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Real Name
Ita Santorem
Current Alias

Bird Girl, Shi'ar Throwback


Young Avengers, New Warriors Squad; Formerly Inhumans

Unknown Father (Deceased), Avera Santorem (Mother), Likely other unknown Shi'ar relatives


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; SWORD orbital base (briefly); Formerly Attilan





Unusual Features
Purple feathered wings, eyes lacking pupils, orange tinged skin, feathered hair

Inhuman Shi'ar Empire

Marital Status

Student, Vigilante; Formerly SWORD trainee, Attilan body guard

Trained extensively by the Inhumans

Shi'ar / Inhuman hybrid

Place of Birth


First appearance




Ita is the result of a Shi'ar agent marrying her mother, Avera Santorem, who is an Inhuman and eventually having a child together. Though at the time of the marriage, her mother was not aware of her father's true nature and it seemed for a time the family would be a happy one, seeming loyal to the Royal Family and remaining so even in times when others threatened Blackbolt's ruling. From a young age Ita was taught the culture, history, and various subjects available on Attilan, including those they obtained from their occasional times of interacting with Earth.

It was from about the age of five or six that Ita began training early on to become a body guard for the palace royals. Under her father's tutelage and those of the other guards, Ita began learning marksmanship, armed and unarmed combat, and how to use various types of weapons. To her father's hidden satisfaction Ita was a natural in being a warrior, something she seemed to inherit from her father and proved herself to be at the top of her class quite often as she grew. But, her training was interrupted when she was selected to undergo Terrigenesis when she was found to be genetically compatible to do so and was taken to the chambers below the city with a few other youths at twelve years of age to undergo the change while unknowingly at the same time her father was discovered to be a spy.

Though initially Ita's change was not clear, when she discovered the truth of her father and everything he had been doing her anger and sorrow triggered her change into a garuda-like creature. Unfortunately, the change initially caused her to go in a berseker rampage that caused damaged to part of the city that took a while for her to calm down. Following the event, Ita found herself completely shunned by her fellow Inhumans, including those she had called friends until the following year she exiled herself from Attilan and eventually ended up in the care of SWORD who took the young teen in when she had no where else to go.

For the next three years, Ita would find herself once more feeling accepted in a place that not only trained her to better control her new powers but also to make full use of them. She received further combat training and showed potential to be another agent for SWORD while in her free time she also began doing more research on Earth, including it's history and cultures that intrigued her. It was here that she came across the legend of the Garuda in Hindu mythology by chance, giving her the inspiration to take up the codename.

New Beginning

Eventually when Ita reached sixteen, she saw news of the new Avengers Academy being opened and with her usual curiosity researched more information on it. When learning of the exploits of the Avengers and other heroes, Ita became inspired to join the team herself and sought permission from SWORD superiors to do so. After a little thought they allowed her to go to Earth to continue her education there and within a day or two Ita arrived on the door steps of the Academy, taking it upon herself to enroll and attempt to become a hero in her own right.

Powers and Abilities


  • Garuda Transformation/Physiology: After going through Terrigenesis, Ita acquired the ability to change into a massive half human, half bird like creature resembling a mythological garuda. She retains her orange skin and dark orange eyes with the addition of bird like features vaguely reminiscent of an eagle with purple feathers and purple stripe markings. She does though retain her clawed hands, wings, and bird shaped eyes in her regular state, her transformed state seeming to have been influenced by her Shi'ar heritage but also revealing her status as an evolutionary throwback.
    • Aerial Adaptation: As a result of this change, Ita has greater lung capacity than any human allowing her to take in greater amounts oxygen and withstand higher or lower atmospheric pressures than a normal human. She also has hollow bones allowing her to be lighter than most while having little to no fat on her body. This can apply to her garuda form and normal state.
    • Wing Manifestation: Ita also has wings that allow her to fly, being feathered like a bird and resembling purple angel wings that spread to about 16 feet but in her Garuda form they reach about 22 feet when fully spread. They allow her to go to the maximum height of 10,000 feet and fly at speeds of over 100 mph.
    • Superhuman Strength: Ita has greater strength than the average human, being able to lift 1 ton in her regular form while in her garuda form she is capable of lifting 4 tons due extra mass.
    • Superhuman Agility: In both states Ita's agility and coordination are above the finest human athlete, enabling her to outmaneuver most and perform complex acrobatic and aerial maneuvers. With it she has prove to be show exceptional dexterity in the air, even when in her more bulky state.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Ita is capable of engaging in rigorous activity for longer periods of time than the average human, being hours before fatigue toxins begin to impair her.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Ita has far superior reflexes than the average human, making her able to react to most dangers within seconds of seeing it, being able to avoid low caliber bullets or most close quarters strikes.
    • Keen Sight: Due to her partly avian physiology, Ita has exceptional sight in which she can see things with greater clarity and further distance than most. She can detect the slightest movement seconds before some can and has shown to have a limited telescopic sight.
    • Limited Pheromone Control: Ita has shown she also has some pheromone powers, being able to subtly change the mood of those around her to alter their moods for a limited time such as causing attraction, calming someone, and making them aggressive.
    • Berserker State: Unfortunately, in her garuda form there are times when Ita is stressed, upset, or angered she can slip into a far more feral state in which she will attack everything and everyone in sight. This is something she seems to have no control over and tends to last for sometime unless she is calmed down or runs out of energy.
  • Psionic Weapon Constructs:As a secondary power, Ita can manipulate pure psionic energy to a limited degree in shaping it into weapons. When in use it emanates from her hands before it takes shape from mental images she forms of the weapons. They take on a solid state in where it can not only mentally affect someone but also physically, the weapons becoming sharp, blunt, etc. like the real things. She can maintain these indefinitely so long as she has the energy and focus to do so.


  • Excellent Marksman:Ita can shoot with almost near perfect accuracy, missing only a few times at best depending on the target and certain circumstances. Though she tends to have better accuracy with hand guns then she does with bigger guns.
  • High Intelligence:Ita is a very bright woman who can think on her feet and knows how to plan her moves or improvise. She may not be the greatest tactician but it tends to work well enough she can think of decent plans.
  • Excellent Mixed Martial Artist:Ita knows various forms of fighting that can allow her to hold her own in a fight and giving her an alternative to her marksmanship skills. Some of these forms are those of Earth like jujitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and karate with a mix of those used by the Inhumans. She has the skill of at least a first ranking black belt.
  • Weapons Specialist:Since she was young Ita has been trained in various other types of weapons besides firearms, most of all blades. She has proven herself a decent user in long and short bladed weapons along with throwing weapons like boomerangs and throwing knives. She has also been known to use spears, bo staffs, chains, and most other types of weapons that might be available.

Strength level

Ita can lift 1 ton in her regular form and 4 tons in her transformed state.


  • Ita's wings are fairly open for being easily harmed, whether it be them being cut, shot at, hit, or broken they are delicate in structure and big targets.
  • Though Ita is skilled in forming her psionic weapons, these can be affected like regular weapons or disrupted when she is exhausted, loses focus, or mentally has them disrupted.
  • As a side affect of being exposed to the terrigen mist Ita suffers from severe muscle pains, which cause twitching akin to seizures and unfortunately has an addiction to the terrigens themselves, this leads her to have to have a small terrigen crystal hanging around her neck every day.
  • Though her garuda form is quite powerful, a heavy drawback is she can tend to fall into her berserker state when angered, upset, or stressed and has a more animalistic mind, causing her to only understand basic concepts and having sporadic use of her secondary power.


Equipment: Terrigen crystal necklace
Transportation: Her wings, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: Many made from her Psionic constructs, varies


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  • Considering that Ita has been through terrigenesis it can be speculated she was genetically able to have the process despite her hybrid nature.
  • So far, she is the only known Inhuman-Shi'ar hybrid.

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