smythe, Ben was given a suit and an advanced set of web-shooters. Thanks to his quick learning, Ben mastered his new abilities as well as swinging with his webbing. When he found Doctor Octopus, the two clashed as Ben confronted Octopus over the beating of his nephew. Unlike before, Ben was able to evade blows and took some of them but subdued the mad scientist and turned him in with the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After Doctor Octopus' arrest, Ben visits Peter at the hospital and much to his relief see the webslinger awake in his hospital bed. He reveals himself to Peter and tells him that he couldn't let Doctor Octopus get away with what he did to him, leading him to meet up with Smythe to help him become a hero and help him train his powers before facing Octopus. Peter lets him know that being a hero was dangerous and that he shouldn't put his life on the line as he did before. Ben understood Peter's words, however, he told him that he was going to protect Peter, no matter how dangerous it is now that he has powers and he can't afford in losing another loved one due to his loss of Aunt May.

Since that day, Ben now goes under the name Spider-Ben and would often help Peter in fighting other villains and started taking vigilantism himself, earning a lot of attention from many people as well as the Avengers who would later recruit him by Captain America and Iron Man after Peter tells them that he was his uncle who was the reason he became Spider-Man.

Powers & Abilities


Spider Physiology:

  • Adhesion:
  • Spider-Sense:
  • Enhanced Jump:
  • Advanced Durability:
  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Enhanced Stamina:
  • Advanced Longevity:
  • Enhanced Metabolism:


  • Instant Learning:
  • Master Martial Artist:

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