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Real Name
Jack Hellwood
Current Alias


Unnamed father, deceased,
Unnamed mother, deceased, Gabriel Mcquire, aboptive father





Purple(only on the right side of his chest and his right arm)

Unusual Features


Marital Status


Got powers from an amulet.


First appearance



Death of His Parents

During his early life, someone broke into his family's house. His mother hid him in a closet and then gave him an amulet. Then someone fired a gun in the house. She closed the closet and walked away. Jack heard the gun fire again. Minutes later, the cops arrived at the house and found the bodies of his parents. One of the cops heard sobs from the closet. He walked over to the closet and opened it to find young Jack crying.

When the results finally came in from that night, it turned out that the perpetrator was still on the run.

The cop, Gabriel Mcquire, took care of him and after some years he adopted him. He raised him like the son he never had. Gabriel didn't had a wife, so it was only the two of them.

The infection

After some years, Jack started to notice that his skin under the amulet, which he never took off, started to turn purple. He rejected it as the amulet having probably bumped against his skin. But he started to notice that the purple color didn't disappear, it instead looked like it was spreading. He thought this was weird, but refused to take the amulet off.

One day when Jack come home from school, Gabriel saw his purple skin, which now had spread to the whole right side of his chest and a bit up on his arm. Gabriel got worried and asked if he had been beaten up in school, which he had not, then Gabriel insisted they would go to the hospital, which Jack didn't find necessary, though he was quickly convinced. At the hospital, they did multiple tests, which had no results. When they got home, Gabriel said that he should probably take the amulet off, which Jack absolutely didn't want to. Gabriel said that it probably wasn't good that it bumped on his skin, but Jack still didn't want to take it off. Then Gabriel said that he was his parent, and that in this case he got to decide. But when Gabriel reached out to take off the amulet, Jack screamed NO and pushed him away, but when he pushed him he used all his strength and pushed him into a wall so hard it broke. Jack looked on what he had done and run. He ran and ran without stopping. He ran to the train station, bought a ticket to the earliest train and, when the train come he left the town, his home.

He went to the end station, where he used his phone to find a hotel. He rented a room and slept there during the night. The next morning, he checked out and started his "new life".

New life

He spent the next few months stealing and begging. The infection had now spread to his whole right arm and up onto his face. The right half of his face was now purple, and it even turned his right eye purple, giving him something that people felt sorry for and gave him some money. One day when Jack was sitting and begging in his normal place, he saw a man on the other side of the street looking at him. Jack thought that it might be a person sent by the crime boss in the area, so he took his mug and walked into a nearby alley. He saw that the man started to follow him, so he turned a corner and stopped, awaiting the man following him. When the man turned the corner, Jack jumped at him, but the man was prepared and threw him into a wall. When Jack looked at the man, he saw that he was wearing a black and blue armor and had a big hammer in his hand. The man said that his name was Adrian Demson, and that he was there to protect him. When he said this, the ground exploded under Adrian's feet and threw him into the same wall he had thrown Jack. From the hole started to come horrifying creatures. Jack asked in horror what those creatures were, which Adrian replied that they were demons before going into battle.

Powers and Abilities


Demon Amulet: Jack's amulet comes from hell.

  • Demon Infection: Jack's amulet slowly turns him into a demon. This grants him special powers.
  • Energy Taker: Jack can suck the energy out of someone.
  • Object Consumption: If he touches an object, he can consume it.
  • Demon Arm: So far, the infection has spread only to his right arm.
  • Superhuman strength.
  • Control over lesser demons.


Jack is really creative.

Strength level



None known


Equipment: Devil amulet
Transportation: None
Weapons: None known.


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