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Probability Spider

Real Name
Jason Rei
Current Alias
Probability Spider

Four Arms, Six eyes, Spike




Vanos (Grandfather), Unknown Parents


Base Of Operations
Attilan, Orollan Sector





Unusual Features
Spider-like appearance with spikes coming out of his body, six eyes, and visible fangs and teeth


Marital Status

Patrolman, Body guard

Taught by Attilan Elders, primarily his grandfather

Empowered by the Antigen nectar

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Go ahead and try your luck around me, it just might change. Quote2
-- Jason

Early Life

Jason is a young man who was born in the slums of Attilan, which is known as the Orollan Sector and the more "run down" part of town. As a result of being born in the slums his family, like many, wasn't exactly with a lot of money and often had to make due. To say the least, Jason learned rather quickly how those in the upper classes tended to look down on them which surprised him considering they were of the same clan and species. And even in his young curiosity his parents tended to try to steer him away from being tempted to go into the parts of the city he was not welcomed in.

To avoid his natural curiosity getting the better of him, his parents began trying to get him into other activities during his childhood. And for a time he seemed satisfied in reading several books his parents had accumulated over the years, the two serving as librarians for Attilan's library where they also took their son many times. By chance, Jason did eventually come across old self-help fighting books and how to use "Free running". Though the latter book seemed not of his home world it intrigued him enough he began learning the techniques in secret. Although, by the time he was ten Jason seemed to not mind showing off his skills in using only his body as a way to get around, often climbing the sturdier shelves of the library or the different pillars and railings.

The head librarian began to show some annoyance for this, finding Jason's antics distracting and disturbing the quietness of the library. After two more years of this his parents were threatened with being fired if Jason did not rein in his energy he seemed to have, forcing his parents to become rather strict with him until the approached his grandfather to better distract him. Vanos did just that with taking the boy to more lessons with the elders where he met some of the future Underdogs and Defenders, even befriending them quickly.

But this began to change as the separation of classes became more of an issue, causing the future Underdogs to lose touch with friends of the upper class. The only time Jason himself ever saw those old friends was when he used his parkour around the city, though he tended to not stay long with threat of being locked up every time he was spotted in the nicer parts of Attilan.

Poor Elite

When the time came for the Genetic Council to find a newer generation to undergo the change for genetic potential, Jason was one of those who was chosen. But during this time someone among their own began speaking out against the caste system forming in Attilan, this being an old friend in the form of Tau Feras. Jason was drawn to his radical views and like many couldn't help finding he was right and that when the time came for the change it was time they made a statement.

Powers and Abilities


  • Spider Physiology:Upon exposure to the Antigen Tree nectar, Jason was given the characteristics and ability equal to that of arachnid. He visibly has spikes on his head and arms, which can be used for defense and offensive purposes and six compound eyes. He also has visible elongated fangs and four arms that seem to only add to his appearance along with non-retractable claws on each finger.
    • Superhuman Strength:Jason has greater strength then the average human, being able to lift ten times his own weight. The limits of this strength is unknown, but this can be especially found in his arms and legs, allowing him to jump several feet into the air in one single leap.
    • Superhuman Agility:His agility, balance, and bodily coordination are far beyond the finest human gymnast. Jason is incredibly limber, with his ligaments and tendons being twice as elastic as a normal humans, allowing him to perform acrobatic and aerialist stunts with relative ease, going well above Olympic-level gymnasts.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Jason's body creates less fatigue toxin then normal humans, usually taking several hours longer to produce and become impaired by exhaustion.
    • Superhuman Durability:Jason's body tissue and musculature is twice as strong then the average human. This makes him more resistant to injury from greater impact forces and superhumanly strong individuals. But he can still be injured after several powerful blows, but it takes a lot of force or hits at one time to do real damage.
    • Superhuman Speed:Jason is able to move at speeds faster then the finest human runner, possibly being able to keep up with a speeding car on foot.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium:Jason can achieve a state of perfect equilibrium, allowing him to instinctively correct himself in mid-air when falling to land on his feet and to easily balance on the most narrow of places.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Jason's reaction time is above the finest human athlete. He is able to easily dodge several punches and high caliber bullets, if he is aware of the firearm that is and is far enough away. This is helped greatly by his agility, sometimes flexibility as well.
    • Minor Danger Sense:Jason has a kind of danger sense that allows him to psionically sense threats or potential threats within his immediate vicinity and gives him some idea of what direction but not the direct spot of where it is.
    • Wall-crawling:Like the majority of spider heroes, Jason can use wall-crawling through the use of electrostatic force. This enables him to manipulate the molecular bonds of surfaces by unknown means to be able to crawl up vertical surfaces and cling to walls. This takes some concentration on horizontal surfaces and sometimes vertical areas depending on how focused Peter is mentally otherwise he risks falling. He can also make use of his claws as a secondary option.
    • Organic Web Creation:Within his wrists, Jason has spinnerets that allow him to create his own webbing that is incredibly strong and sticks to most surfaces. These are used to capture people or things, create nets, and allow him to swing around surfaces. He also has time to time used them to allow others to get across places, hoist them up, or help them to scale surfaces. BUt he is able to employ these webs for some different situations, the webbing even proving water resistant to some degree.
  • Probability Field:Jason also has the ability to manipulate probability fields, literally giving people "bad luck". These are usually reasonable bouts of such unfortunate events that happen within seven feet of him and is not limited to his range of sight.


  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:Jason has taught himself different forms of unarmed combat, using books he found in Attilan's library to do so. These were refined following his grandfather taking greater attention to Jason's studies and have been adapted to accommodate his new abilities.
  • Skilled Free Runner:Since he was young, Jason took an interest in parkour and has become quite skilled with it to the point he barely makes use of his wall-crawling and claws unless it's a difficult obstacle to overcome. This has served as his primary way of getting around Attilan, especially the Orollan sector.
  • Jason also has some knowledge in how to make use of mild toxins, having taught himself how to make them. This extends to ones that make someone mildly to severely ill, temporarily paralyze someone, and causing sleep.

Strength level

Has greater strength then any Inhuman his age, height, and weight being able to lift 3 tons even


  • Due to his physiology, Jason is weak to some chemicals that are meant to keep bugs away, often making sick and extremely dizzy.
  • Jason's danger sense isn't always completely reliable. Though it can give him a hint of what direction danger is coming from it seems limited to the exact location.
  • Jason's probability is also not entirely in his control as the opposite may happen within it's range except for if things are in his line of sight.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Attilan Vehicles, his webs
Weapons: His spikes, claws, fangs


  • Jason's name and powers are partly inspired by his Earth-7194 counterpart and some inspiration from Spider-man.


  • Jason has a habit of eating insects from time to time, which tends to gross out many around him.

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