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Real Name
Joseph Daniel LaMont
Current Alias

The Asgardian Teen, Boy-Thor, The Kid from Newark, The Teen Thor, Young Thor, Hammer Kid



Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Asgard, The LaMont Family

Mother: Sarah LaMont, sister: Danielle LaMont, cousin; Margaret Dace-Tyler, cousin: Chase Tyler stepfather; Thomas Inez


Base Of Operations
Newark, New Jersey





Marital Status


High School Student


Place of Birth

First appearance

Thor: Streets of Midgard #1


Quote1 You're right, my life has never been harder, specifically since my brother died. At the hands of a giant robot. And now that I have this literal gift from the gods. I am going to make damn sure no one else's 'Charlies' die today. Now yield, beardo. Quote2
-- Joe talking to Odinson


Ten years ago a rusted Destroyer, about on the brink of falling apart, touched down on Newark. During this, he, his sister, and his five year old brother, Charlie, were at the doctor's office. The Destroyer marched on and with its command in mind destroyed several buildings with its fiery laser. Somehow Joe and his mother remained untouched but his brother however fell victim to the laser. For the next six years of his life, Joe grew up despising aliens of any kind. The Inhuman and X-Gene had long been dormant, but the so-called Gods were still out there.


One day in August, the 16 year old Joe woke up to the call of his best friend. "Dude, you there?" KC asked. "Ugggghhh," Joe grumbled. "what is it?" "The Hammer," KC responded. "What Hammer?" Joe asked groggily. "Thor's Hammer," KC responds, rubbing his forehead. "Meowmeow? Well... where is it?" Joe asks. "It's here in the underpass. Fell right smack dab in the middle of the half pipe." KC explained. KC Johnson was Joe's childhood best friend who recently moved to Harlem but at this time is visiting his grandparents in Newark. "You have to try and lift it." KC insisted. "Why?" Joe asked. "Because no one else has tried yet…" KC lies, as he is watching a drunken white man try and lift it with a carjack. "Why haven't you tried?" Joe bounces the question back at him. "A brother gets enough of a bad rep imagine one with a hammer and the power of lightning? BOOM! Instant public enemy number one. Besides I say that hammer has a thing for white dudes…" he jokes "Fine, I'll be there in ten…" he says. Joe got out of bed and put on a green long sleeve shirt and blue sweat pants. As he ran down the stairs he had nothing but revenge on Asgard on his mind. "Hey ugly, where you going so fast?" asked Danielle. "Hey Dani, someplace muy importante." responded Joe. "Like a date with that Quinn chick?" Dani asks. "Something else importante." Joe jokes, they share a laugh. "Keep it up with the Spanish, Mom'll like it…" She chuckled. "Yeah yeah…" Joe said as he walked out the door.

By the time he got to the underpass a crowd was already there. As Joe shimmied up to the hammer a man in the crowd yelled, "This white boy thinks he's gonna lift the hammer." Causing KC, still in the crowd yelled in response, "Back off man…" Everyone in his area turned to him he turned back in response at the person behind to place the blame on him. A man was already there: not lifting it, not pulling it, but kneeling and crying. Joe gave out his hand to help him up. The man was looking at him with his bleached white eyes. He was old about 60 years old he touched his leg to see if someone was there. He made his way over to the teenager's hand lifted himself up he said, "Listen boy, if you going to do this and by some slim mother@&!?%#$ chance you lift it. Be a hero. Be a god. But promise me boy, be OUR hero, be OUR god. 'Cause we ain't New York, we ain't Brooklyn or San Francisco, we're Newark. Over here there ain't no Spider-Man. It's nothing but drugs, and gangs, but mostly crime. So, don't promise, SWEAR to me. To all of us that you'll fight against that. Swear to me." Joe looked at this man's blank foggy eyes and said: "I swear." He gave the man over to KC and positioned himself. Knees on the concrete neck tilted at a 45° angle, and closed his eyes without even realizing lifted the hammer he opened his eyes and a glistening rainbow surrounded him. "Aw man, that's the gayest thing I've seen in my life, c'mon Marcus," said the man from earlier, his son is about to say something. "Um... dad?" the boy says. And in a split second he was teleported to Old Asgard. Joe felt the Odinforce rushing through him. The pure lightning coursing through his veins. He was in a hall of pure gold before him was the mighty Odin. "After 5 1/2 years orbiting Midgard this is what you bring back?" He asks a woman with platinum blonde in a brown silk dress. Joe looks down at his hand and notices that the hammer is no longer there. "Are you questioning my taste in men?" Mother Storm asks. "And women for that matter…" He responds. "Whether you like it or not, he lifted me, now he has the Odinforce in his blood and lightning in his veins, you know how this works, dearie. Pretty soon all those bones will turn to muscle. And he will have the fight of an Asgardian Warrior. I mean what did you expect me to do die in orbit of the Earth?" Mother Storm explains. "You might as well have, darkness or not my real son was the best man to wield that h-- I mean you. Not to mention, you're much chattier than before," He grunts. "I finally find a new master and this is how you treat me? Let's not forget you're the one who put me in that cursed thing. Oh look! Thor is awake." She says, then the woman shapeshifts back into the form of Mjolnir. And flies back into Joe's hand. "Where am I?" he asks "Well, Midgardian, you are in Asgard. But I will talk to you about that later. Tell me what made you pick up that hammer." Asks Odin. "I wanted revenge upon the Asgardians." Joe reveals. "Interesting... Why?" Odin inquires. "The Destroyer armor killed my brother and many others in my city. I wanted revenge for them. For Charlie." Answers Joe. "Do you still want revenge now?" Odin asks. "No, Mjolnir showed me who my predecessors were, their legacy. She showed me what became of the Odinson after he sought out revenge. I cannot become like him. I must be like Jane, I must be like you, and your Father before him. It's compelling me not to and she's telling me why and I agree. All-father forgive me. I will hold this hammer no longer if I do not have your blessing. I lost brother. I lost my Dad. You of all people should know what it's like to lose two people you love." "Very well. You are Joseph LaMont. But now, you are also Thor. However, you still will not have my blessing." "I made a promise to a man to protect my hometown when Asgard needs me I will be there. But now, my city does. All-father take me back to Newark." Joe asked. "What are you talking out? Who could possibly have your blessing, All-Father?" Joe asks. "My son. An Avenger. Your world's mightiest protector, None compare. Well, maybe except for the horse-faced extra-terrestrial. But then it was a human. Then, worse, a human woman. Who, might I add, if my son never had close with, he would have never became the Mad God in the first place. And now there's you. A child. Terrible decision, the lot of it!" Odin rants, "The Odinson fell into darkness, Masterson and Throg are no where to be found, Jane Foster is dead, Beta Ray Bill is somewhere throughout the cosmos. No one fits your expectations. And the one Asgardian who does, IS INSANE!!! And you somehow believe the greatest of all of them is the villain? No, I'm sorry, no one's asking your opinion, Odin, Son of Bor." Joe argues.Odin gets up "You shall address me as All-Father, BOY!" "Whatcha gonna do, Old Man? Throw some golden silverware at me? Oh wait, you're vikings, so that's impossible. BECAUSE YOU EAT WITH YOUR HANDS!" Joe claps back. A brief silence is held. "... HA HA HA! Very well, you shall have my blessing, Joe, Son of Sarah. but first, take this. It is your armor. Take care, Torleif." Just as he was given the box he swung his hammer and yelled. "Heimdall, open the Bifrost!" Just like that, it took him back to the Underpass with the symbol of Asgard now engraved on the half-pipe. As he walked home he came across a bank that was being robbed. He summoned a blinding flash and got into his costume in the speed of lightning. As he walked into the bank the leader with the navy ski mask yelled. "Drop the hammer! Now!" "I would but it's really needy." says Thor. "I said drop the $&@!#% hammer!" "Alright fine." He says as he drops it. THUN it goes as it flies back to him. "Oh shit boss he's the real deal." Says the guy with the white ski mask.

"What about him is the real deal?"

"That guy is !$&@#% Thor man. You can go get your ass electrocuted I'm out." Says White Ski Mask Guy. "?&%$#! C'mon big deal let's dance." He says. BZZZZZZZZ the hammer buzzes as lightning comes frying the navy ski mask guy. "Okay I see how it is." He says as he pulls out a knife. He start running towards Thor but he just knocks the knife outta his hand with the hammer than does an uppercuts with his hammer. His ski mask flies off revealing a white man with slick back hair and a scraggly mustache. He starts to back up against a wall. "Hey man how much you want huh? Uh, 10%? 25%? 50%? Come on, just work with me, I can work with giving you 75%!" He begins to sob, "Just please don't kill me." "Oh I won't have to, I'm just gonna knock you out for a while…" Joe walks over to the teller who's shaking in fear. She hands him the pile of money she was going to give the robbers. "Take it…" she whispers "I can't, but I'll take a Benjamin for good measure. And in exchange I have a 5 solid gold Asgardian tokens so see what you can do with that." He says as he lifts off the ground dropping the tokens in his wake, as he gets home Sarah and Dani are standing there in his room. "You have some explaining to do…" His mother says… "A lot," he responds.

Powers and Abilities


Godlike Strength Superhuman Speed Godlike Stamina Superhuman Durability Superhuman Agility & Reflexes Vast Energy Manipulation Weather Control Superhuman Longevity Invulnerability Superhuman Dense Tissue Superhuman Senses Healing Factor Allspeak Transformation: True Barbarian form

 -Because Joe's body is still developing, He can 
  temporarily age himself up to what amounts to an 
  ancient viking. This is rare and only happens in the 
  heat of especially intense battles.This ultimately boils 
  down to a rarer and more intense form of Warrior's 


Trained in various fighting styles

-Boxing by former Thor, Eric Masterson
-Brik'k'aarf'onn, a Gladiatorial Korbite Martial Art by Beta Ray Bill
-Trained by Angela in a fighting-style originating from Heven 

Fighting skills on par with Eric who learned hand to hand combat from his time with Thor, Hercules, and Captain America (Steve Rogers).

Nagging: Succesfully roasted Odin and gained his respect

Strength level

7 on Marvel's official Power Grid


Warrior Madness


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Teleportation (via the Bifrost)
Weapons: Mjolnir


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