Jack Ward was a villain in the Marvel Animated Universe appearing in Spider-Man 2099. Ward was an intelligent sound engineer who created a suit that could generate and control sound. With the suit Ward battled Spider-Man 2099 as the Shocker of 2099.


Jack Ward was a talented sound engineer and owner of Ward Sound Laboratories. After consuming all his money on his research, he inevitably drove his company into bankruptcy. He tried to find work with Alchemax using his sound technology, however, Tyler Stone saw no profit in it and threatened to cut his funding.

In order to save his business, Ward created a suit with four built-in sound generators, each of which capable of different effects for demolition but Stone saw no real use of it, until he discovered it could be used to destroy more than blocks. In order to please Stone, Ward agreed to kill the Spider-Man of 2099. As a result, he became the Shocker of 2099; a villain with sound based powers. The Shocker is able to use sound vibrations to create earthquakes and other destructive properties. He's also able to "mute" all sound in a surrounding area. He also possesses the ability to transmit radio signals to receivers the size of a paperclip.

After his first encounter with Spider-Man, Shocker's suit was damaged, which caused the Shocker to be overwhelmed by the surrounding sound amplified by his helmet, leaving him permanently deaf. While he was eventually able to form a kind of hearing aid, he was never able to fully regain his hearing.

Power and Abilities

While Ward had no powers by himself, he possessed a robotic suit with four embedded sound generators that gave him a variety of sound based abilities.

  • The chest generator adjusted the ultra-low frequency vibrations he could target at any direction.
  • The right-hand generator was a "sound masker", that is, a muting device that produced absolute silence by replaying the sound it captured out of sync, making the waves cancel each other out.
  • The helmet could alter his frequency perception by unblocking the sound waves canceled by the sound masker, and thus turning on and amplifying any desired sound.
  • The two circular palms emanated destructive sound wave force, and had razor sharp claws in the event of hand-to-hand combat.

Ward was a genius when it came to sound. All of the technology was of his own design.


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