Ivan Kragoff, a.k.a. the Red Ghost, was a Russian scientist who created a teleportation device. He sent three apes through it as a test, and they came back with super-powers. He went through the teleporter himself, and gained the powers of invisibility and walking through walls. His apes, Dmitri, Grigori, and Miklho, were now able to talk like humans. He decided to lure Reed Richards and Susan Storm to his lab so he could take their power and use it to make him and his apes even stronger, so they could take over all of Russia. They were defeated, but swore revenge. Later on, Ivan, by himself, joined the Intelligencia, only to be defeated by the Future Foundation and locked up in a SHIELD prison.


  • Dmitri - Dmitri gained the powers of telekinesis and levitation.
  • Grigori - Grigori gained indestructible skin and super durability.
  • Miklho - Miklho gained super strength and giant size.

Powers & Abilities

  • Invisibility - Ivan, after going through the teleporter, gained the ability to turn invisible.
  • Intangibility - Ivan can walk through walls and solid objects.
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