Jack Danner was born on January 5th, 1974.

Life before marriage

Growing up a son of privilege, nothing seemed to phase Jack, including the death of his brother in a gardening accident and losing his parents due to his father's drunk driving (though some believed they were murdered). Orphaned, Danner lived at a Catholic orphanage until his aunt returned from Europe to assume custody.

Eventually, Jack joined the military and attended college. Traveling the world to learn from the greatest martial artists, Danner eventually returned to Chicago.

Meeting Joan and Starting a Family

In 2001, he met Joan in San Francisco while on a business trip. He saved her from being hit by a bike, and he fell in love with her during the first six months of dating, proposing to her on their half-anniversary. He married her in June of 2002 and spent the honeymoon in Paris, France, spoiling Joan and making her happy as much as he could.

One year after their wedding, Joan and Jack started to talk about having children. He wasn't sure at first, but later realized how much he'd love to have a child and to give them a childhood he never had.

In May 2006, after numerous attempts to get pregnant, Joan told him she was two months pregnant, Jack was extremely happy about it. When he found out he was having a daughter, Jack was nervous at first but delighted afterward. Mabel Emma Danner was born on December 12th, 2006. Joan made Emma godmother to honor their friendship.

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