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Hands of the Demon

When Tony begins putting together his satellite surveillance system, Jim with his military superiors are a part of the debate over it. With the rise of superheroes and villains, an alien invasion, and several internal traitors like Obadiah Stane, Justin Hammer, and Aldrich Killian reveled, they in their paranoia consider it, even though it would breach privacy rights. Though several of his commanders are for the project, Jim argues against it. Citing it as immoral and unlawful. Though Tony is his best friend, he has a growing resentment towards him. Growing from a jealousy that was already there, but being intensified. Jim felt Tony was feeling too "entitled" in thinking that he had the right to do to this to the people. Though for a long time he did resent the fact that Tony was handed his success by his parents, when he had to work his way up to where he is. As well as being jealous of the fact that in spite of the fact that he has engaged in superheroics as well, he does not get the praise and thanks Tony does.

Eventually through a in the shadows conspiracy, Hammer Industries manages to officially take control over Stark Industries, and in the process appropriates all of its assets, including the Iron Man and War Machine armors. Not knowing at first of how the take over was executed, Jim tries to go along with it. He eventually however discovers Hammer Industries' alliance with The Ten Rings and what they did to help secure control of the company. Tony by this point has sunk into a depression and fully fallen into his alcoholism, and so Jim decides to try and handle the situation himself. He manages to steal the War Machine armor and goes AWOL to try and expose Hammer Industries for its crimes. Barely escaping however, having a confrontation with a newly armored Ezekiel Stane who gains an upper hand in a battle that ensues. While he does this in part because it is the right thing to do, but deep down he also relishes the chance at proving his own worth as a hero and not get overshadowed by Tony.

Hammer Industries quickly learns about this and they with the help of The Ten Rings begin hunting him. SHIELD has yet to learn of Hammer Industries' crimes, and thus is strong armed by them into helping them in the hunt. Nick Fury is suspicious of them to begin with, and knows that Rhodes is a good man who wouldn't have done something like this without good reason. He hears that Jim claimed The Ten Rings was allied with the "real Mandarin" and thus tasks the team Agent Jimmy Woo is a part of in hunting him. Hoping that if Jim was telling the truth, he could get through to Jimmy and receive some aid. As Jimmy for years tried hunting The Mandarin to no avail, and thus would be the most susceptive of his agents to helping him if he was being truthful.

After a while of being hunted, he is eventually cornered by Woo's team. He however does manage to get through to Woo and show him some new evidence he has found. Shortly afterward however Jim is captured by men working for Hammer Industries and taken to their headquarters as a prisoner where he is interrogated by Justine Hammer.

During his adventure, Jim had discovered what The Mandarin's true agenda is and reveals it to Justine who previously hadn't known he was planning to release a new form of Extremis on a global scale that would wipe out most of the world's population. Enraged she keeps Jim imprisoned and goes to confront The Mandarin herself with a large number of her men. When she is killed in her attempts to stop him, Mandarin having learned from her about how they had Jim in their custody sends a group of his men to retrieve him. Planning to use him as a potential weapon.

A group of Ten Rings soldiers manage to break Jim and the War Machine armor out of Hammer Industries and brings them to The Mandarin's headquarters.

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