"ya is a weakling, ya can't defeat me or my gang." Jimmy to Rico
Jimmy Van Baron, is a German-American crime boss, and supervillain in the Marvel Earth-616 universe. Jimmy is a major crime lord and rival of Jason "Spider" Whitewall, during the Weapon 23 storyline he both fought and helped the mutant take on Jason, the two fought a devastating Gang war.

He is also undead, the reason for which is never explained, he is superpowered he has superhuman strength, agility, and speed.

Jimmy, is smart and cunning, he swindled Norman Osborn out trillions of dollars, and robbed Stark industries of several weapons and technology.


Jimmy Van Baron with his New Zealander native wife Mataa on the cover of Weapon 23 #310


Jimmy Van Baron, wears a suit, and looks like a skeleton, his skull has a series of tattoos on his skull.

Jimmy often has a flower on his suit pocket.


Jimmy is similar to Eddie Winter from Fallout 4, he is shown to be cruel and have sadistic humor, he also has a stereotypical Nazi German accent despite being born in East Germany. He is very cunning, and displays high intelligence he knows the many weakness of the heroes, and villains they he has contact with

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