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Real Name
James Redfeather
Current Alias

Jim, Jimmy



Savage X, Weapon X

Unknown Father (Deceased), Brook Redfeather (Mother)


Base Of Operations
Weapon X Facility, Savage Land, Antarctica




Red, (Mahogany)

Unusual Features
Eyes tend to change to various hues of green due to his mutation


Marital Status

Weapon X Agent; Formerly student

High School level


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I don't know how to view my powers, and quite frankly I don't know how to view myself. This so called gift is a curse! Quote2
-- James Redfeather


James was born to an Inuit indian mother and unknown father who originated from Africa. One a business trip his father met his mother when visiting her village town, the two falling in love in that short time and Brook decided to move back to Africa with the man. Little over two years later and with the two just recently married they discovered Brook was pregnant and were overjoyed. But a month before James was born tragedy struck as a local riot happened to where his father was working and he was unfortunately beaten to death with no way to get help. From then on Brook lived as a lone woman and worked a few odd jobs to get by, even after she had her son.

After a while James and his mother had enough money they were able to get a decent house on the coast. Now his mother worked in making clothes, blankets, and crafts that allowed for a steady income and for him to go to school. Since he was generally in Africa all his life James began to seek any hobbies to pace his time and began to learn to adapt to the land from his mother while also finding a place to learn combat. Though this form of combat was more a defensive type since he preferred defensive to offensive. But he also took some practices in kick boxing to have some variety.

During these years James was quite happy, although there had been times he wished his father was around and hated to see his mother so saddened. But life continued for them until one day when James was coming back from his school he was comforted by a local gang who wanted his money. Though he refused to cooperate the wanna-be gang moved in and began a fight between them and James. But out of wanting to not actually harm them and defending himself the young man unleashed his mutant power, creating a aurora force field that sent the men back before accidently blasting one that rushed him. Startled by this James quickly took off, unfortunately having problems stopping the power going out of control.

That same day James and his mother fled to the US, fearing that the incident would trigger the alert of authorities to take action due to the possible misunderstanding of shocked or frightened villagers of the unknown. Here he stayed for a short time before his powers went haywire, causing issues for the villagers and earning some attention.

Unwanted Life

Weapon X, the Extinction Team, and Wolverine's staff quickly took note of the powerful signature James gave off and were quickly upon his village. The result came as a fight to try and get the young man, each for their own purposes but he soon fled when realizing what they were after. Unfortunately, he didn't get far before Rogue caught up to humans tried to talk the young man down, but in James's panicked state he wasn't going to listen and attacked. Giving the veteran X-man no choice Rogue acted to avoid the attack and used her own ability to knock James out.

Once the young man awoke again he found himself at the Jean Grey School, hearing about how the X-men tried avoiding causing any more damage to his village. But this didn't make things any better for James who became depressed and resentful of his mutation. He was eventually assigned to Laurie's team but had the most difficulty with his powers and less then enthused to be a team member. He has also recently shown some concerning tendencies that have forced Laurie to keep a close eye on him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Aurora Energy Manipulation:James can generate and manipulate the same energies that are cause for a natural occurring aurora, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere or more specifically caused by emissions of photons ionized by nitrogen atoms. This gives off a visible aura of various bright to dark greens around him. His powers are primarily affected by his force of will and emotions, mainly depending upon the situation. He can use this naturally of his mutation allowing him to use it various ways. But the upper limits of his abilities are not yet known and is suspected to be a near-Omega or potential Omega level mutant.
    • Aurora Blasts:By concentrating the energies of this power James can fire concussive force blasts of varying degree, each always varying in green hues. These blasts are strong enough to easily blast through stone and rock or most weak metals.
    • Aurora Emission:A much more concentrated form his aurora blasts that is more of a beam that can vary in power depending on concentration. This can come from any part of the body, including his eyes which can be small enough it has a cutting effect to being a full on blast strong enough to go through most weak metals.
    • Aurora Force Field:James can make visible shields of varying shapes and densities, allowing to withstand energy-based or element-based attacks from minor to major damaging blows which is done by projecting the energy outward. He can also make these shields withstand most physical blows like kicks, punches, knives, and blunt objects but nothing that is a physical projectile, such as bullets.
    • Aurora Constructs:Like energy manipulation James can create solid constructs that is limited to his imagination and has so far created weapons, armor, animals, and tools from these. They last for about an hour for small constructs for only about ten minutes for larger ones, thus are limited and can sometimes break or disappear with enough force.
    • Aurora Volatile Constructs:A much smaller attack that allows James to make solidified aurora energy into small orbs which explode when coming in contact with a surface of any kind. Explosive power can vary depending on how much he concentrates which is like a fire cracker to a grenade sized explosion.
    • Aurora Flare:By charging the energetic charged particles with the atoms more so then normal James can create a type of bright flash of green hues that temporarily blinds a foe.
    • Physical Energy Form:A recently discovered part of his power, James has discovered with concentration he can turn his physical body into a solid form of aurora energy, becoming literally an energy being for a limited time of 5 minutes making him mostly invulnerable to physical attacks but not exactly to energy or element type attacks.
  • Magnetic Field Sense:James is slowly discovering he can sense a planet's magnetic fields, such as those given off like Earth allowing him to sense changes in the atmosphere within a three-mile radius. This allows him to also sense movement or disturbances in his environment, and is a sub-power of his Aurora Energy Manipulation.


  • High Intelligence-James has shown to be a rather bright young man who has rather great analytical skills and being a quick thinker. He usually prefers to think outside the box for many tasks but also will think inside it. Sometimes those who know him have said he is an excellent multitasker, being able to pay attention to two-three things at a time and knows how to improvise on a short notice.
  • Kick Boxing/Karate-James began learning Kickboxing and Karate mostly for self-defense purposes. With these fighting styles he has learned to make use of quick punches or jabs, different types of kicks, sweeps, throwing maneuvers, cliches, and blocking techniques. He also knows some strikes using his palms and knees. It has been estimated his skill is at least an Orange belt.
  • Survival Skills-Having learned many of these skills from his mother James knows how to survive without being in civilization. He can easily make use of the environment, which he can make a shelter, fire, and tools if he needs them. Some of these skills also allow him to hunt game which he may even make a trap or two while using animal calls to lure them in or some ways to keep warm if making a fire isn't an option.
  • Trilingual-James actually knows three different languages he learned while growing up. Though English is his primary language of which he speaks fluently while knowing some of the Inuit language from his mother and some African. Although it is often broken words and not full sentences when it comes to speaking of his African language.

Strength level

The average strength for a teenager his age and height who engages in moderate exercise.


  • Due to his powers manifesting recently James has really no control over his mutation, or really he can't always use them consciously. Often he has to be careful as blasts of the aurora energy tend to occur spontaneously or shields manifesting without warning, usually this leading James to have to be careful around others.
  • His powers are further affected by his emotions and will, usually ending up weakened when he is in a state of sadness and depression but can get stronger should he be angry, upset, or rather joyful and excited. This can also sometimes trigger his powers to go out of control at times, more so than they usually will.
  • James's Magnetic sense is rather weak, only enabling him to go at it's current limit and even with concentration cannot reach any further than 3 miles. Also, James cannot always pinpoint a disturbance or change that occurs within these boundaries as such disturbances aren't always within sight or there could be several at one time.
  • James can actually be manipulated and exploited quite easily surprisingly in a few different ways. For one fact he is a little naive and his curiosity may often get the best of him, leading him into some situations he tries to avoid. Second, James fears his powers could potentially kill someone and he rarely uses them consciously thus some people can act upon this fear. Lastly, James is not one for getting into fights and tends to avoid them and on top of that he isn't the greatest fighter and those more skilled than this young mutant could easily overpower him.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-men vehicles, X-jet
Weapons: None known.


  • No special notes.


  • According to those who had tracked James when his powers went haywire it is possible he could be an Omega-level mutant.
  • James' hobbies are fishing and hunting.
  • James has come to the conclusion he is the first in his family to be a mutant, but is unaware the grandparents on his father's side at least one of them was a mutant who lost their powers during the House of M event.

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