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Real Name
Jericho Sandalphon Welkin



Mary Welkin (Aunt), Nathan Welkin (Uncle), Paxton Welkin (cousin), Maya Welkin (cousin) Michael Welkin (cousin) Josiah Welkin (Father)


Base Of Operations
X-Mansion, His family home







Unusual Features
Black sclera, amber iris and white pupils. Whiteeye like markings on the tips of his feathers and several tribe like markings on his body.


Marital Status

X-Men Trainee

High School


Place of Birth


First appearance


Physical Description

Olive skin with thick eye brows and narrowed eyes. Instead of being white his sclera are black, his iris is amber colored and his pupil is white. His hair is sky blue and short in the back, but longer in the front. He is described as being more muscular than Michael with a thicker build. He has several tribal like tattoos on his body that appeared when his mutation activated. When he uses his powers or is feeling intense emotions they glow. He has two pairs of ink black wings on his back with white eye like markings on the tip of each feather. When not using his wings or in order to blend in with a crowed he can retract them into his back. He is described as having a seriously bad boy look by many.


Unlike his cousin, Jericho is more aggressive and brash. He can be very hot headed and his blunt attitude tends to aggravate people. He is an avid partier and loves being the center of attention.

He appears to have a love for fighting, he enjoys watching UFC cage fights and battles between super-powered individuals.

He has a more sever disposition than his cousin Michael and can be less forgiving. According to Michael while he can be harsh Jericho can also be fair.

His relationship with his cousin is complicated. While he does care for him like a brother, he also feels jealous of the attention Michael receives because he is the heir to the family.


Almost the Heir

Jericho's family, the Welkins can trace their lineage back for thousands of years. They are unique in the fact their family produces many angel like mutants known as Cheyarafim.

The heir to this clan always has the same exact mutation as his or her forbears. While the other mutants in the clan posses their own unique abilities.

Jericho's father, Josiah hoped Jericho would be the next heir. But when Jericho's powers manifested it was clear to all he was what was known as a lesser angel. A member of the family who had a angel mutation but wasn't the chosen heir.. A year after his powers manifested his cousin Michael was revealed to be the family heir.

Unlike his cousin Paxton (who felt nothing but resentment for Michael) Jericho loved his little cousin and they became very close, much of their time was spent flying above their families home.

As time went on Jericho became more and more resentful of his cousin, everyone praised Michael and Jericho's own father had little interest in his sons own abilities. After Jericho's mother died from cancer he began to act out more. Causing trouble and making things difficult for his father.

Power Corrupts

Unlike Michael who was kept home until he learned better control his powers; Jericho was sent to public school. While his wings could be hidden his eyes betrayed his mutant nature and thus he was in the receiving end of many jokes and cruel comments from his peers.

Jericho was not one to suffer in silence. Any time someone dared insult him or his mutant heritage he would immediately physically retaliate.

One day, after a senior made a very insensitive comment about Jericho's dead mother, something unbelievable happened. The boy suddenly developed a frog like mutation. His skin secreted a toxin that would paralyze anyone who touched him.

While many assumed it was a simply X-Gene manifestation some went so far as to accuse Jericho himself for what happened. And Jericho was inclined to believe them.

Over the years Jericho began to realize he could sense the hidden power in other people. Or even the power in other mutants. He never told no one of this gift as he didn't think no one would care. But after what happened with the senior Jericho decided to tell his father.

Josiah was delighted to learn of his sons other gift and realized the potential he had. Josiah had always dreamed of raising the Welkin family to greater heights. He believed their clan deserved more prestige and influence and saw Jericho as key to this.

Josiah never told none of his other family members of this. He instructed Jericho to keep his ability secret. He moved the both of them out of Washington, telling the others that Jericho needed to live someplace else that didn't remind him of his mother.

With the help of some of his contacts in the military Josiah was able to obtain a base where he could train Jericho in the use of his powers. If Jericho could learn to control his gifts he could very well create an army of superpowered individuals.


Jericho spent a lot of time training to use his power.

Over time many surprising aspects of his mutation was discovered.

Jericho was capable of sensing not only mutants, but Inhumans, mutates and anyone with the potential for some kind of enhancement. Not only was he able to unlock someone's potential he could also enhance ones gift to astronomical levels.

But his greatest power was what would break the camels back.

Jericho was able to remove an enhanced persons power and even transfer it to a normal person, granting them the same powers and limitations that ability granted.

Josiah tried to keep the true limits of his son a secret. He knew if those in the army heard of what Jericho could do they would try and take him and use him for their own purposes and treat Jericho like a mere tool.

But Thaddeus Ross got wind of Jericho and took control of Josiah's operation. While most in the military saw Jericho as a way to create more superhumans Ross saw him as a way to finally control the ever rising population of enhanced humans.

Another Civil War

Jericho went along with Ross's plan. Though he did not like the general for taking control of the operation, he saw this as an opportunity to do some good.

There were many villans out there with dangerous power. What could be so bad about using his ability to make the likes of Magneto or the U-Foes human and less of a threat?

Ross took his plan to Congress. He proposed and law for the superhuman community. If anyone broke the law (even for minor infractions) they would be stripped of their powers.

The proposal appealed to many. Once rendered human those once dangerous threats could be sent to a simple human (and less expensive) prison.

When word of this new law broke out there was an immediate response.

Many superhumans saw the benefits of this law. For some heroes it would finally end the threats of their long time enemies and help prevent the loss of any innocent lives.

Some however saw this as a violation. Especially those in the mutant community who were born with their gifts and believed no one had the right to take someones powers.

There was also debate for the severity of even breaking minor laws, some even went so far as accusing the government of using this as an excuse to wipe out any powered individual who was not on their pay role.

No one knew Jericho was the secret weapon. Josiah however told Michael about Jericho's environment. He feared for his sons safety, he knew other groups would either want to use Jericho or kill him. Michael went to speak with Jericho. He to was concerned for his cousins safety.

At first their meeting was civil, both had not seen one another in some time and were happy to catch up. But when Michael tried to convince Jericho not to help Ross Jericho lost his temper. He accused Michael of being Jealous because he was no longer the most important person in their family.

Michael warned Jericho that groups like Hydra, AIM and others would soon come for him and that his life would not be one of glory and privilege like he thought it would.

Michael's words would soon come to pass, after a while Jericho found himself locked away by the government for his own safety.

Many in the world wanted to use him to make their own private army's or destroy him.

But it would be one mutant who would capture him for his own ends.

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse found and captured Jericho. With the help of his servant Mr. Sinister they built a device that would use Jericho to activate the potential of every person to their maximum potential.

The process however would kill Jericho, which mattered none to the duo.

Luckily Michael-with the help of the X-Men and other heroes-managed to save Jericho and stop the megalomaniacs plans before it could come to pass.

In order to keep his cousin safe Jericho and Michael lied, saying that Jericho had lost his power due to Apocalypse's experiments.

The two reconciled and Jerich moved into the X-Mansion. Though he no longer plans to use his power to steal the abilities of others (unless he has to) Jericho has found his gift very useful to helping enhanced individuals learn to control their abilities.

Powers and Abilities


Wings: Jericho's wings give him the ability to fly. They are shown to be more durable then they appear, he has used them to shield himself from gunfire and explosions. He is capable of retracting them into his back to blend in easier with humans.

Ability Sense: Jericho can psionically sense the potential power in all people. He can sense their class (psychic, elemental) and their specific abilities (if they have telekinesis, healing, teleportation, etc) He can even tell what kind of powers and abilities a person will have even before their power manifests.

Power Activation: Jericho can activate the powers in any individual, mutants, mutates or even Inhumans who have yet to undergo Terrengenesis. He can also activate secondary mutations or unlock abilities in other enhanced individuals that are still laying dormant.

Power Amplification: Jericho can significantly increase another enhanced individuals powers to extreme levels. He can use this in an offensive manner, by forcing the powers of another to overload and either knock them unconscious or extreme cases cause them to lose control of their powers. The power-up can either be temporary or permanent. He used the ability to make Angie so powerful she created a F5 tornado and Devin was able to run faster than light.

Power Transference: His most unique gift, this ability allows Jericho to remove the powers of enhanced individuals. It is capable of effecting several different kinds of super-powered groups. It is capable of effecting hundreds of people at the same time. When it is activated, beams of light shoot out of the eye marking on each feather tip. When they strike someone who has a power it pulls that ability out of them and into Jericho. He will than regurgitate a marble like object that is the physical manifestation of that persons power. If someone swallows one of these marbles they will gain the power stored inside.


None known.

Strength level



He is vulnerable to the same dangers that can harm a regular human.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-Jet, his wings.
Weapons: Armor: He wears a special armor designed for him by Tony Stark to protect himself from physical harm. It also enhances his ability to sense the powers of others and helps him catalogue powers he has come across. There is a latch in the back that allows him to tuck his wings away safely when he does not use them. The suite is also designed with several other features including Repulsor Beams.

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Likes Grunge music like his cousin Michael.

Trains in MMA.

According to Michael he enjoys fighting in illegal MMA cage arena and loves to watch videos of fights between superpowered individuals.

According to Adonai, the progenitor of the Welkin family and the Cheyrafim, the reason for Jericho's mutation if the cultivation of power.

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