"Shadows seem harmless but, in the end we are all victims of a murder." J'avo to Ben Parker before killing him.

J'avo, is a mysterious underworld criminal mastermind, mercenary, and assassin. He leads the criminal think tank The Golden Circle, and is a prime member of the Masters of Evil. He is also a mutant with an ability to control time, allowing him to kill multiple targets at once and then vanish in a instant.

J'avo killed Ben Parker a fellow scientist and friend of James Power, J'avo wanted they're research into anti-matter, Ben wouldn't tell him so J'avo killed him and sent his two Henchmen Killer Tide, and Stingray to kill James Power.

J'avo later attempted to kill James Power and his family, but was stopped by Ultra Spider-man. He was able to defeat the Power-Pack.

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