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Jamie Salmon

Real Name
Jamie Salmon


Elsa (Ex-Wife)
Rose Salmon (Daughter with Elsa)
Black Coat (Ancestor, erased)
Abigail Lindsay (Ancestor, Deceased)
Arthur Pendragon (Maternal Ancestor via Author Authority)
Sif (Earth-JDS02) (Wife)
Blaise Salmon (Son with Sif)


Base Of Operations
Underneath Ayers Rock




Brown, (Pre-Power)
Ash Blond (Magic)
Black (Post-Power up)


Marital Status

King of Arendelle
Regent of Atlantis

High School

Homo sapiens superior

Place of Birth

First appearance



Jamie Salmon is the descendant of Black Coat that he ensured would be able to exist with the use of the Black Coat. He is regarded as the fourth Chosen one by God, and later powers up giving him the power of Fictional Mimicry. For a brief time, he had the powers of Author Authority, and was able to manipulate the real world of Earth-1218. He transformed himself into the Dark One after he used the his powers to write the Dark One's Dagger from Once Upon a Time into his real word, and changed so that it is mixed with the Light Magic. He is an Australian by parental lineage, but became a Citizen of Arendelle in the Disney World, and Altantis in Earth-1218's world.

Powers and Abilities


  • Author Authority: A previous ability he used after causing problems in his life, and used it to make everyone else's lives he wronged better without him. Afterwards he used it to write a clone of the Dark One's Dagger into the real world, and altered the clone to prevent it from completely corrupting his mind. (Removed)
    • Magic: After obtaining the Dagger, he immediately gained magic, and undid a surgery that saved his life which cost him to be cripple. As long as the dagger is close to his heart he was Immortal. He was capable of using all kinds of Magic, and even could generate Fictional characters into the real world.
    • Immortality
    • Fictional Manifestation: He could summon characters from Fictional Worlds, and bring him into his, for example: Elsa the Ice Queen.
  • Chosen One
    • Fictional Mimicry: He later gave up his Magic, and Author Authority abilities after his powers attracted the attention of many powerful entities, and sacrificed his powers to stop people form exploiting him, and nearly suffered a heart attack due to his surgery being undone. He is taken to Eden where he is told to mediate to on the Holy Trinity symbol, and is powered up with the ability to use Fictional Mimicry. After he learns multiple abilities, he ventures to the Earth-616, and New Earth to train under the Avengers, and Justice League respectively. He required many abilities such as Magic, and many abilities from three different fictions. Such as Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon. He can use most of Naruto's techniques, has his own Sharingan, can use the Galick Gun, Kamehameha, and use Pokemon abilities. Other than that he has several of his own abilities.
      • Uchiha Physiology: After he gained his power from the Holy Trinity, he chose to use an Uchiha, and Uzumaki Physiology giving him access to his own Sharingan, which later becomes a Rinnegan.
      • Uzumaki Physiology: As above however he gained the high stamina, and chakra prowess of an Uzumaki.
    • Accelerated Healing: If Jamie is injured by something other than Silver, Angel, Demonic, and Divine Weapons, he can heal at rate that it looks he was never injured at all. His healing will also forcefully expel poison, and prevent him from getting drunk from alcohol that is less then 10 million years old.
    • Supernatural Speed: He was able to fly from 120 Sextillion Light years in 10 minutes.
    • Supernatural Strength: he was able pull an Angel away from a Neutron Star which both aren't normally possible
    • Heat Resistance: He can with stand 577800 K of heat.
    • Cold Resistance: He can withstand -577800 K of Cold weather.
    • Healing: Jamie can heal all wounds including Soul, and Spiritual wounds as long as he wasn't the one to cause Soul/Spiritual Damage in first place.
    • Reflex Immunity: He doesn't turn away, cough, shiver, duck, withdrawal, squint, twitch, and even flinch at an attack less than 7.
    • Evil Immunity: Jamie cannot be corrupted, possessed, or tempted by Evil.
    • Respawning: Also called Semi-Mortality. Jamie is given 157 lives, and if any of them are taken he can instantly revive removing all injuries or method's that killed.
    • Absorption: He can absorb cloned soul energy, and radiation that increase his power. He can also absorb radiation, and erasing it.
    • Flight: After copying Superman's soul, he can the ability to fly, and can freely fly after spending five years training.
    • Psychic Shield: Along with his Evil Immunity; his mind cannot be read as God removed his future from the Bible of Destiny. Preventing anyone from reading his mind, and anyone his married to.
    • Instant Killing Negation: Due to being a Religious Chosen One, he cannot be killed by creatures, and being that normally can kill those with a touch or glare.
    • White Magic: Also known as Light Magic, Jamie regained his White Magic, and was able to combine it with his Mimicked abilities from fictional shows. He was also able to use it to encase himself in Plastic when was about he fall into a pool of Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Angelic Arm: After cutting off Lucifer's left forearm, Jamie's left forearm was replaced by his, and was transformed back into an ordinary Angel Arm, by Jesus Christ. After this is was capable of using Angel weapons, and even use Lucifer's Pitch fork.
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


None known.

Strength level

Has Supernatural Strength.


Previously his ego
Silver Weaponry, Angel and Demonic weapons, and Divine Powers


Equipment: Silver-Stainless Steel Chokuto
Transportation: Flight
Weapons: Chakra
Natural Energy


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