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Spider Archer

Real Name
Jason Bernard Barton
Current Alias
Spider Archer

Spiderhawk, The Archer, Spider Boy, Hawk Spider, The British Spider-man



Young Avengers, Defenders Squad; Formerly Barton Family

Clinton Barton (Father), Jessica Drew (Mother), Barney Barton(Uncle), Unknown Grandparents(All deceased)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles California; London, England, United Kingdom






Marital Status

Student, Vigilante

College Level

Mutate through his mother's altered genetics

Place of Birth

First appearance



Quote1 Never seen a spider archer before? Well it's your lucky day, now you have. Quote2
-- Jason Barton

Early Life

Jason is the son of the legendary archer Hawkeye and one of the original Spider-women, Jessica Drew. Unlike most of the children of the Avengers and other heroes, Jason was born in London, England where his mother is originally from and where his parents decided to move shortly after their wedding. To say Jason's life was normal would depend on one's perspective as despite many heroes retiring, his own parents did not and decided to continue to fight crime in the United Kingdom. But, for much of his earlier years of life Clint and Jessica took turns going out in handling crime when it was needed but spent the rest of their time also with their son.

When he was four, Clint and Jessica started their training with their son in the hopes he would become interested in heroics and follow in their footsteps. In the beginning, Jason viewed these as merely fun games and chances to spend time with his parents, mimicking and copying their moves the best he could when he started. In the meantime, Jason also went to school when he wasn't training and managed to make a few friends but not many due to the public knowledge of who his parents were. With the dangers that came with being associated with heroes not many parents were thrilled to have their children as such, but Jason never seemed to mind as he settled with the friends he had even well into his later years.

By the age of twelve, Jason began to take a more serious attitude since by this time his parents decided to start taking Jason with them on there heroic outings. He began to take his training even more seriously to the point he quickly began mastering several fighting forms, weapons, and proficiency in acrobatics and archery like those of his parents. It also was throughout his life he realized that he had his mother's powers, leading Jason to often have to learn to properly use them and when to hold back. Still, he was a quick study and eventually took the name of "Spiderhawk" as his codename in the beginning, helping to take down organized crime and other street-level concerns.

What Jason was kept in the dark about however, was that his parents had also begun to uncover another plot of an old enemy: HYDRA. Spooked by this, Jessica often was away to follow leads while Clint continued things with his son which lasted for the next few years. Though always wondering what was wrong with his mother Jason decided never to question it.

Across the Sea

Eventually, word reached the Barton family about plans for the Avengers Academy being opened which seemed to come at the perfect time. Concerned with HYDRA's return and worried that Jason might be caught in the crossfire in some way, Jessica talked with Clint about the offer they were sent. The two came to the conclusion it would be safer for Jason to leave England for the time being not just for his safety but so he could socialize with others like himself without concern of being judged or viewed as a safety hazard.

So, at the age of sixteen Jason made the several long hours trip to Los Angeles where he was brought to the newly opened academy. And almost immediately he was greeted warmly by some while being sized up by others.

Powers and Abilities


Due to mutagenic genes passed down from his mother, Jason inherited some attributes of a Spider. Though whether he will ever manifest unique abilities of his own or additional powers is not clear.

  • Superhuman Strength:Jason has greater strength then the average human, being able to lift ten times his own weight. The limits of this strength is unknown, but this can be especially found in his arms and legs, allowing him to jump several feet into the air in one single leap.
  • Superhuman Agility:Jason's bodily coordination and speed are above the finest human athlete. This helps him with his already masterful acrobatic feats to perform things people would take years to learn. It always enables him to be far more agile and in a sense more graceful then most in his movements and actions.
  • Superhuman Reflexes:Jason's reaction time is above the finest human athlete. He is able to easily dodge several punches and high caliber bullets, if he is aware of the firearm that is and is far enough away. This is helped greatly by his agility, sometimes flexibility as well.
  • Superhuman Flexibility: Jason's ligaments and tendons are twice as flexible then the average human, allowing him to move his body in ways most would never think possible for a human. This makes him incredibly limber and allows him to contort his body into places more would have difficult doing, even at their peak flexibility.
  • Superhuman Durability:Jason's skin and bone is far tougher then a normal human, allowing him to take great impact forces that'd injure or kill a human and also withstand some superhumanly powerful individuals. But much like his mother Jessica, he does feel some discomfort each time.
  • Venom Blasts:Like his mother, Jason has an excessive amount of bio-electricity running through his body, possibly greater then the average human. Because of this, he was taught how to create venom blasts in forms of energy projections. With being taught directly by his mother, he learned to control the levels of only stunning someone to killing them on an equal level of a lightning bolt striking, mostly done by affecting a human's nervous system.
  • Contaminant Immunity:Much like his mother, Jason is immune to diseases, toxins, and drugs. But unfortunately, he can still be affected by them for a long period of time as unlike his mother his body takes longer to build up the immunity, having to take several hours to days to recover depending on dosage or how serious an illness could be. He also has immunity to moderate levels of radiation.


  • Jason is considered an archery expert, but not quite a master. He's known to hit targets with great accuracy from several feet away but he is still working to get that pin-point accuracy his father is known for.
  • With training from both of his parents, Jason has proven to be a master acrobat, which has been further improved upon by his spider abilities.
  • Once again, thanks to his parents Jason was taught armed and unarmed combat. He has been taught in various forms by both to the point he is considered a master martial artist if even knowing some moves Taskmaster once taught his mother with the subjects she could not comprehend.
  • Jason has some skill in espionage and has shown to be a decent tactician, though has not quite reached his full potential.
  • Aside from archery, Jason is a proficient user of various weapons, mostly throwing weapons like boomerangs, balls, and bolas but also knows how to use a short knife, swords, and tonfas.
  • Between both parents, he is multilingual in being fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and French but has broken language in Russian and a few others.

Strength level

Though his strength is unknown, Jason possess strength ten times that of someone his age, height, and weight.


  • Unlike most spider heroes, Jason does not possess everything they do, especially in terms of the stamina, wall-crawling, and spider-sense commonly associated with them that he has seen thus far.
  • His immunity to poisons, drugs, and illnesses is different then Jessica Drew's. He takes several hours to days to build up an immunity, and can be affected by the illness and poisons until his body can ward them off. Sometimes it has to be a rather large dosage in terms of poison and drugs to get a full immunity.
    • He also has only moderate immunity to radiation, where as his mother has total immunity due to the injection she received earlier in life. Anything above moderate levels can begin to greatly affect Jason like any common human.
  • Jason tends to rush into things without thinking, causing him to be prone to danger.



  • Quivers, which usually there are several at hand to be used and in a similar manner to his uncle may have more then one type ready.
  • Thermal/Radar Mask and Shades:To compensate for the lack of a spider-sense, Jason has his mask and a pair of shades fitted with Thermal imagining and radar systems, to help detect body heat and environmental disturbances. The Radar though helps to detect objects roughly within twenty feet of him, though must be activated manually with a button on the sides.

Transportation: Sky cycle, SHIELD vehicles

  • "Steel" Long Bow:Jason's primary weapon of choice is a specially made bow out of a lightweight but durable steel-like compound, although the true compound is currently unknown. This bow can withstand his superhuman strength and is capable of being folded for easy storage.
  • Trick Arrows:Like his father, Jason also uses a variety of trick arrows to add additional effects aside from a sharp tip. Most of his arrows though are made of light weight aluminum and bare sharp metal tips with the exception of a few.
  • Sometimes varies but will often carry a small knife.


  • Jason's look is based on the colors of the purple on his father's costume and the red of his mother's.
  • He is inspired by the idea if Clinton Barton and Jessica Drew were to have a child.


  • Jason has stated his favorite trick arrows to use are the electricity and sonic arrows.
  • Though not a true "spider hero", he chose his name to honor both his parents.
  • Jason has shown to have a similar fighting style to his father with combination of his mother's. But he cannot use the Way of the Spider, largely due to the fact he finds it'd be unlikely with the use of his own and the weapons he uses, but mostly because he thinks it'll not work without a spider-sense.

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