She-Hulk (SigmaVerse)
Quote1Heroes always do the right thing, right? So I've learned that as long as I do something, justice will ultimately prevail. It's a test of faith...a trial of strength...I just have to hold on tight and wait for the dust to settle. Maybe Bruce was right...that these are the days when heroism fails. And everything I stand for comes crashing down.Quote2

Jessica Jones started her career as a lawyer and eventually District Attorney Assistant in New York. Trapped in a car accident as a child, she was paralyzed from the waist down. Meek, mousy and suffering from alcoholism, she sentenced numerous criminals to jail after the rise of New York's heroic defenders. When she stood for a criminal who had double-crossed the mob boss Howard Saint, he had a squad of his henchmen track down Jessica, which they did, gunning her down to near death. Her cousin, however, Bruce Banner, the Hulk, rapidly and impulsively made a blood transfusion in a nearby hospital with Jessica in order to prevent her death. Jones was cured, but as a result of Bruce's radioactive blood, Jessica found out she also could transform into a green, hulking creature, albeit with full control over her two personalities, who could now use the lower half of her body. Calling herself She-Hulk, Jones became a powerful hero who targeted those who break the law, aiding the Hulk and other heroes numerous times.


Jessica Jones was the victim of a chemical accident as a child, responsible for the death of her parents and her brother, but also granting her superhuman abilities and intelligence. Deciding to use her powers to aid others, and to pay her apartment, Jessica became a private investigator under her own business, Alias Investigations. After her transfusion, she eventually met Luke Cage, both of whom founded the Heroes for Hire, and they eventually had a daughter named Danielle.


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