Joan was born on July 12th, 1979.

She attended the University of California Berkeley, majoring in English Literature. There, she met Emma Evans and the two became close friends and later roommates.

She briefly dated a servant at Tony Stark's end of the year party in 2000, which was the reason she and Emma were able to crash it. The broke up a month after.

Before her last year, she dropped out for unknown reasons, leaving a pregnant Emma alone without knowing it. She traveled around the world afterward, enjoying life, and when she returned to San Francisco a man named Jack Danner saved her from being hit by a bike. He proposed to her after only 6 months of dating each other, and she said yes.

Four months after Primrose's birth, Joan re-visited Emma because she missed her and wanted Emma to be at the wedding as the maid of honor. The two had a semi-awkward encounter and Joan was shocked to find out about the pregnancy. Nevertheless, they renewed their friendship and the two kept in contact with each other.

She married in June 2002 and spent the honeymoon in Paris, France.

In May 2006, after numerous attempts to get pregnant, Joan finally got what she wanted when she found out she was two months pregnant, and in June she visited Emma and Primrose in Queens to tell them the news. Mabel Emma Danner was born on December 12th, 2006. Joan made Emma godmother to honor their friendship.

Because of her husband's promotion, in January 2009, Joan and Jack moved to Brooklyn Heights, just 20 minutes away from Emma's apartment.

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