On Earth-50, the Wasp was instrumental in the Squadron Supreme's adoption of fascist methods and their subjugation of their Earth for what they saw as the greater good.


The Wasp's history was identical to her Earth-92131 counterpart until President Wilson Fisk threatened the world with nuclear war in a scheme for personal power. The military under Fisk's leadership was able to capture the Wasp.

Beaten, bruised, and weakened, Wasp was brought before the President. Held in place by two soldiers, President Fisk publicly executed the Wasp with a shotgun. The Wasp's unjust murder caused her teammates to retaliate and attack the White House directly and for Captain America to kill Fisk.

Afterwards, the Squadron took complete political control of the Earth, instituting conditions near martial law, suspending elections, and stopping free speech protests. Two years later, Wasp's death was still felt by her teammates.

When Earth-92131's Ultron arrived on Earth-50 to recruit the Squadron. Finding out about Wasp's death, Ultron created a robotic duplicate to replace her.

Powers and Abilities

The Wasp used a shrinking suit. The suit until allowed her to fly, shoot electric energy blasts and control insects.


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