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Jason Isaac is new character exclusive to the marvel reforged comic imprint, after the world changing secret wars altered reality. (see Marvel Reforged)

He is a teenager who is a big fan of Spider-Man's, and upon the multiverse collapsing, SHIELD needed new members quickly so they let 16 year old Jason into the academy to help keep the peace. He then took part in a few battles, though his training was minimal. Her finally fought alongside Spider-Man himself when the new Team Spider faced off against the Ultimate Goblin and his drones, but was caught in an explosion, putting him in a coma.

He awoke six months later and took up the alias of Scarlet Spider before a brief battle between Team Spider, himself and Kaine. He then revealed himself to the group, and Peter recognized him from his multiple visits to him while he was comatose. Jason explained he awoke but was gravely injured, without proper use of his arms of legs. He was sent to the Deathlok facility by director Phil Coulson, and regained his strength via cybernetic implants, and exceeded that far beyond human capability. He upgraded himself further to mirror all the powers of Spider-Man, stole web-shooters and took the mantle of the Scarlet Spider.

Peter offered him and Kaine a place on the team, but both declined for different reasons. Jason wanted to find his place in the world, so he left, promising Kaine he would take another name: Spiderlok. He left to go to a city unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Cybernetic Implants

Give him super strength, reflexes, speed and agility.

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