Janet Van Dyne, also known as Wasp, is a former-FBI agent and current Avenger. She was following the Avengers when she gained powers due to exposure to the "Pym Particles", unstable irradiated cells being experimented on by Hank Pym. She joined the team, and became the superhero partner of Ant-Man. She was dating Hank Pym/Ant-Man, until he died in Kree Unleashed. Deeply missing Hank, she completely hated Eric O'Grady when he took up the name of Ant-Man. Eric turned out to have a secret crush on Janet, and always tries to get her attention, much to her annoyance.

Powers & Abilities

  • Flight - After being exposed to the unstable Pym Particles, Janet grew insect-like wings which can only carry her off the ground when she's in her tiny form.
  • Size Alteration - The unstable Pym Particles also gave Janet the ability to decrease body mass and shrink down like Ant-Man.
  • Electric Zaps - The unstable Pym Particles gave Janet the ability to fire off severely painful blasts of bioelectricity.
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