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Real Name
Jaden Howard Stark
Current Alias

New Tony Stark, Rich boy, Techno-geek, Chameleon Boy



Young Avengers, SHIELD

Howard Stark (Grandfather, deceased), Maria Stark (Grandmother, deceased), Arno Stark (Paternal uncle), Tony Stark (Father), Unknown mother, Pepper Potts-Stark (Step-mother), Unknown Paternal Half Brother,


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Hungarian orphanage



Formerly Brown



Unusual Features
reptilian-like appearance, fangs, claws, tail, slightly pointed ears


Marital Status

Student, hero, inventor

College Level



First appearance




Jaden is the experimental son of Tony Stark with an unknown mother. He was made using Tony's DNA and that of a random female SHIELD agent before being artificially grown in a test tube for nine months. Once he was fully developed as a child, scientists removed him from the tube for him to make his first breathe in the world and the sudden change from the small, fluid filled environment to that of the outside world triggered an unexpected mutation. Though shocked by the unexpected activation of an X-gene, SHIELD still viewed this as a possible additional asset for a sleeper agent later on of which was the point of Jaden's creation.

Following this, Jaden was taken to a foreign orphanage in Hungry where a SHIELD agent moved a few blocks away to keep an eye on the young future agent. It would be from here that Jaden would grow up and make use of skills from his environment from a very young age. The orphanage he resided in was a decent place but within a rather small village with little to do, which led the two owners of the orphanage to keep the children busy with helping with chores and businesses around the village. Though due to his appearance Jaden was often rejected with job proposals or help, leading him to become somewhat depressed and having little food since the orphanage went without much. Out of spite, Jaden began using his powers to steal and play pranks on the town throughout much of his younger years until he was about nine.

At that time, a gang came across the town by chance and decided to turn the village into a lucrative area for various trafficking of drugs, weapons, and other unsavory business investments. Threatened by the gang of harm in a town that had few resources to fight back there was little that could be done as the group turned the place into a sort of hellhole, angering many but not much could be done. Not wanting to roll over for the thugs though, Jaden was one of the few who decided to do something about it and often made ventures to his library to use their books to seek some solutions and using the coffee shops computers to learn about engineering and fighting, practicing them in secret at the orphanage when he could. After about a year, Jaden began using these skills to fight back against the thugs while using his unrefined stealth tactics against them and rallying some behind him to fight back.

Unintentionally, Jaden became a sort of hero in his own right in slowly fighting off the more major issue of the village. With some effort he also got some help from the local law enforcement that hadn't become corrupt from the organized crime and began helping to bring the gang to justice or forcing them out. By his teenage years, Jaden had his own codename and had made a makeshift armor suit inspired by Iron Man, unknowingly his father, to held fight back. Once things had settled enough the agent who had watched him from afar finally approached him about a proposition of joining SHIELD, explaining some of why he was there and even though he was reluctant at first Jaden finally agreed to come with.

A Renegade's new path

Following in leaving Hungry, Jaden was initially taken to the Helicarrier to undergo some basic training with other Junior Agents where for once he was met without rejection and discrimination of his reptilian appearance. Finding some had powers as well, Jaden actually found himself at home among the SHIELD agents and began to refine his current skills for better use. But this training lasted only for a few months before Jaden was pulled from their lessons much to his disappointment but was actually asked by Maria Hill to become part of the new Avengers Academy open with a catch: being one of her moles to watch the new students closely.

Though reluctant to be a snitch of sorts, Jaden almost disagreed before Maria put in that she would disclose the full truth of his creation should he agree. Finding this offer too good to pass up, the sixteen year old mutant quickly accepted and was put on the new roster of students and moved to the Los Angeles to attend the new academy under his previous and new ambitions for his heroic career.

Powers and Abilities


  • Reptilian Physiology:As his primary mutation Jaden has a reptilian-like physiology, granting him many of their abilities. On top of this he also has a prehensile tongue that is a bit longer then his whole body to catch things or use as a quick attack towards others. His tail also helps him to balance or hold onto things. He also has non-retractable claws and sharp canines, both of which can easily tear through bone to weak metals. So far he has displayed the following abilities:
    • Enhanced Durability:His bodily tissue and bone structure is stronger then the actual human, enabling him to take most impact forces that might usually be fatal to a human with only minor injury. But he still can easily get some broken bones.
    • Enhanced Agility:His body coordination, balance, and reflexes are twice that of the finest human athlete, allowing him to perform some feats most humans might take years to learn.
    • Enhanced Stamina:Jaden can last for long periods of time before fatigue toxics build up in his body to impair him. He can last several hours longer then the average human but not as long as those with superhuman levels.
    • Keen Sight/Smell:Jaden can see with greater clarity then most humans, noticing some of the smallest details before most can and has some degree of being able to move his eyes separately to be able to see at a nearly 360 degree angles. His smell is also strong enough he can catch it from a mile and a half away or follow a scent little over two days old.
    • Enhanced Lung Capacity:This allows Jaden to take in greater amounts of oxygen then the average human, allowing him to hold his breathe for longer periods of time or go into certain environments that may be lacking oxygen at all.
    • Venomous Bite:Jaden naturally produces a kind of mild to strong toxins in his body, and is able to secret these toxins in his teeth. Thus if he bites someone it can leave them feeling terribly ill, physically weakened, or almost instantly kill them. But a person's resistance can be a factor of how badly they are affected, especially those with some kind of enhancement or immunity build up.
    • Camouflage:Jaden is able to copy the patterns of various backgrounds, depending on the surface and copy it's pattern to blend in and avoid detection.
    • Wall Crawling:Thanks to some microsuction satae on his hands and feet, Jaden is able to scale most surfaces and even cling to ceilings.
  • Technopathy:Jaden has a secondary mutation enabling him to communicate with machines, being able to hear them "talk" to him enabling him to understand how they work and "Feel". He can also control these machines such as turning them on even when they have not worked in years, disassembling them and putting them back together, switching them off, and knowing what kinds of components make up the machine.


  • Genius-level Intellect: Jaden has shown to have his father's genius intellect. He can understand several bits of information at once allowing him to be quite the multi-tasker. He can understand various complex formulas, has shown an exceptional memory, and can process his thoughts quicker than most. This also has allowed him to become a quick study and advance academically to the point of being a college level student despite still being a teenager.
  • Jaden seems to have an intimate knowledge of machines and technology, more so with his Technopathy power while also expressing some expertise in science.
  • Infiltration: Jaden has also shown he is a rather decent infiltrator, his camouflage and stealth tactics having been used often on the streets to steal and amaze people, allowing him quite a bit of practice with them.
  • Parkour/Close Quarters Practioner: In his spare time at the orphanage, Jaden learned through various books and observation from afar some hand-to-hand combat techniques and has taken up using Parkour as a way to get around but still has some time before he can be considered a master.

Strength level

He has the same strength as a man his age and height who engages in moderate to intensive exercise.


  • Due to his physiology, Jaden is highly weakened and affected by the cold, making him almost weak to the point he can hardly make any moves.
  • In order to use his technopathy Jaden must be around machines, directly touching them by physical contact.
  • Jaden suffers from a kind of cancer that cannot really be cured completely, only put into remission. As of this moment he is healthy but there is always a chance the cancer will keep coming back.
  • Unfortunately, Jaden cannot regrow his limbs like a real lizard.



  • Renegade Armor which is outfitted with mechanical wings to grant him flight, radar systems, energy transmitters,Radio wave receivers, and Arc Reactor energy weapons in his wrist gauntlets and chest.

Transportation: Wings of his Renegade armor, SHEILD/Academy vehicles
Weapons: Arch reactor weapons in his suit, his claws and fangs, sometimes various weapons


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  • Jaden kept his codename from a brief time as a solo hero from his preteen and earlier teen years.
  • Since his mutation Jaden has shown a craving for bugs, he said so far his favorite kind is grasshoppers and crickets.
  • He is definitely not a womanizer.

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