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Thing Jr.

Jake's history matches that of his MC2 counterpart.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike his father, Jake is a mutant, who gained powers similar to those of his mother and father due to his parents' mutation by cosmic rays (like Franklin Richards).

Thing Jr. has immense superhuman strength comparable to that of his father. The fundamental difference is that he can become the Thing Jr. and human again by concentrating. When he first transformed into the Thing Jr., he could only lift 75 tons, but over the years his strength continually grew to the point where Jake could lift 96 tons. His strength remained at this level for some time, but as more time passed, through steady weight training and further mutation, he has increased his strength to a higher level and is now able to lift up to 100 tons or more. He has enhanced stamina, which allows him to exert himself at maximum effort for up to an hour before starting to fatigue.

Jake's size also increases in his Thing Jr. form. Jake's mutated epidermis is composed entirely of orange-gold granite rock, but unlike his parents, this mass of granite is not choppy in parts, but one solid mass with a few cracks in order to bend. One notable feature of his mutation is that he no longer has any outer ear structure, though his hearing hasn't been diminished in any way because of this. Presumably, due to the mutating effects of the cosmic rays, all of Jake's ear/hearing physiology has been internalized though with no loss of function or acuity.

All of Jake's internal organs and soft tissues have been enhanced as an adaption to his new physical size and body composition. His skin/body can withstand extreme environments, including temperature extremes from -75 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. His skin can also withstand at least 15 pounds of explosives per square inch and deep crushing pressures of the ocean floor. Thing Jr.'s skin is so hard it is practically impervious to being punctured or breached by anything from blades to multiple high caliber bullets. His enhanced physique has even proven durable enough to withstand extreme blunt-force impacts from the Hulk's fists and Thor's hammer, incurring only minor damage or insignificant chipping. Despite his size, he still has a decent amount of agility and movement.

He is trained, experienced and highly skilled at piloting a multitude of aircraft; including many invented by his friend and teammate Reed Richards. Jake has been trained in military hand-to-hand combat techniques, he has trained and competed as an professional boxer, he is a very skilled wrestler and he has years of street-fighting experience from growing up on the mean streets of New York City and his gang involvement. Jake has combined this training and experience into his own unique and effective style of brawling, which he has used quite effectively against a veritable 'who's who' of strongmen in the Marvel Universe (both heroes and villains); many of whom are physically stronger and/or more durable than he is.

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