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The Messed-Up-Vigilante-of-New-York





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Marital Status

Vigilante (formerly), social worker, nurse, X-Man

General school, medical school education, extended education when she joined the X-Men.

A Mutant whose powers emerged lately, which include superhuman physical attributes and the power of flight. She later joined the X-Men.


First appearance

X-Men: Light's Dawn Vol 1 Issue 2


Quote1.png I'm a Mutant, and I'm sure as hell I'm not complaining. Once I'm a vigilante? Yeah, I know. I joined this Mutant team thing, and I don't give a damn f*ck if the authority saw me and wanted me arrested. And I don't fight for myself now anyway. I fight for the whole species of Mutants. Quote2.png
-- Knightress

The Knightress in the Dark

Much of Jessica's past was unknown. However, Jessica was described as an "insanely troubled" individual. While her family characteristics are unknown, it has been implied that Jessica's mother and father abused her frequently, due to their "degrading mental health", and the fact that Jessica can be "beaten up a little longer" (due to her superhuman durability). While Jessica wanted to fight back, she felt that she couldn't do it because she's about to kill her parents in one punch if he wanted to retaliate. Jessica was said to have no place in her family, and her parents don't care about her. There has also been some statements about Jessica being raped in his childhood, and due to his traumatic past, she's an extremely aggressive individual. Some also implied that due to Jessica's Mutant nature, not only she got abused and beaten up by her parents, but other "inhuman acts" have been done on her.

Through an unknown way, Jessica finally managed to escape her parents, and survive in the streets until her teenage times. In her teenage

A night as "Knightress"

years, she actually enrolled in a college. However, it didn't last long. Jessica however, took a turn of life when she decided to become a vigilante in New York City (she was said to enroll in the college in Chicago). Jessica saw this as an opportunity of "covering her past" by doing "justice" to others. However, her vigilante acts put her in a jeopardy between she herself and the NYPD. She has actually been a primary target of the NYPD several times. She has committed several "unwanted heavy property damage", even if her fight's only with street-level criminals. At one point, she actually took down an apartment in a fit of rage.

The X-Men

Jessica, in her "Knightress" persona, would later be recruited by Magneto, along with several other Mutants, to his X-Men. Using the Cerebro Device that Erik designed a (considerably) long time ago in the past, Jessica along with the other (future) X-Men members were identified. Jessica's appearance actually surprises Magneto, as he actually knew about the "Knightress" vigilante. Magneto was delighted when he found out that Jessica was a Mutant, and never expected that. Jessica is the team's most rebellious and (possibly) violent member, as of her (former) vigilante nature, and traumatic past.

Powers and Abilities


  • Unique Physiology: Due to Jessica's Mutant X-Genes, her physiology was altered, bestowing her with superhuman physical condition and the power of flight, that can be achieved with the balancing of her equilibrium. Her physiology, while does not possess any kind of advanced healing factor, makes her immune to foreign diseases and toxic materials (as most super-beings with healing factor are immune to diseases).
    • Superhuman Strength: Jessica is able to lift up to 20 tons, making her the second physically strongest X-Man in the original lineup, with the first being Colossus. Her strength allows her to lift up a small house, throwing cars 3 blocks away from the target with ease, smash open a solid steel wall with little difficulty, and generating a small shockwave around her area when landing from a multiple-story building.
    • Superhuman Durability: Jessica's physiology allows her to survive traumas that normal humans can't endure, or survive against. She has been shown to be bulletproof, and can resist multiple explosions from different types of grenades, being shot by a tank shell point blank with little damage, and others.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Jessica's altered physiology eliminates most fatigue toxins in her body, and reduces the fatigue toxin production. This allows her to exert herself to her physical peak longer than normal humans. Her longest record was being able to perform physical activities up to 3 hours with no signs of exhaustion.
    • Flight: Jessica possesses the power to fly, but her flight speed does not grant her the ability to reach flight speeds reaching Mach 1. Jessica achieves this by manipulating the gravity around her, and balancing her equilibrium in her eardrums. Although this is a good power to possess, Jessica said that she prefers jumping as her form of transportation (using her leg strength). She only uses this power if "things get ugly".
    • Disease Immunity: Jessica's physiology grants her total protection against worldly diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, Common Fever, Chicken Pox, and others.


Jessica was a trained fighter and acrobat. She's also a multilingual person, able to understand some foreign languages. Jessica also stated that she's an autodidact.

Strength level

Jessica has a lifting strength range between 15-20 tons.


Jessica's ears are vulnerable, and it can hinder her flight power, as to achieve flight, her equilibrium must be balanced.



  • Knightress Suit: This is the suit that Jessica used in both of her vigilante career, and being a member of the X-Men. It does not give Jessica enhancements. But it provides her limited protection against gun-shots and various other damages. It has been modified since she joined the X-Men, to provide her even more protection.

Transportation: The X-Jet, her own flight power.
Weapons: None known.


Jessica was 21 when she joined the X-Men.


  • At first, due to her vigilante status in the authority's eyes, her presence in the X-Men, even if she's a Mutant, was questionable, as because of her, the X-Men can be sued by the authority. However, Jessica's image has been cleaned since then, and she left her vigilante works, and became a public/official superhero.
  • Unlike her mainstream counterpart, she never started "Alias Investigations", and her original hero persona was Knightress, instead of Jewel.
  • Jessica has no relations with Luke Cage in this universe, as he doesn't exist in this universe.
  • Jessica is the X-Men's most rebellious member. Not just that, emotionally and socially, she's the most broken member of the team. Even Lizard, who got a similar past (and maybe harder, due to his hideous appearance), admitted that she's more broken than him.
  • Jessica apparently disliked Avenger Juggernaut due to his "annoying and brutish" traits. She also considered him "ridiculous". She also stated that she hated Dirk Anger because "all he does is fanboying over super-powered people and employ them as slaves".
  • Jessica's weakness is inspired by a character from another comic company, named "Invincible", from Image Comics.

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