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Real Name
Jericho Drumm
Current Alias

Brother Voodoo, Houngan Supreme, Lord of the Loa, He-Who-Has-Died-Twice, Voodoo Lord; Master of All Reptiles, the Voudoun, and the Spirit World, Sorcerer Supreme



Partner of Doctor Strange

Daniel Drumm (brother deceased)


Base Of Operations
Port-au-Prince, Haiti




Brown, (with white streak)


Marital Status

Psychologist; Houngan (voodoo priest); former Sorcerer Supreme and likely successor to Doctor Strange

Psychology degree

He became Brother Voodoo (Magician) to save and avenge his brother's life.

Place of Birth


First appearance


Quote1 I am not the Sorcerer Supreme you are accustomed to matching. I am -- Doctor Voodoo! The Gunner of God -- when I roar the Earth trembles! Quote2
-- Doctor Voodoo

Early life

Jericho returned to his native Haiti after twelve years of education and practice in America. His brother Daniel had become the local Houngan, but was dying from the spell of a rival bokor who claimed he served the evil serpent god Damballah. Before he died, Daniel made his brother vow to visit Papa Jambo, who had instructed Daniel in the arts of a Houngan.

Brother Voodoo

After only a few weeks Jericho had reached a proficiency in voodoo even greater than his brother's. To further increase his power, Papa Jambo performed a rite that summoned Daniel Drumm's spirit back from the dead and joined it with Jericho's own. With his successor being found and ready to take his place, Papa Jambo died. Calling himself Brother Voodoo, Jericho defeated the cult and has proven himself the supreme Houngan of Haiti. He learned that it was not the true Damballah responsible, but a creation of the Elder God Set.

Brother Voodoo investigated AIM's attempt to create a form of zombies and has fought rival voodoo practitioners.

After Marie Le Veau used the Vampiric Verses, Brother Voodoo was forced to summon a zombie army to assist Doctor Strange, Clea, Rintrah, and Morbius. Although they were able to defeat the vampires, the zombies then had to be destroyed to be at peace.

Jericho developed a sense of protectiveness about New Orleans, eagerly identifying himself as its local super hero. Jericho cautiously observed the plots involving the mystic Inficio Aquilus, the first tarot card deck, and later helped the mutant Gambit against a zombie army raised by Antoinelle Arcenaux.

Brother Voodoo eventually succumbed to the lure of power that Damballah's wangal represented. Upon Jericho's wearing it, the god Damballah took over Daniel's soul, burned down the mansion, and apparently slew Bambu. He traveled to New York City to attempt to take over the mind and body of Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, who eventually freed Brother Voodoo of Damballah's influence and re-confined the evil god to the wangal.

Sorcerer Supreme

Dr. Strange decided to pass on the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-1010 title to Jericho considering he possesses a purer heart and cleaner soul. Drumm appeared in New Orleans to intervene in the desperate battle between Dormammu and The Hood against Doctor Strange.

When Agamotto was cast out of the Vishanti and had most of his powers stripped from him, he attacked Voodoo in order to reclaim the Eye of Agamotto from him as it was the only artifact that could defeat him. Jericho used the Eye to defeat Agamotto, but the Eye was destroyed and his life was lost in the process, and the Sorcerer Supreme title went back to Strange.


In order to stop Ultron from conquering the world, Doctor Doom made a faustian pact with a demigod to resurrect Doctor Voodoo.

Powers and Abilities


Doctor Voodoo is a master of voodoo magic. As a Houngan, he uses it as a form of order or white magic.

He can become immune to fire by entering a trance. While entranced his body will not burn and he will not feel the heat. He can control flames, but cannot create them.

Brother Voodoo is able to create a form of smoke or vapors that conceal his location. This smoke is accompanied by the sound of voodoo drums. The constant beat of the drums can disorient or unnerve an opponent. He can see through the smoke he forms, and possibly through other smoke created by magical means. He is immune to most Magic Effects.

Brother Voodoo has a form of hypnotism. It is not very effective on humans; the more intelligent a being is the more strongly they can resist his control. However, it does work well on animals. It can also be used on plants and vegetation, but their lack of mobility makes their usefulness limited. The subject must be alive, and he can only concentrate on one being at a time.

Lastly, Jericho can call upon Daniel's spirit. Daniel can either enter Jericho's body to augment him physically, or he can be used to possess another being. The person becomes a virtual slave as long as he or she is alive or does not already have another foreign spirit within their body. When Daniel's spirit leaves the body, the person affected generally feels nauseous.

Brother Voodoo has gained the high mystical position as Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-1010 and its reality, for years to come, through his experience as the holder of such a role.

  • Magic Immunity: Jericho is immune to harmful magic.
  • Magic Manipulation: Jericho can manipulate magical entities
  • Pyrokinesis: Jericho can control fire and his skin becomes impervious to burning.
  • Hypnotism: Jericho can command certain living things by a mystic sort of hypnotism, most effectively over animals and plants.

Sorcerer Supreme: After Dr. Voodoo has become the Sorcerer Supreme, his powers became stronger. His position of being the highest Sorcerer Supreme on the Earth-1010, has caused to strengthen and add his powers.

  • Teleportation: Jericho can use the Evanodor Compatriot Boost Spell to transport him to other dimension.
  • Flight: Jericho can use the Cloak of Levitation to fly at a constant speed.
  • Element and Magical Manipulation: Jericho can manipulate magical and mystical forces, elemental forces at his will. He can also summon mystical creatures to counter-attack magical attacks.
  • Spirit Possession: Jericho can call the spirit of his brother, Daniel, to possess others or to double his strength, durability, speed and stamina.
  • Speaker to the Gods or Loa: Jericho can speak to the Loas or to the Gods.



Strength level

Normally 250 lbs. When merged with Daniel he can lift 500 lbs.


As a mystic, Drumm has been limited to the disciplines of voodoo magic, not the wider world of magic.


Equipment: Doctor Voodoo utilizes a medallion to assist him in harnessing the "Loa." He also employs a host of voodoo paraphernalia such as "voodoo-dolls." Drumm also has the right to claim the Wand of Watoomb, according to Doctor Strange, but it is currently lost in another reality.
Transportation: Flight through the Cloak of Levitation, teleportation
Weapons: Sometimes uses conventional firearms.


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