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Sister Voodoo

Jada Drumm is the female counterpart of Doctor Voodoo/Jericho Drumm of Earth-616. Like Jericho, she is a voodoo witch, but she is also the Supreme Lady of Voodoo of her reality. Otherwise, her history is the same as that of her counterpart, with the obvious exception of being a woman. Currently, her greatest mystical adversary is the demonic sorcerer Black Talon, who wants to destroy her in order to become the Supreme Houngan of Voodoo in order to release upon the Earth the scourge of the undead.

Powers and Abilities


Pyrokinesis: She can become immune to fire, unable to burn or feel the effects of heat or heat damage. Jada can control fire for a wide range of uses, from creating incandescent pillars and ramparts of flame to projecting bursts of flame hot enough to vaporize steel, that can burn even naturally fire-immune creatures like the Human Torch, the Ghost Rider, demons, or fire elementals of comparable power to Mephisto, Lord Satannish, Mangog, Dormammu and Surtur. Though her skin becomes totally impervious to damage from natural, psychic or magical fire, she is not immune to divine fire.

Smoke Manipulation: Sister Voodoo is able to create a form of smoke or vapor that conceals her location. This smoke is accompanied by the sound of voodoo drums. The steady beat of the drums can disorient or frighten an opponent. She can see through the smoke she creates, and possibly through other magically created smoke. She can also mystically animate the smoke to make it solid and create shackles of smoke to trap opponents or smoke constructs like tentacles, chains, blades or creatures to use to attack opponents.

Hypnosis: Sister Voodoo has the power of hypnotism. It is very effective on humans, but works even better with animals. It can also be used on plants and vegetation, and can twist wood by creating tendrils and commanding an entire forest around her to fight for her. The target must be alive, but she can focus on mesmerizing more than one being at a time.

Spiritual Possession: Jada can summon the spirit of Loa from her sister Danielle Drumm. Danielle can enter Jada's body to increase Jada's physical abilities, or she can be used to possess another being. The person becomes a virtual slave while he or she is alive if they have no other possessing spirit within their body. When Danielle's spirit leaves the body, the affected person usually feels nauseous.

Speaker for gods or Loa: Jada can speak to the Loas and serve as a mortal vehicle for the voices of the higher entities of creation.

Magic Immunity: Jada is immune to harmful magic.

Magic Manipulation: Jada can manipulate magic entities.

Teleportation: Jada can use Evanodor Compatriot Boost Spell to transport her or a group of allies to other Magic dimensions of the Multiverse.

Flight: Jada can use Levitation magic to fly at a constant speed.

Magic and Elemental Manipulation: Jada can manipulate magical and mystical elemental forces at will. She can also summon mystical creatures to counter magical attacks.

Large-scale energy handling.

Mystic Shields: She is able to cast mystic energy force fields around her or her allies that can withstand the most powerful attacks.

Invisibility: She can make herself or a group of allies invisible and undetectable, even to other superhuman beings or mystics who can see the invisible, or security systems that can detect invisible objects or people.

Spectral Vision: [she can perceive entities invisible to others].

Telepathy and telekinesis: She is able to use these two psychic powers with the same skill and power as a supreme psionic in the Marvel Universe.

Astral Projection: She can project her invisible astral form to other places in the world, or even to other times and other dimensions or realities of the multiverse retaining all her mystical powers in astral form.

Clairvoyance, precognition, postcognition and psychometry: She can use all these powers with the same ability and power as supreme mediums.

Projection and Revelation of Illusions.

Sister Voodoo also showed many minor powers, such as:

Intangibility: She can turn into an intangible ghost that can penetrate solid objects, people or creatures.

Transmutation: She can transmute matter and living beings into other forms [from transforming a human into a frog, a beautiful man into a "monstrous beast," a group of demons into black crows, a platoon of Asgardian soldiers into pigs, a dragon into a gecko, and an army of android duplicates of Ultron into toy dolls, etc.

These powers make her one of the most powerful female witches in the Marvel Multiverse.


Psychologist: Jada has a doctorate in psychology in the United States of America.

Multilingual: Jada is fluent in English, French and Swahili, along with native French Creole.

Unarmed combat skill: Jada is known for using punches from martial arts, and is a refined, close combat fighter.

Force Level

Usually 6 tons. When mixed with Danielle, it can lift 14 tons.


the Staff of Legba: The Staff of Legba is a two-pointed mystical weapon bestowed upon the supreme Houngan, the most powerful voodoo sorcerer on Earth.

Sister Voodoo also uses a locket to help her summon the "Loa". She also employs a number of voodoo paraphernalia, such as voodoo dolls.

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