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Jane Grey Reynolds

Real Name
Jane Grey Reynolds
  • Jane Langstrom
  • Jean Grey
  • Light Phoenix
  • Princess Reynolds

  • Alignment


  • Selena Langstrom (Adopted Mother)
  • Jonathon Grey (Biological Father)
  • Elaine Grey (Biological Mother)
  • Jean Grey (Twin Sister)
  • Scott Reynolds (Husband)
  • Nicole Prescott (Mother-In-Law)
  • Kevin Reynolds (Father-In-Law)
  • Kyle Reynolds (Brother-In-Law)
  • Laura Kinney (Sister-In-Law)

  • Universe

    Base Of Operations
    Xavier Institute For Gifted Youngsters





    Unusual Features
  • Jean Grey looks a lot like Jean Grey with slight differences, such as hair and eye color.

  • Status

    Marital Status

    Attorney of Law



    First appearance

    Mutant X & ForestFire in "Double Trouble"


    Quote1 You know I'd never thought I had a sister until now?" Quote2
    -- Jane to Jean after discovering they're related

    Jane Grey was born the same year and time as Jean Grey; however she was pronounced dead after she was born. She was to be laid to rest; however a nurse named Selena Langstrom discovered that she didn't die and decided to take her as her own.

    Meeting of Fate

    Jane was raised by Selena and was said to have been taught how to manipulate and use her powers; however failed. Selena eventually enrolled Jane in the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters; which brought her to Westchester, New York. Upon her arrival; she met Charles Xavier and Mutant X; who were immediately shocked to see her in person because of her resemblence to Jean Grey. Despite everything; she was taught in a separate class to Jean; however she eventually met Jean Grey. Jean was surprisingly shocked to see Jane's appearance; so shocked however both of them fainted. After being revived from fainting; Jean and Jane looked at each other and this time didn't faint. Despite possessing some differences; their genetic make up was uncanny. This called for a further investigation conducted by Mutant X in order to get a better idea on who Jane was and where she came from. According to records on Jane's mother; which led to an important and shocking discovery. The records on Selena suggest that she never gave birth to any children and there have been absolutely no records of Jane ever being adopted; in fact, no record of Jane was recorded until 2 years prior. The only evidence he found was that the Greys did in fact have another daughter before Jean; however was said to have died in childbirth. With the evidence gathered from records; Mutant X approached Jean's parents with a request of a blood sample from both of them. They reluctantly honored his request and gave 2 blood samples to him and he promised to get back to them as soon as possible. The samples were eventually analyzed the samples from Jean and Jane; as well as the Greys. The DNA match turned out positive and a genetic match. Upon looking at the genetic match, the records and just their appearance; Mutant X came forth with the evidence to Charles and eventually called both the Greys and Langstrom; as well as concerning the Jean and Jane as well. It was later shown that DNA results from Selena and Jane didn't match; however when compared with the the Grey's blood sample; it was proven to be a direct match. It was right after the blood comparison when Selena explained that she was going to bring the baby back to her family; however despite her attempts at contacting them; she couldn't find them; therefore leaving the young baby in her capable hands. Although the truth was shocking; the Greys didn't press charges and thanked Selena for being honest with them; as well as being an excellent mother figure to Jane after all these years.


    Jane has become an intelligent and very successful student at the Xavier Institute, like her sister. She has also become a master of her powers and even known to have dated several people. She even dated Scott Reynolds and eventually got to the point where he proposed to her. She accepted his proposal and eventually they married at the Institute thanks to Charles.

    Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy: Like Jean; Jane is capable of reading and controlling a person with the use of her mind and bend them to her will. She is even capable of wiping a memory clean of any memory that she desires as well. There are limitations however to her telepathic powers; such as her inability to manipulate mutants with godlike powers.
  • Telekinesis: Jane also possesses the ability to move and chuck objects with the use of her mind as well; however like Jean, Jane has had some problem with effort. She eventually learns how to bend sheet metal and levitate 2 helicopters. She can even capable of allowing herself and others as well if she so desires the ability to defy gravity.
  • Reality Manipulation: Unlike Jean; Jane was born to naturally manipulate the real world and bend it to her will with ease.
  • Light Phoenix: Like Jean; Jane possesses a side to her that is preferably to keep within her at all times. She possesses a phoenix form that is unlike Jean's; which means that she can become a force to be reckoned with; except against godlike beings and gods. Another unique characteristic is that her phoenix form can actually bring her back to life after death; keeping her in her youthful form, basically making her an immortal.


  • Peak Human Agility: Jane is known to possess amazing natural human agility.
  • Mixed Martial Arts: Jane has been taught in various forms of martial arts; giving her an edge against enemies with martial arts.
  • Superior Intellect: Like Jean; Jane is known to possesses an advanced superior intellect that is matched by beings like Mutant X and ForestFire.
  • Multi-Linguist: Unlike Jean; Jane trained herself to know many languages; terrestrial and extra-terrestrial in origin.
  • Peak Human Swimmer: Jane is known to possess a swimming capability that can match that of an Olympic swimmer.

    Strength level



  • Effort: Like Jean; Jane possesses a severe problem when it comes to effort against her foes; meaning that she lacks a certain amount of effort to reach her potential. This eventually somewhat wears off; however it is still problematic for her.
  • Advanced Telepaths: Against minor telepaths; Jane is resistant; however against telepaths like Mutant X, ForestFire and even Mesmero; Jane has the same susceptibility as her sister.


  • X-Men Uniform: Like all the X-Men; Jane is no exception to being issued an X-Men uniform. Her's is modified with self-replicating nanobots; designed by her father-in-law to protect her against her enemies.
  • Flight: With the use of her telekinesis; Jane is capable of defying gravity for a significant amount of time.
  • X-Jet: Like many mutants who can't fly for long or not at all; Jane also is a passenger in the SR-77 Blackbird.
    Weapons: None known.


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