Jessica Jones (also subtitled as aka, Jessica Jones) is a Netflix exclusive television series set in the Earth-11584 continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the third series to be released on the streaming platform, following Luke Cage and Daredevil. Melissa Rosenberg served as the showrunner for season 1. The series stars Krysten Ritter as private investigator Jessica Jones, as she attempts to survive in New York and make sense of her own troubled past against the backdrop of an ongoing family feud.


Jessica Jones is a troubled individual, even for a private investigator. Perpetually behind on rent to her landlord, constantly getting into trouble with the law, and finding herself knee deep into trouble far more often than she cares to admit. She also has a unique problem, special powers that she cannot really explain, nor does she know what to do with. She also harbors a difficult past, made all the worse by her tenuous connections to her adopted sisters and a dark secret from a man she once knew. Trying to survive in New York by making a living and keeping your sanity is hard enough, fending off a family feud from destroying the city, is entirely another.

Episode List

Episode 1. aka, The Dirtbag Motel

We open on an overhead shot of New York City. A radio callsign plays over the stock footage, announcing that we are listening to the number 1 talk show in New York, Trish Talk. Cut to Trish Walker on the radio, speaking about the previous caller's frustrations with feeling out of control in life, given all the individuals who have shown up who seem to have powers beyond mortals. Trish replies that it is easy to feel out of sorts given the times we live in. It's easy to become jealous at the Tony Stark's or Sue Storm's of the world and feel that your out of control of your own life with people with that much power running around. She adds if it is any comfort, those individuals likely have problems of their own they are dealing with, problems that may seem simple to us "normal folk" but become overwhelming for them. She ends by saying that in the end, all we have is each other. We cut to a bar outside of Manhattan where two people are fighting. The woman argues with the man about him having an affair, which he doesn't deny, but he also accuses her of trying to rob him blind of all his money. As the two continue to argue, a black haired woman sneaks out the front door, trying to get away from them. As the woman storms off, saying she wants a divorce, the man turns back and finds the woman and confronts her, saying those damned pictures she took did this to his marriage. He takes a swing at her, but the woman, calling herself Jessica, just ducks and then punches him swiftly in the gut, causing him to double over in pain, before kicking him in the side of the head and knocking him out cold. She turns around and sees cops pulling up next to her, and she mutters a curse under her breath.

After the credits, we open on a police station where Jessica is seated in an interrogation room, slowly tapping her fingers on the table impatiently. The door to the room opens and in walks Jeri Hogarth, who shakes her head upon seeing Jessica here...again. Jessica tries to explain that the guy had it coming to him. Jeri replies that be that as it may, Jessica's rap sheet is long enough that if he decided to press charges that there's a chance even she couldn't survive it in court. Jessica nods and replies that it's a good thing that he won't press charges then, otherwise Jeri would have already cut her losses and gotten away...especially since it was her that hired her to do the work in the first place, since the man was a partner at a rival law firm. Jeri tells Jessica to keep quiet about things she doesn't understand, but Jessica merely smirks and stands up, following Jeri out the door as the cops reluctantly let her go. Outside the station, Jeri gets in her limo and hands Jessica a wad of cash. She tells her that next time she might well be on her own, unless she has family who can help make bail next time, before driving off. Jessica merely grimaces and walks off back to her apartment.

As she approaches her run down apartment/office, we see a broken out window with a piece of cardboard taped to it reading "Alias Investigations." Jessica pulls her keys out, but the door appears to already be unlocked. Jessica tentatively enters the office, keeping an eye out for an intruder, but she quickly finds it's just Malcolm, the nephew of her landlord, who is asking for the rent. She reluctantly hands over a few of the bills that Jeri gave her, and Malcolm replies that at least its a start. Jessica reminds Malcolm to next time not sneak into her apartment, he could get hurt doing something like that. Malcolm says that she shouldn't have anything to worry about, he's seen her in action. Jessica simply mumbles to herself about him knowing nothing about her before nearly shoving him out of her apartment. Later that night, Jessica is having trouble sleeping, plagued by visions of a doctor in a hospital, two other little girls and a man dressed in a purple suit. She wakes up in a cold sweat, heading for the shower to try and clear her head. After showering, she gets out and slowly dries her hair, staring at the mirror for a long time and asking herself how long she's going to keep being like this. With nothing but a tattered robe on, she walks back into her main living area, only to be caught off guard by the man from before who points a gun at her. He says that his life may be ruined, but not before he has a little fun first. Undaunted, Jessica swiftly and methodically breaks his wrist and flings him across the room, leaving a hard dent in the wall by her desk before falling unconscious. She stares at his broken body and simply mutters again, no one knows anything.

A short time later the police are at Jessica's apartment, taking the unconscious man to a hospital and into custody. Jessica finishes giving her statement to the police when she is approached by Trish Walker, the woman from the radio station. She hugs Jessica suddenly, and it is obvious that Jessica is not comfortable with the show of affection. Trish asks how she is doing and Jessica merely replies that she was just caught off guard, there's no harm done. Trish insists that Jessica come stay at her apartment for a few days, which Jessica is extremely reluctant to do, though Trish says that its no hassle for her sister. The police inform Jessica that her office will be a crime scene for a couple days more, and if she has somewhere else to go it would be beneficial. Reluctantly, Jessica agrees to go with Trish, taking a few of her things with her. We cut to a lavish upscale apartment, in which Jessica sticks out like a sore thumb. Trish says to Jessica to try and ignore the mess, but Jessica says nothing, merely looking around bewildered. Trish informs Jessica that she needs to head to work in the morning, but to feel free to sleep in and help herself to the fridge, before showing her to the guest room. Jessica feigns a smile and thanks Trish for the place to stay, her smile fading the minute her door shuts as Jessica says to herself that she has a first class suite in the Dirtbag Motel.

Episode 2. aka, The Swear Jar

We open in a posh restaraunt filled with the rich and powerful in some unknown European capital. Jessica Jones, completely different from when we last saw her and dressed in a beautiful red dress, slowly saunters up to a wealthy socialite and flirts with him. She seems to win him over, as we cut to Jessica and the man making love, bursting through the hotel door room in a frantic pace. The two continue to furiously kiss, before Jessica breaks off the act and turns to see a man cast in purple shadows, smiling at her, saying that she'll always be his, before we cut back to Jessica waking up in a cold sweat again, disoriented, as she picks up the small alarm clock next to the bed and smashes it in her fists. She tries to get her wits about her and remember where she is, before telling herself it's Trish's place and slowly crawling out of bed. She throws on a bathrobe and heads for the kitchen, looking for any liquor that Trish may have in the house. She finds a note from Trish on the door of the refrigerator, telling Jessica that she'll be home that afternoon and to help herself to the food...with a PS that she threw out the liquor that morning. Jessica curses under her breath and pours herself a bowl of cereal, annoyed with the situation. Finishing her breakfast she scrawls a note half-heartedly thanking Trish for the place to stay the night and leaves, eager to get back to her apartment/office.

As Jessica walks down the street, she sees a man out of the corner of her eye. Frightened, she chases after the shadow, trying to catch a glimpse of what she saw. She darts out of the pedestrian traffic and down an alleyway, only to find no one waiting for her there. Sighing to herself she starts to head back to her apartment, but when she turns the corner she nearly bumps into a man in a brown trench coat. She looks up at him, half-heartedly apologizing before trying to turn away. The man says she's actually the woman she's looking for, Jessica Jones. Jessica stops and asks how he could know that, causing him to hold up a paper with a brief article about the night previous' break-in, given that Jessica's sister is a famous radio host. Jessica cringes and nods, asking what the man wants. He says his name is Mr. Degli, and he needs to hire Jessica for a job. A friend of his has gone missing, and he needs to find her soon. At first Jessica is reluctant to get involved, but eventually she relents and agrees to sit down to coffee with the man, while also noting that he looks familiar.

Back at the radio station, Trish is preparing to go on air when she gets a phone call from her mother, Dorothy. Trish at first says that she doesn't have time to talk at the moment, but Dorothy insists, saying that something has happened to Trish's other sister, Mary. Trish says she can't speak right now again, but says that she can come over tonight if she absolutely must. Dorothy agrees and Trish hangs up the phone, the reluctance at her invitation clear on her face. She also grimaces as she remembers she was supposed to have to have a date with her boyfriend Will this evening. She sends him a text, asking if they can postpone for tomorrow night. She is surprised when her stage manager tells her to get on the air, cursing under her breath as she does so. We hear part of her spiel, about the pressures of living up to our parents in response to a question from a caller, something that she says she is all too familiar with.

At a nearby diner, Jessica and Degli are sitting down as the man explains his conundrum. He says he is a doctor, a therapist to be exact, and that one of his patients has gone missing. Her name is Hope, a college student, and she has been seeing him for therapy sessions for a number of weeks now. Degli admits that he is worried about her, given that she appeared to have suicidal thoughts at one point during the course of her treatment, saying something about visitors in the dark. Jessica asks about Hope's family, and Degli says he doesn't know much about them, only that they are rich. Degli hands Jessica a small envelope with some biographical information concerning the student, saying he can't divulge more on account of patient-doctor confidentiality. Jessica says she'll look into it. A few moments later she gets a call from Trish, telling her that their mother is coming over tonight. Jessica is at first insistent on not being there, but relents when Trish says it has something to do with Mary. Jessica tells Degli she'll take the case, but she has family members to deal with, which Degli understands, paying for the coffee and leaving.

Before Jessica can leave, two muggers come into the diner and demand the cash be handed to them out of the register. Jessica flips out, cursing both of them about just letting her have a cup of coffee like a normal person. One of the muggers brandishes a gun, but Jessica grabs it out of his hand and bends the barrel in half. The two muggers charge her, and she quickly smashes both of them in the face, throwing one out a window and the other into a nearby jukebox, smashing it. Cursing again under her breath, she notes a jar in the corner labeled "swear jar." She grabs a handful of quarters from the jukebox and tosses them in the jar, saying she needs to watch her language in the future, as she ignores the thanks from the diner's owner. Outside, Jessica's confident facade fades away as she hurriedly leaves the diner, not noticing Mr. Degli in the shadows, watching her every move.

Episode 3. aka, Ladies Night Out

We open on Trish's apartment, as Jessica comes stumbling in on the verge of a panic attack. Trish asks her what's wrong, but Jessica refuses to answer, just saying that she needs to lie down for a moment. She goes into the guest room fully clothed and collapses onto the bed, trying to control her breathing and rest. A few hours later, Jessica gets out of bed seemingly feeling better. She heads for the bathroom, stripping off her leather jacket and simply staring at the mirror for a moment. A whispered voice calls behind her to smile, which she does on command, and as she turns she sees a man in a purple suit grab her from the shadows. Sharp cut to Jessica waking up again, suddenly. She let's out a stuttered breath before being surprised by Trish walking into the room, saying she heard a noise. Jessica explains it off as nothing. As Jessica heads to take a shower, Trish says that the police called, saying she could go back to her apartment tomorrow if she wanted to, which Jessica quickly agrees to, saying she has a case to get to.

A few moments later as Jessica comes out of the shower, she sees her foster mother, Dorothy Walker, sitting on the couch across from Trish. Jessica pays little attention to her, as the silence reigns in the room. Sitting down next to Trish, the two of them look at Dorothy, who tries to explain why she's here: their younger sister, Mary, has gone missing from the hospital she was staying at, and they think she might be headed for New York. Trish chimes in that Jessica could try and find her, given that she's a private investigator, but Jessica seems indifferent to the idea. Dorothy asks how Jessica could be so cold about her own sister, and Jessica just stares at her with a menacing glare, before answering that Dorothy knows exactly why before storming off. Trish chastises her mother, saying she should have known better, but Dorothy defends herself, saying that she's sorry for what happened all those years ago. She just wants her family back again. Trish coldly replies she doesn't know if that's possible, at least as far as Jessica goes. She reluctantly agrees to go out with dinner that night with Dorothy, and says she'll try to talk Jessica into it as well.

Jessica leaves Trish's apartment completely, ignoring her sister's attempts to call her on her phone. Jessica pulls the small folder that Degli had handed her before about Hope Schlottman, and begins to look her over. She notes that Hope had been a patient at a hospital owned by a company named IGH, which Jessica instantly recognizes. We get a brief flashback of a younger Jessica in a hospital bed, crying her eyes out, and then another flash of a pained look on her face before flashing back to the present by her ringtone; Trish is calling her again. Frustrated, Jessica answers and says that no matter what trouble Mary is in, it doesn't excuse what Dorothy did to the both of them. Trish says that she agrees, and that it's going to take more than a simple apology for her to forgive what Dorothy did to her specifically, trying to live vicariously through her daughter the child actress. Jessica tells Trish she'll meet them at the restaurant that evening where Dorothy can explain more, but that she needs to talk with the parents of the person she is trying to find. Trish smiles a bit, and jokingly refers to it as a ladies night out, and that she'll see Jessica there.

Cut to an upscale neighborhood where Jessica is looking in an immaculately kept teenage girl's room, speaking with the parents of Hope Schlottman. Her parents say that they had no idea she had been seeing a therapist about anything, she had been such a happy girl as a teenager. Jessica asks about the last time they spoke with Hope, and they reply that it was about three weeks earlier, she was going to bring her boyfriend home for dinner and neither one of them showed up. Jessica nonchalantly asks if they may have just gone off to elope, something that causes Hope's father to angrily chime in, saying Hope wasn't "that kind of girl." Jessica doesn't appreciate the implication that Hope's father's glance gives her, but says nothing. She does note a small diary in Hope's desk and surreptitiously pockets it before leaving the house. Once outside, she glances through the diary and reads a few words about her new friend named Kevin, whom she affectionately calls "Mr. Greenjeans." Jessica almost laughs at that description, before pocketing the journal and heading back to her apartment to prepare for dinner that night.

At the restaurant, Trish and Dorothy are silently drinking wine when Jessica comes in late, slightly better dressed than her usual attire, but clearly not taking the matter seriously. She says to get this over with then, she has a case to get back to. Dorothy starts by apologizing for her "behavior" in the past, but needs their help in trying to find their sister, Mary, who has apparently gone missing from the hospital she was at. Jessica asks point blank why she was still in that hellhole, and Dorothy quietly mentions that Jessica of all people should know exactly why she was. Trish tries to defuse the situation, asking what makes Dorothy think that Mary is on her way to New York. All Dorothy can say is that it is a feeling, and because Mary knew her sister's were here. She was always closer to them than she was to her. All she asks is to keep an eye out for her. After all, as Dorothy explains, she is not well and still dealing with the disassociative identity disorder she's been dealing with for years. Jessica sighs and pulls out a pad of paper, asking for more details about Mary's disappearance.

In another part of town, underneath a darkened bridge, we see the figure of a woman in a dirty overcoat, also wearing a hospital gown. She shivers in the cold, saying that she can wait for him here, he'll be here soon. In the light of the fire, despite the dirt on her face, we can clearly see that it's Mary Walker, shivering in the rain, waiting for someone.

Episode 4. aka, Lost in Translation

We open on Trish's apartment as she slowly walks into the room, letting out a huge sigh from her dinner with her mother and sister. She sets her purse down and turns on the lights only to be startled by the visage of her boyfriend, Will Simpson. She asks him what he is doing there and he says that he had the night off and felt like stopping by. He says that after everything she's said about her mother in the past, he felt like she could use someone to talk do. Smiling, Trish comes over and kisses Will, asking how she got lucky enough to find him. Will says he is the lucky one as they sit on the couch together. Cutting back to Jessica's apartment, she opens the door, cutting through the small amount of police tape still over the entrance. She makes her way into the kitchen and grabs a half-full bottle of whiskey, muttering to herself that it has been too long old friend. Sitting down at her desk, she pulls out the file on Hope and looks at her picture again, a visage of a young woman appearing over Hope's face before Jessica sets it aside. She pulls out her phone and dials a number, asking to speak to Jeri Hogarth when the operator picks up.

Inside a luxurious New York penthouse, we see two women lying in bed together. The phone rings and one of the women, Jeri Hogarth, lifts up the receiver and complains that she ordered not to be disturbed. She finds out that Jessica is calling, and Hogarth sighs to put the call through. At first Jeri thinks that Jessica is calling to get bailed out of jail again, but Jessica says she's not that lucky. She was wondering if the illustrious law firm of Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz had any dealings with the company IGH recently. Jeri replies that she won't comment on current clients without evidence of wrongdoing, and Jessica quickly counters with a question of why Hogarth would immediately suspect them of wrongdoing. Jeri retorts that when Jessica is involved, wrongdoing is usually just the tip of the iceberg. She mentions that they recently did some coordinating work between IGH, Rand Pharmaceuticals and Allied Construction for a building being constructed in Hell's Kitchen, but aside from that there was nothing she knew about. Jessica doesn't seem convinced, so Jeri replies that unless Jessica has more than a hunch, that's all she's going to get. Jessica says something about a man named Degli, but can say nothing more. Jeri reminds Jessica that she tried taking on this company once before and it nearly got Jessica put in jail and nearly put the law firm under. Jeri isn't going to let that happen again. She hangs up and looks out into the city, frustrated.

Back in Jessica's office she smirks at the frustration and goes back to her whiskey. She pulls up her phone and does a search for a doctor named "Degli" and gets very few hits, the only relevant one being a picture of him with a British socialite named Ravenscroft. As she continues to search, we see brief flashbacks of younger Jessica in a hospital bed, presided over by a man who resembles Degli. The flashback scene flickers between Jessica being in the bed, and that of two other girls who resemble younger versions of Trish and Mary. The face of Degli than morphs into that of a brown haired man silhouetted in purple, who whispers a voice into Jessica's ear. Cut to her fallen asleep on her desk, her phone cast aside, breathing heavily. She grimaces when she sees the half-empty bottle of whiskey. She grabs her phone and pockets it, heading out to a nearby bar.

Back at Trish's apartment, Will and Trish are sitting on her couch, idly watching Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation on Netflix. They continue their discussion briefly about Trish's backstory, about how she was a child star and how Dorothy had pushed her and her biological sister to remain famous as they approached adulthood, doing anything in her power to do so. She also explains that Jessica was adopted as merely a ploy, and that Dorothy always resented her despite being the one who adopted her. She is reticent to discuss Mary any further than cursory details of her being troubled. As the movie comes to an end, Will wonders exactly what was said between the characters as they part for the last time. Trish says she thinks it was something only between them. Something that only deep friends could share. Will takes this as a sign that maybe there's something only they can share. Trish smiles at him and the two begin to make love on the couch.

We cut back to the bar where we see Jessica sitting alone, as she is hit on by a large group of drunken bikers. She shrugs them off, not wanting to get into a fight, but they seem to press the issue. Jessica finally says that this won't end well for them if they keep it up, and the bikers hold their ground, one person charging Jessica to try and hold her down. Jessica grabs him by the jaw and lifts him in the air with one hand before tossing him through the wall. The rest of the bikers grab brass knuckles and chains as the other bar patrons leave. Jessica cracks her knuckles and proceeds to beat down the rest of the biker's with barely a scratch on her. The last biker runs to his bike and grabs a gun, pointing it right at Jessica who is caught off guard. However, before he can fire the gun he begins to see things in his head, seeing Jessica as a monster. He runs off scared, tossing the gun to the ground as Jessica looks at his departing visage with a perplexed look. She glances over down the alleyway and sees a young woman dart away in shadows. Jessica takes off after her, trying to chase her down and nearly losing her in the rain. She finally catches up with her in a back alleyway and slowly approaches her shaking form, realizing that it is Mary, her sister. Mary turns to her and silently hugs her, and Jessica awkwardly returns the gesture as we cut away.

Episode 5. aka, Where Are You Now?

We open on Jessica's office as she leads Mary through the door. As she opens it, Malcolm is waiting for them, saying that his uncle is asking for the rent. Jessica snaps at him that now is not a good time, and we see that Mary is barely able to walk on her own, covered in a blanket. Malcolm suddenly gets serious and asks if she is alright and Jessica replies she will be. She just needs some medicine. Malcolm says he can do one better and runs off for somewhere else. While he is gone, Jessica tries to ask Mary where she has been, but Mary says she doesn't really want to talk about it. Jessica tentatively asks if it is Mary she is talking too, and Mary for once smiles, saying that she hasn't had a psychotic episode in months. She's herself today. Jessica says she should probably call Trish and Dorothy, but Mary suddenly stops her, saying that she doesn't want to see either of them right now. She just needs to spend time with Jessica, like it was when they were both in the hospital. We see a brief flashback of two young girls in the hospital, each one receiving blood transfusions. The one who appears to be a younger Jessica appears to be worse off than the young Mary, but that's where the flashback ends. Jessica says she'll not call Dorothy, she can understand that. But come morning they should probably call Trish, given how worried she is about Mary. Her sister agrees with this.

Shortly thereafter, Malcolm returns with his friend, Claire Temple. Claire asks what the problem is and then quickly sees Mary shivering underneath the blanket. Claire goes to work feeling her head and saying she's likely running a fever from the rain they've been having lately. She asks Jessica to get more blankets if she has some, to which Jessica merely shrugs her shoulders and says she's not exactly stocked up for this sort of thing. Eventually they get Mary warm and get her to fall into a light sleep. Claire tells Jessica to just give her some aspirin for the fever and keep her hydrated. She then looks to Malcolm and asks why he brought her here, and Malcolm just shrugs his shoulders, saying that she usually handles special cases like Jessica. Claire wonders what he means by that, but Jessica ushers both of them out of the apartment and grabs her phone. Looking at Mary worriedly, she texts Trish that she had found their sister, but not to call Dorothy until they've all had a chance to meet the following day. Letting out a sigh, she takes off her jacket and drapes it over to still somewhat shivering Mary and looks at her briefly without another word said before turning into bed herself.

It is later that night that Jessica awakes with a startle, for once not about a dream that she had been having. She smells smoke in her apartment and heads out into the main room, where she sees Mary dreaming while still asleep on the couch, the blankets she'd been covered with having seemingly spontaneously combusted. Jessica grabs a fire extinguisher from under her sink and sprays it on the flames, awakening Mary with a start and causing the flames to immediately go out. Jessica asks if Mary is okay, and Mary sheepishly confirms that she is. She says it must have happened again and Jessica is aghast, asking if setting things on fire is an everyday occurence for her. Mary says that, like Jessica, she has special abilities after their time together in that hospital, but hers developed over time: it's only been recently that she's been able to control the fire that she possesses. Of course, she's had some help in that department too from her friend at the hospital, Kevin. Jessica raises an eyebrow, saying that this isn't the same girl that she picked up off the streets earlier today. Mary laughs and says that she comes and goes when she needs to. She drifts off a minute and then comes back to her senses, wondering what had happened. Jessica tries to explain that she was on fire, and Mary is frantic, saying that its impossible. Jessica files the information away and says that she was just having a bad dream, apologizing for using the fire extinguisher. Jessica does ask a question about the hospital, if she knew anyone named Kevin there, and Mary seems to recall a man in a purple suit. Jessica's eyes go wide, but she catches herself and tells Mary just to go back to sleep. Jessica rushes into her bed room, the beginnings of a panic attack in her chest. She grabs a bottle of pills from a nightside table and downs two or three of them before sitting up on her bed, leaning against the headboard, trying to control her breathing. She jumps when she hears a knock on the door and Mary tentatively comes in. She asks what is wrong, and Jessica puts on a facade, trying to hide her feelings, as flashes of gunshots and a man in purple appear on screen. Jessica mutters to herself that it's just a coincidence, and Mary sits down next to her, the two of them simply keeping each other company silently for a time.

The following morning Trish knocks on Jessica's office door, finding it easy to open. As she walks in she is surprised to see Mary up cooking breakfast, and the two sisters hug each other. Trish asks where Mary has been this whole time, and Mary repeats her line from before that she doesn't really want to talk about it. Trish comments that their mother is worried sick about her, and Mary becomes a bit frigid at the mention of Dorothy. We see the fire on the burner she's using spark up a bit, but Jessica interrupts the conversation, the fire going down immediately afterward. The three of them sit and drink coffee, with Mary offering a vague explanation about the hospital where she's been staying these last few years, ever since Dorothy sent her away after she tried to kill herself. Trish asks if she was hurt there, and Mary says she wasn't, but she just had to get away from there for a while. She says she's fine now, and not a threat to anyone. She wants to start a life of her own, away from hospitals and doctors and overbearing mothers. Trish laughs and says she can appreciate that. She offers to let Mary stay at her place for a while and try and help her find a job in the city. Mary says she would prefer to stay with Jessica, but Jessica says that Trish is right, and that stability has never been her strong suit. Trish and Mary then agree to the room and board, hugging each other as Jessica awkwardly joins in the moment.

Elsewhere, we see a man in a sharp purple suit walking into the outskirts of New York City. He walks into a truck stop and orders a cup of coffee, ignoring the fighting couple two booths down. Eventually their noise gets to him, and he authoritatively tells them to stop arguing, which they immediately do. He then tells the trucker to hand his keys over to the woman, and orders her to drive herself to the Mexican border, which she prepares to do. He then orders the waitress to open the locked bathroom and lock the man inside for a day and a half for annoying him. They promptly follow his orders. The man in purple walks out of the diner, telling the waitress that the coffee was on the house, before walking off with a spring in his step, saying that soon Jessica and he will be reunited.

Episode 6. aka, Mr. Greenjeans

We open on a flashback to the hospital scene we've had before, where we see a teenage Trish Walker and a young Mary Walker each dressed in hospital gowns with their mother, Dorothy, speaking with a Doctor who resembles Mr. Degli. Dorothy insists that these treatments will make her children even more special, and extend their careers beyond television, and Degli tells Dorothy not to worry, they'll be in good care with him. Dorothy looks down at her daughters, saying that she'll be there to pick them up the following week. Trish is stoic at this, while Mary cries out for her mother as she walks away. We get a sharp cut back on Trish's face as she prepares her apartment for Mary's arrival. She gets a call from her boss at the radio station, and she curses that she's late for her show. She rushes to throw something decent on and leaves the apartment, sending a text to Jessica about having to go to work and to let herself in.

While Mary is in the shower, Jessica continues looking over files related to the Hope Schlottman case, as well as information concerning IGH. Looking through medical history she has on file, she flashes back to herself as a young girl, in the back of a station wagon as it crashes on the side of the road. She remembers waking up in a hospital, and seeing a doctor standing over her, saying she'll be "the strongest one yet." The flashbacks end and she takes the medical file and stashes it away in her desk drawer, showing the name of the chart is her own. Mary walks in and sits down next to her adopted sister, and Jessica asks her if she's been having issues with her special abilities. Mary says that she hasn't really tried to use her powers since she left the hospital; the fact that she has them at all kind of freaks her out, no different than Jessica's own powers. Jessica clams up a bit before the two of them leave to head to Trish's place. Before leaving, though, they get a call from Jeri Hogarth and Jessica's cell. Jessica let's it go to voicemail, and the two depart. We cut back to Hogarth's office as she explains that she needs to get a hold of Jessica immediately, as it's important to her latest case. She hangs up the phone and looks over data involving IGH and, in particular, an a death certificate for a man named Degli.

Back in Trish's apartment, Jessica and Mary let themselves in with a spare key Jessica has. Jessica checks the cabinets to see if the liquor has been restocked, only to frustratingly find that Trish has kept things dry as a bone in her kitchen. Mary moves her luggage into the guest room that Jessica had occupied earlier, and she picks up a stuffed animal from the floor and hugs it to herself. Suddenly she starts crying out of seemingly nowhere. Jessica, hearing the disturbance, goes into the guest room and asks Mary what is wrong. Mary says she isn't sure, but there's a sadness lingering here that she can't explain. The two of them suddenly hear a noise in the kitchen, and Jessica tells Mary to remain where she is. Jessica slowly checks the kitchen and doesn't see anyone there. However, she notices the door open on the balcony of Trish's apartment. She runs outside and looks around, before chastising herself for being paranoid. As she turns around, though, she sees a blonde haired girl of college age standing in the middle of Trish's kitchen. Jessica recognizes her right away as Hope Schlottman, the girl she'd been hired to find. Blinking repeatedly, Jessica asks Hope what she's doing here, and the girl asks her the same question. Jessica decides to play along, and says her sisters live here. Hope smiles and simply says that no they don't. She doesn't have any family, not really anyway. Jessica says that's not true and Hope seemingly laughs, before adopting a sad look. Hope says that she doesn't have any family either, not anymore. The only family she has is Mr. Greenjeans. His real name is Kevin though. Jessica slowly approaches the girl, shaking her head and muttering that Hope isn't real. Hope says she is real, and maybe it's Jessica who's not sure of what is happening here. Maybe she should go back to where things make sense. Before Jessica can answer, she hears the door open and sees Trish walk into the apartment, before glancing back and seeing that Hope has seemingly vanished into thin air.

Trish asks her what is wrong, and Jessica says nothing, merely shaking her head of the whole affair. Mary comes back into the kitchen as well looking none the worse for wear, hugging Trish tightly as the two sisters reunite, with Jessica clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Jessica excuses herself and leaves the apartment, claiming she needs some time to be alone for a second. She heads outside to a fire escape and nearly rushes down to the alleyway below, her breathing becoming more frantic as a panic attack seems to settle in. She paces back and forth in the alleyway before she hears a voice behind her that freezes her blood. She turns around and sees the man in purple from her nightmares, the so-called Kevin, staring back at her. He says that he longed to find her again. He then asks her to smile. Jessica yells to leave her alone and she runs out into the street trying to get away from Kevin. She dodges through traffic and seems to escape him, but eventually she sees him walking towards her from down the street. Jessica, frantic to get away, runs into traffic again and nearly gets hit. Out of instinct she punches one of the cars approaching her, tearing through the hood and knocking the Engine Block right out of the vehicle. Frantically she runs back down another alleyway, stopping in front of a storefront window. She sees the reflection of Kevin in the window, whispering to her to just come back so everything can make sense again. Yelling one last time, Jessica punches her fist through the window, shattering it into a million pieces and cutting her hand up something awful. A nearby police officer draws his weapon and corners Jessica as she seems to come to her senses, collapsing to the ground crying.

Episode 7. aka, The Happy Place

We open on a similar scene that we saw in the first episode, Jessica Jones in a police interrogation room. She sits in a chair, silent and looking somewhat forlorn. Her hand is wrapped in a bandage, but she doesn't appear to be affected by her injury. A police detective comes in and attempts to ask Jessica exactly what she was doing punching out the window to a high end jewelry shop in broad daylight. Jessica says she just got angry and lost her mind for a moment, it won't happen again. The detective, unconvinced, says that Jessica's wrap sheet suggests otherwise. The two are suddenly interrupted by Jeri Hogarth, who comes in and announces herself as Jessica's legal counsel on this matter. The detective asks since when can a low level private eye afford Jeri Hogarth, and Jeri simply replies that it is none of the detective's concern. But that she would like to consult with her client at this time. The detective raises his hands and leaves the room, leaving Jessica and Jeri alone. Jeri asks what the hell is going on with her, but Jessica doesn't seem ready to answer. Jeri continues, saying that she looked into IGH as a favor to her, just a cursory glance, but the name Degli that she gave doesn't add up. Jessica reiterates that he was the guy who hired her to find Hope Schlottman, but Jeri says that she hopes Jessica got paid upfront, because the scientist Virgil Degli has been dead for nearly five years now. Jessica raises an eyebrow and says that isn't possible, a brief cut flashback of a younger Jessica in a hospital room with the same Mr. Degli standing over her appearing before cutting back to present day. Jeri presents the evidence of a death certificate, obituary, everything. Jessica looks at the newspaper clipping, seeing the same guy she met in the diner. Jessica asks why they didn't know about this before, and after a while Jeri figures out that Jessica is referring to their previous case with IGH. Jeri says that she isn't sure what's going on, but she knows Jessica shouldn't be left alone. She's going to have them release her into her own custody, at least to keep an eye out on her for a while. Uncharacteristically, Jessica seems somewhat afraid and agrees to the terms.

Elsewhere, Mary and Trish are speaking at Trish's apartment, discussing Trish's past life as a child star and her attempts to "stay young" in order to keep from scaring off her audience. Trish says that wasn't nearly as embarrassing as her failed music career, which causes Mary to laugh once again. Trish points out that she hasn't seen her younger sister like this in a long time, and that she's glad she seems to have gotten the help she needs. Mary smiles and says that her friend Kevin was a real help in that department. After a few moments, Trish asks Mary about seeing their mother, and Mary says she's not quite ready for that yet. Trish tries to explain that Dorothy appears to be sincere about changing and atoning for past sins, which Mary snidely remarks including putting her in that hellhole in the first place? Trish is taken aback as Mary seemingly becomes more and more frustrated, and as she does so the temperature in the room starts to rise slightly. Trish tells Mary to calm down, and eventually Mary does, seemingly forgetting the entire conversation and going back to her more docile personality. Trish notes this change for later, before she gets a phone call from her boyfriend, Will. She sends him a reply via text that she's busy at the moment, but he can come over whenever he wants to.

Jessica arrives in Jeri's apartment, and the lawyer tells her to ignore the mess the housekeeping hasn't been by yet this week. The two sit down, Jeri pouring them both a drink and she demands that Jessica go over everything about her past with IGH again. Jessica says that Jeri should know all of this already, but Jeri asks for Jessica to humor her. Jessica gives a brief synopsis of her backstory, saying her biological parents were killed in a car wreck that also left her nearly killed as well. She was taken to a nearby hospital which happened to be owned by IGH, where she was treated by a doctor whom she can't remember (though as the flashback scenes play out, we see that the doctor at least resembles Degli). While there she somehow gained special abilities, such as enhanced strength and durability. She was then adopted by the Walker's, who's daughters were also being treated at the same hospital for various other reasons. Jeri asks her what those reasons were, and Jessica gets defensive, saying that really doesn't matter. Jeri then explains that when they dealt with IGH before, she had met a man claiming to be Degli, which is how she knew his first name. The fact that he's been dead this entire time means that they've been dealing with an imposter in both cases, which means there's something even more sinister going on. Jessica asks why Jeri didn't do this investigation before, and Jeri answers honestly that it never really occurred to her. She thought about it, but then something convinced her she shouldn't. Suddenly Jessica freezes up and remembers the day before, muttering under her breath "or someone." Jeri asks what she means and Jessica doesn't answer merely getting ready to leave. Jeri tries to stop her, telling her if she's caught by the police again she might not be able to help her, but Jessica pushes her against the wall, hurting her slightly, and saying don't push her right now, before leaving.

We see Will Simpson walking down the street, heading for Trish's apartment with a bundle of flowers in her hand. He is sidetracked by the man in purple, who announces his name as Kevin. He says that Will doesn't really want to visit his girlfriend right now, and Will immediately agrees. Kevin hands him a syringe containing Monosaturated Glycol Hydrozine, telling him to inject that and to meet him somewhere called the Happy Place in five minutes, where they can talk, pointing out a strip club down the street. Will agrees, injecting himself with the drug right then and there as Kevin smiles, walking off as we cut to black.

Episode 8. aka, Lover's Quarrel

We open on Jessica tentatively coming into her office, holding a baseball bat in her hands as if she's looking for someone to be there. She checks out the various rooms before realizing there's no one there right now, only to be startled by the door opening and seeing Malcolm coming in, asking for the rent. She curses out the younger man, before apologizing and saying that she's just a bit on edge right now. She asks if anyone has come by her place lately, and Malcolm says that no one that he knows of has been here, not since they last saw each other and he brought Claire here. He asks her what's going on, if maybe his friends in Harlem could help, but Jessica says that's not necessary. She tells Malcolm that if he sees a man in purple roaming around the streets, run in the opposite direction and don't look back. And whatever Malcolm does, don't listen to a word he says. Malcolm raises an eyebrow at this, but Jessica explains that he's an "ex" of hers for lack of a better term, and that he can be bad news. Malcolm says he'll keep an eye out for some dude in Purple. Jessica, still not feeling confident, reaches into her pocket and pulls out her cellphone to call Trish, frustrated when she only gets voice mail.

We cut back to the "Happy Place" that Kevin had sent Will too, and we can already see the effects of the drug that Will took, as his muscles have slightly grown in size. Kevin explains to him that he's working for a hospital, and they are trying to recover a missing patient by the name of Jessica. Will asks if that is the same person as his girlfriend's sister, and Kevin nods his head. He asks Will to bring her to this address when he gets the chance, but not to hurt her too badly. Will asks how he's supposed to find her, and Kevin simply says that he needs to just go after his girlfriend of course. Attack Trish, and Jessica will come around. Will nods his head gleefully before leaving the bar. Kevin gets a call on his cellphone, and he answers it, saying to the voice on the other end (which he refers to as Degli) that everything is going to plan and that they've already tested Mary's powers out. Soon they'll have both of them back in line for what is to come. After he hangs up the phone, though, Kevin's demeanor quickly becomes more morose and calculating, as he says he'll have what he's after, no one else will.

Back in Trish's apartment, she calls into work to let them know that she's using up some vacation time due to "family issues" while Mary sits on her couch watching television. After Trish is done she notices that Jessica had tried to call her, but didn't leave a message. She starts to call her back, but Mary interrupts her, telling her to come look at something. Trish returns to the main living area and is mortified when Mary has found a Youtube video of her old music career, something that Mary finds hilarious. Trish turns off the TV as Mary gets up and starts dancing, badly singing the song off key as she does so. Trish lets her have her fun when she receives a knock on the door, looking through the peephole she sees it is Will, and she happily opens the door, while simultaneously asking Mary to stop embarrassing her with her singing. Will enters the apartment, acting none the worse for wear, and Trish introduces him to his sister, Mary. The word "sister" seems to trigger something in Will, and he immediately demands to know where her other sister is. Trish replies that she doesn't know, but that she tried to call her, and that sends Will seemingly into a frenzy, as he is overdosed with the MGH drug in his system. Will tosses a lamp across the room, threateningly accusing Trish of lying to him. Trish asks what the hell is wrong with him and Will says he needs to get to Jessica, it's what Kevin told him to do. This piques Mary's interest, who suddenly seems far more assertive and asks where Kevin might be. Will ignores her and continues to pressure Trish into calling Jessica, even shoving her against the wall. Mary however, seemingly nonchalantly, uses some kind of mental force to push Will off of Trish and across the room. She then begins to force the air out of him, the temperature around him beginning to heat up. Trish tries to stop her from doing...whatever it is she's doing...but Mary just smiles, lost in her own world. Trish finally slaps Mary across the face, breaking her concentration and reverting her back to her more docile personality. Will, recovering from the incident, pushes forward and tackles Mary to the ground, knocking her unconscious. He rounds on Trish again, demanding where Jessica Jones is, but Jessica replies from behind him and knocks him down with one punch.

Trish carries the unconscious Mary out of the apartment as Jessica and Will continue to fight. Jessica's strength is equal to that of the empowered Will, and the two continue to brawl out of the apartment and onto the rooftop the next floor up. Jessica asks Will who sent him, and better yet where he got this sudden surge of strength, as she would remember her sister hanging out with a "wanna be Hulk". Will just tells her that Kevin opened his eyes and told him what he needed to do, and Jessica replies by saying that he's just manipulating him to get to her. He says his name is Killgrave, and she needs to stay away from him or people will get hurt. Will tarries back people already got hurt, and proceeds to push Jessica near the edge of the building, seemingly causing her to fall over. This pushes Will's mind into overdrive, as he thinks he has killed his prey. And as he leans over to check, he loses his footing (not helped by Jessica sweeping his feet from the side) and nearly plummets over himself. Jessica tries to grab him as Trish, Mary and some cops watch below, but Will loses his grip and plummets down to the ground. Fortunately a dumpster somewhat breaks his fall. Jessica is left standing there as police approach again, guns drawn on the rooftop. In the distance, she can spy the man in the purple suit, as he blows a kiss to her and walks off, the scene ending.

Episode 9. aka, Patient Zero

We open at the police station, where Trish is desperately trying to explain the situation to the officer's on duty that Jessica was just trying to protect them from her boyfriend. The officer replies that it doesn't matter; Jessica's rapsheet is so long that the DA is going to press charges regardless of whatever Simpson had been doing. Trish tries to say that something must have been in Will's system, and that maybe the same thing might have happened to Jessica or something, but the officer still won't listen. Elsewhere in the precinct, Jessica sits alone behind bars, simply sulking. She looks in the mirror and sees the reflection of the man in purple, and she says to him that she won't go back to him. Not again. Never again. Kevin's "reflection" replies that it's only a matter of time before she does. They were always better together. And if he gets her family with her than, the more the merrier. This sets Jessica off and she rushes over to the mirror and smacks the wall next to it with her fist, cracking it. She then turns around and verifies that no one is there in the cell with her before sitting down again, asking herself why she can't get him out of her head, hearing a whispered voice in her subconscience that maybe she doesn't want to. Jessica quietly says that's not true, but the voice is insistent. Jessica just lays down, tears leaking from her eyes that she tries in vain to wipe away as she tries to shut out the oncoming nightmares.

Outside the precinct Trish walks out and runs into Jeri Hogarth. Jeri introduces herself as one of Jessica's "regular customers", and tells Trish that there's much more going on here than just her hopped up boyfriend. Trish explains she was just about to head to the hospital to visit Will and find out what on earth had possessed him, and Jeri replies that she knows exactly what possessed him, and who. She tells Trish to come with her to get more information, but Trish is insistent on seeing Will first. Jeri tries to grab Trish by the arm, but Trish pulls away in a quick reflexive fashion, pushing Jeri aside and hailing a cab to get away. Jeri looks on for a few moments before getting back in her limousine. She tells the driver to follow that cab, but to do so from a distance. The limo takes off after the cab, keeping away from the direct line of sight of Trish's driver. Eventually the tailing ends at the hospital, where Jeri tells the driver to wait behind and keep an eye out. Jeri reaches into her purse and makes sure she has a 9 mm set aside, just in case.

Inside the hospital Trish walks into the room of her boyfriend, who is kept under close guard. Mary is already there as Will is currently under sedation. She asks Trish what she found out about Jessica, and Trish says that the police aren't going to be any help: Jessica has gotten into too much trouble over the years. Mary asks if she could talk to them, but Trish reminds her that she's supposed to be in a hospital up north right now. Mary doesn't seem to have any recollection of that, until Trish reminds her of the people she told her about, like Kevin. That name triggers something in Mary, and she suddenly becomes much more concerned with Will's well being. Trish asks her why the sudden interest in Will. Mary says it's because Will has been visited by Kevin, just like she was. Trish asks how Mary would know that, and she is suddenly startled by the man in the purple suit behind her, saying because he told her. Trish asks who the hell he is and Kevin says he's an old friend of Jessica's. He's surprised that she's never mentioned him...and a little bit hurt as well. Trish seems to make a slight connection, noting that Jessica said something about a psycho-ex boyfriend, but Kevin shrugs this off, saying they were closer than just dating. Jessica and he shared a bond, one deeper than friendship or lovers, at least that's how he remembers it. He's tried to duplicate that bond with others...Mary...Hope Schlottman...ever since Jessica left him all those months ago. And now...he's found a way to get her back. He assumes a commanding stance and tells Trish to follow him. Trish seems to comply, but on their way out down a fire escape, Jeri blocks their path, pointing a gun at them all. She says she knows all about Kevin, and points to the earplugs she's put in her ears. Kevin smiles and says it's a nice trick...but he's got a few of his own up his sleeve. Jeri suddenly feels the heat around her grow intolerably, and she is slowly lifted and thrown against the wall. We see Mary staring at her, smiling, as she holds Jeri there. Kevin calmly walks over and pulls out her earplugs, telling Jeri to find Jessica and tell her to meet him in their old favorite haunt later that night, before walking off, flanked by Trish and Mary.

Back in prison, Jessica is still lying there trying to keep the nightmares at bay, when an officer comes by and says that her bail has been paid. Jessica mutters under her breath thanking Jeri, but she is surprised when she sees it is her adopted mother who has bailed her out. Dorothy asks how she is, but Jessica is hesitant to answer, saying only that she needs a three day bender and a couple valium and she'll be perfectly fine. Dorothy asks if that's her answer to everything, and Jessica says it's the answer that seems to make the most sense most of the time. The two stalk out of the police station, Dorothy hailing a cab and driving into the night with her daughter, silence reigning supreme. Dorothy asks how Mary is involved in all of this, she knows that Trish and Jessica have seen her and kept her from Dorothy. Jessica doesn't answer at first, before admitting that it looks like she's gotten mixed up with another guy, but she can't be certain. She hopes this guy and Mr. Greenjeans aren't the same because it means that Hope may be tied into all of this too. Dorothy asks who Hope is and Jessica brushes it off as a case she is working on. Dorothy somewhat angrily asks if that's all she thinks about her own sister, and Jessica snaps at her, saying that she has no room to talk considering how she saw her. An awkward silence permeates briefly before Dorothy apologizes. The conversation is interrupted though by a phone call from Jessica's cell, which Dorothy had picked up from the station. Jessica answers it and hears Jeri on the other side, her face going dark. She tells the cab driver to drop her off at an Italian joint on 38th Street and then take her mother far away from the place. Dorothy asks what's going on, and Jessica says that its something she needs to deal with.

After departing the cab, getting a "be careful" from her mother, Jessica enters the empty restaurant. As she enters, she sees Mary, Trish and surprisingly enough Hope Schlottman sitting at a table, motionless. In between the three of them sits Kevin...Killgrave...who smiles at Jessica. He welcomes her and asks her to sit down. Reluctantly, Jessica says they have unfinished business before we cut to black.

Episode 10. aka, Typhoid Mary

We open in a small office in an undisclosed location, where we see Mr. Degli looking over medical files for various individuals, including Jessica Jones. A knock at the door interrupts his work and he invites the person on the other side to come in. Surprisingly, Karl Mordo enters the office, asking to speak with Degli on "His" behalf. Degli smirks and tells Mordo that they are like brothers at the present moment, they need not deal with such formalities when dealing with one another. Mordo replies that He was expecting Degli to be finished with his work by now: years of planning and manuevering leading to creating the super-powered army He wants to lead the way for His return. Degli smirks and says they have several plans in that department, and that Mordo needn't concern himself with his own dealings. All Mordo needs to deal with is to make sure he can open the door so that He can come through, and that certain wizards don't get involved. Degli reminds Mordo that he is new to this operation, and that as powerful as he has become, his power is only because Degli's father has granted it. Mordo nods his head reluctantly before walking out of the office, warning Degli to keep an eye on Kilgrave, as Mordo thinks that he has ulterior motives for all this. Degli dismissively waves him off, saying that Kevin will come through for them in the end.

We cut back to the restaurant, where Jessica tentatively approaches Killgrave and the collection of women he has by his side. She eyes Mary, who looks at her with innocent eyes, and then sees the blank look that is apparent in the eyes of Trish and Hope Schlottman. Before she sits down, Jessica tells Killgrave to let them all go, but Kevin merely smirks and says that they all want to be there. Just like Jessica herself wanted to be there a long time ago. Back when they first met. Back when they were together. Jessica says they were never together like that, and certainly not willingly, but Kevin dismisses this as a lie, saying that Jessica was a willing participant in everything they did together. Jessica sees flashbacks in her mind of seducing, robbing, and then killing rich men at the behest of Killgrave, all in the name of getting him higher up a crime food chain within the Maggia organization he was working with at the time. The flashbacks fade out as Kevin continues to discuss what they did together, but Jessica cuts him off. She says that she was under his spell, confused like everyone else was, but that she overcame his power. She then pleads with Trish and Hope to do the same, which causes Kevin to raise an eyebrow and look over at Mary briefly, who continues to just silently watch Jessica. Kevin tells her his powers of persuasion never truly worked on her; he never really had to try and use them anyway. He asks where the fun in that would be. Jessica tries to justify her actions again, but Killgrave simply says she's lying to herself. She was angry at the world for taking her parents away. For sticking her in a family that only saw her as a charity case. And for being a victim at the hands of a demented doctor who twisted her around and gave her powers she never asked for. Jessica starts to fall to her knees hearing this, but it's at this point that Mary, now speaking in that quiet voice she had been using earlier in Trish's apartment, disagrees with Kevin. She says that Jessica is loved, at least by her. She adds that she is truly loved as a sister, and not as a trophy. Kevin tells Mary that she's said quite enough, but Mary stands up and faces him, all while Hope and Trish merely continue to sit their, staring blankly ahead.

Mary tells Jessica that when she met Kevin at the hospital, he was just as broken as they all were, having come back from Britain after being left by Jessica. He sought out the doctors there to make him better, to make him stronger than he had been before. Kevin continues to interject, trying to tell Mary to keep quiet and warning her about her "better half" coming out to play. Mary continues to speak with her own voice, and it seems to instill the confidence that Jessica needs to once again stand up to Kevin. Frustrated, Killgrave pulls out a gun and points it at Mary, threatening to shoot it at her if Jessica doesn't agree to come with him back to their old ways. Suddenly however the gun begins to heat up, as does the rest of the room inside the restaurant. Killgrave looks around, unsure of what appears to be happening, when he orders Mary to stop whatever it is she is doing. Mary turns and looks at him, simply saying no, before pushing him into the wall as hard as she can. Kevin struggles to sit up, unable to explain what is happening, while Hope and Trish continue to sit at the table, blank looks on their faces. Jessica tells Mary to calm down, but Mary's now dominant personality tells Jessica that she can't command her anymore than he could. She's tired of being weak little Mary Walker, the forgotten sister that everyone just wanted to lock away. Jessica says she never thought of her like that, causing Mary to turn her head at her quizzically. Mary nods her head, telling her that she always liked Jessica the best, even if they aren't blood relations. Jessica presses her advantage, telling her to let Trish and Hope leave with her. She can do whatever she wants to Killgrave. Mary nods and Jessica picks up Hope and Trish, escorting them out of the restaurant. Kevin vainly yells out, trying to control them, and Trish and Hope seem to want to stay, but a swift punch from Jessica knocks them out as she walks out with them. Mary calls out before she leaves, telling Jessica that she let her leave this time, but not to come looking for her again. Jessica nods, not noticing the growing strain on Mary, before walking out, leaving Kevin and Mary alone.

Jessica however has no intentions of leaving Mary alone with Killgrave, regardless of whether or not she has gained these ultimate powers that she's seen tonight. After setting Trish and Hope down on the ground, a few minutes passing as she makes certain they are all right, she turns around to re-enter the restaurant. Before she can do so though, there is a loud explosion from the kitchen, and a fire soon breaks out. Braving the flames, she sees no sign of Killgrave in the booth, and finds Mary curled up in the fetal position on the ground. Jessica hauls her out of the flames and brings her outside, just as ambulances and fire trucks show up. She sets Mary with the paramedics, worried about everything going on. She turns to look down the alleyway, trying to see if she can spot a purple suited man having escaped, but sees nothing but the darkness in the night.

Episode 11. aka, The Lady with the Lamp

With Jessica having survived the explosion at the restaurant, she returns the mentally damaged Hope Schlottman to her family and tries to pick up the pieces of her own life, the open wounds of her past now laid bare for her sisters to understand. Dorothy tries to come to grips with a comatose and psychotically broken down Mary, and also attempts to make peace with her adopted daughter Jessica as well at the urgings of Nurse Claire Temple. Meanwhile, Kevin has survived the explosion as well and is confronted by the mysterious Mr. Degli, who for the first time makes his intentions known and demands Killgrave stop playing games and go after Jessica directly.

Episode 12. aka, Rent's Due

As Jessica comes to peace with her family, to some degree, she receives terrifying news about the young Hope Schlottman, which only fuels her feud with Killgrave as they meet in an abandoned amusement park and Jessica tries to overcome her past insecurities and come to grips with her powers in a way she never intended, while trying to save her adopted sister Trish. The rent comes due for many people, and in the end Jessica leaves Killgrave in a comatose state, rescuing Trish in the process. Mary is sent back to a special hospital in Scotland to try and understand her abilities, while Trish begins to display some abilities of her own (though keeping this to herself). Jessica resumes her undercover PI work (needing money to pay rent after all) and is hired by an unknown party to investigate a lawyer in Hell's Kitchen by the name of Matt Murdock.

Cast List

  • Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones- An alcoholic private investigator who has super strength and endurance, who is also dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder due to past events she will not disclose.
  • Rachael Taylor as Patricia "Trish" Walker- The adoptive sister of Jessica Jones who is a former child star turned psychologist with her own radio talk show. As opposed to her sisters, she does not appear to exhibit super powers of any kind.
  • Eka Darville as Malcolm- The next-door neighbor and sometimes confidant of Jessica Jones who is constantly asking for the rent for his uncle, who is the landlord of the building.
  • Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth- A high profile attorney who uses Jessica for certain cases on occasion, and also bails her out of jams.
  • Alice Eve as Meredith "Mary" Walker- The younger biological sister of Trish Walker and adoptive sister of Jessica Jones. She also has the powers of pyrokinesis and limited psionic abilities, mostly in the form of illusory abilities. Has been treated for severe depression since an early age.
  • Sam Witwer as Mr. Degli- A scientist who appears to have ulterior motives in hiring Jessica Jones.
  • David Tennant as Kevin Kilgrave- A figure from Jones' past whom she is trying desperately to forget, who also has strong powers of persuasion.
  • Rebecca de Mornay as Dorothy Walker- The adopted mother of Jessica Jones and biological mother of Trish and Mary Walker.
  • Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple- A nurse and resident of Harlem, who in her off hours provides aide to ailing super-heroes.
  • Erin Moriarty as Hope Schlottman- A young college student that Jessica is hired to find by Mr. Degli, for unknown reasons.
  • Wil Traval as Will Simpson- A police officer who is dating Trish Walker at the start of the series.

Chiwetel Ejiofor also briefly cameos as Karl Mordo in episode 10.


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