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It (Earth-61712)
Real Name
Current Alias

"Pennywise," the Dancing Clown, The Eater of Worlds, and Children, The Spider or "Arachnidan," Whiteface, Nightmare's Personification, The Ultimate Nightmare, Balloon Guy, "The Troll"



Itself, formerly the Macroverse


Base Of Operations
Derraine, New Troy; The Macroverse (formerly; destroyed)






Marital Status

Consumer of inferior races and species, throughout the entire known universe

Mysterious entity, risen since the beginning of time itself

Place of Birth
The Macroverse

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics: Squadron Supreme
Vol 1 86

(first appearance chronologically)
Modern Comics: Tales of Nightmares
Vol 1 1

(origin revealed)
Modern Comics: Squadron Supreme
Vol 1 96


Quote1.png I gotta say, you do remind me of those kids back at that Derraine town... You're just as fearless as they were... And yet, you're just as frightened... Quote2.png
-- "It," taunting the Squadron Supreme

The White Outburst

The creature, simply known as "It," belonged to a presumably extinct race of shape-shifting and malevolent entities who were millions and billions of years old, who lived in the peculiar dimension known as the Macroverse, since the beginning of time itself, and with no exact gender or solid identity whatsoever. Their entire lifetime goal in the Macroverse was to track down, and consume every inferior race and species, throughout the entire known universe in order to keep on surviving. Their race eventually caught up the attention of another ancient powerful race known as the "Guardians," whom they had became their archenemies for millions of years, until the events of the "White Outburst."

During the mysterious cosmic event known as the White Outburst, the race of those creatures came into extinction when a large amount of cosmic radiation wiped out the entirety of "It"'s race, presumably the Guardians, and the rest of the inhabitants in the Macroverse. "It" luckily was the only one who escaped and survived the extinction event, however the amount of energy caused by the force of the radiation threw "It" billions of light years away from his home dimension, unexpectedly transporting him into the realm of Earth, the home of the so-called "mortals."

A Silent Terror

"It" was a mysterious being from an unknown realm or dimension outside the regions of space, known as the Macroverse. When "It" came into wake on planet Earth during the early days of human civilization, it began to feed on helpless and fearful sentient beings, most notably humans (and later superhumans), mostly children.

From time to time, "It" starts to use his shape-shifting ability in order to lure it's victims, though it's favorite disguise was that of a colorful and wisecracking circus clown named "Pennywise, the Dancing Clown," a name which was actually been used by a real person whose career was also a circus clown during the late 1700's, right before "It" had killed and consumed him and had taken his place. It could also morph into any other being or thing it pleased, generally based on its target's loved ones or friends to lure them into traps or simply appear to them as their very worst fears and nightmares.

For thousands of years thriving on Earth, "It" adopted a pattern of hibernating and waking approximately every 27 to 30 years to kill prey and feast on flesh of innocent children. Whenever "It" awakens, it is always marked by a great and brutal act of violence such as murder or suicide, as the creature was naturally drawn to victims who were susceptible to suffering and tragedy.

"It" was later defeated by in the town of Derraine, New Troy for the second time by the same group of people who used to defeat "It" back when they were still kids. Despite "It"'s defeat, he was later revealed to have survived, cheating death once more, and continued hibernating in his mysterious chamber below the sewers of New Troy, as "It" would rise, once again to instill terror among humanity. "It" would later awaken once again three decades later, more powerful than ever, during the revolutionary age of the "Superhuman Revolution," where the rise of superhuman population and activity began to ascend throughout the community, so much to "It"'s curiosity and interest.

The Supreme Evil

Eventually at some point, "It" started terrorizing and feeding on children with superhuman abilities, making "It" even stronger than it ever was before, and later manages to find it's way on to Erskine University, located at the infamous New Troy City. Inside the entire campus, "It" started off disguising as one of the facility's maintenance and slowly made it's way into terrorizing and hunting individuals, from faculty and staff members to students inside and outside the campus. "It" also returned back into his favorite form, Pennywise and continued to terrorized the neighborhood near the university, searching and tracking down individuals to feast in, not only their flesh, but also their greatest fears. Unfortunate to student Jeffrey Walters (who is secretly the superhero speedster, Blur), one of his closest friends, Mark Landers, sadly became one of the unexpected victims of the living nightmare, who had kept on haunting the academy for several weeks.

"The Man Without Fear"

For a short while, "It" was having it's time feasting on fearful individuals, until it came across the outstanding professor Matt Murdoch. At first, "It" would've thought that Matt would be a delicious victim for it, since he was a "frightened flesh," due to his past and experiences, losing his father and his fiancée Karen, whom he just lost a few years ago after the chaotic events, known as the "Battle of Cosmopolis." Later, this was proven to be wrong however, after Matt revealed himself to be a "Man Without Fear," immediately disappointing the clown after "It" attempted to attack him using his projection of fear and illusion, which unexpectedly didn't work on Matt, because of his fearlessness.

Enraged by the outcome, "It" tries to kill Matt but fails after the superhero speedster Blur arrives at the scene in time, to prevent Matt from getting impaled by "It"'s giant claws. Jeffrey then vowed to seek vengeance against "It," for taking the innocent lives of many in or outside the university, most notably to avenge his closest friend, Mark. After having some difficulties facing the speeding Blur, "It" finally uses his frightening illusions against the speedster, in order to lure him into a trap. "It" was successful, entrapping the Blur into a completely dark room, in which "It" began to taunt Jeffrey, showing him his greatest fears since the beginning of his childhood to his teenage-hood.

Jeffrey tried fighting his fears, but "It" was too powerful, making it gain the upper hand against him. "It" then repeatedly and bloodily beat Jeffrey into a pulp until he was too weak to move and too traumatized to respond, and by that time, "It" was ready to take Jeffrey below the sewers of the building, as his new meal.

The Squadron Supreme

Thankfully, "It" was again interrupted, when the rest of the superhero team known as the Squadron Supreme and Matt came in to rescue Jeffrey from it's clutches. "It" tries to face the Squadron, but with the fact that "It" is outnumbered, it realized that it couldn't take out all of them single-handedly. As a result of caution and vigilance, "It" unwillingly released Jeffrey and retreated down again at the sewers, for now.

With "It" gone, the Squadron immediately carried a scarred Jeffrey, (who was now in a catatonic state) and have him under the care of Richmond Enterprises to help him recover faster, both physically and psychologically after Jeffrey was traumatized by the malevolent clown. Surprisingly, the effects of "It"'s on Jeff had slowed down his healing factor and his cognitive function, making for Jeff difficult to recover (although it was later been treated, thankfully).

While Jeff struggles to recover, "It" continued to rest while he learns more about the greatest and the most secretive fears of the Squadron Supreme's members, so that during their second meeting, he can finally consume their essence for his own personal gain of power and satisfaction of hunger.

Final Stand-Off

After weeks of disappearance, "It" had once again returned into his state of well-being, after getting partially injured by the notorious Squadron Supreme. But before he could've added more bodies to feed itself for a lifetime, "It" was then ambushed by the Squadron (with the exception of Jeffrey Walters, the Blur) inside the dark sewers "It" had taken over with the help of Matt Murdoch, who finally figured out the way to permanently extinguish "It," once and for all and prevent him from re-hibernating into his still, mysterious resting chamber.

The entity and the team then battles out against each other, one last time to the death, while Matt and the hero Nighthawk activates the weapon from ancient technology, which was originally built by the ancient mysterious race known as the "Guardians," that would drain and vaporize all of "It"'s essence out of the entity, the "Deadlights" and weaken the entity to slow it down, so they could finally have the upper hand to finish it, before it could even escape defeat and cheat death, over and over again.

Seemingly at first, the Squadron weakens the entity using their greatest strengths and efforts, although even before the weapon can be successfully activated, "It" manages to distract the team by luring Matt into succumbing his greatest fears, making him think superheroes were to blame because of his fiancée's death. Matt then suddenly attacks Nighthawk unwillingly out of fear and tries to stop the weapon from ever activating. Matt then tried to kill himself after "It" told him that the main reason Karen died was because he was too slow to save her, but thankfully Nighthawk and Doctor Spectrum tries to help Matt by resisting him to withstand his own fears and never blame himself after what happened to Karen. Matt then came into his senses, and helped Nighthawk fix the broken weapon, failing "It"'s tactic once more.

After Matt' conquered his fears, he finally completed the activation of the weapon, designed to vanquish "It," once and for all. However, "It" isn't finished with the entire Squadron Supreme. As a last resort, "It" took all of the heroes down and dragged them into it's resting chamber, even below the deepest and darkest parts of the sewers. The Squadron woke up in the dark, only to realized they were surrounded by "fear" itself. Unknown to them, this realm was unexpectedly been revealed by "It" as the Macroverse itself, more specifically a partial realm of it that somehow survived on the Earth's mantle, since it's destruction during the White Outburst event. Because of this, "It" was so powerful, he had finally reached his most powerful state on Earth, causing devastating tremors and tidal waves throughout the entire northern and some parts of the southern hemisphere, damaging may infrastructures and taking several lives.

Luring the Squadron

Distressed by the amount of damaged unleashed by "It," the Squadron Supreme tries to break their way out of the Macroverse, only to realized they're trapped inside, slowly getting consumed by their greatest and most sinister fears as they tried fighting it. They remained hopeless as "It" continued taunting them with all of their fears, until the willpower of Doctor Spectrum had finally made his ultimate choice, and with that he made the most noble sacrifice by releasing his Power Prism out of his system in order to transport it into a another host of his choice, which was revealed to be in fact, Jeffrey Walters, the Blur. The Power Prism was then released and immediately storms off, escaping the Macroverse using it's strong force before it made its way into the Richmond Enterprises building, where it embedded Jeffrey's right hand and his entire system, releasing him from his catatonic, traumatized state, making him take the mantle of Doctor Spectrum. Jeffrey then used his speeding abilities to fully recover from his injuries, and stormed off the building to where the Squadron were trapped in, the Macroverse.

Jeffrey then arrives at the Macroverse, only to find out that his dying teammates were trapped in the other side of the realm, as "It" projected Jeffrey the illusion of a complicated mirror maze. Jeffrey seemed to be a little challenged at first, although he immediately surpassed the illusion using the willpower of the Power Prism, which he now possesses. As he swifts on the other side, he finally discovered the rotting corpses of his fallen comrades. Devastated, Jeffrey becomes enraged and tried to attack "It" in the process, only to fail because of one thing and one thing only, and that is fear. Jeffrey then realized that those bodies weren't his the Squadron Supreme after all, and that "It" has been trying to mess with his mind since he came down the Macroverse. Then, he heard the call of his teammates, immediately ran into where they were, finally reuniting with them. Now reunited, the Squadron Supreme must face and conquer their greatest fears in order to escape the Macroverse and finally defeat "It," from existence.

Final Defeat

In the finale, "It" battled out against the Squadron Supreme once again. But despite his all-power tempting the heroes with fear and terror, the Squadron eventually used the essence of the ancient weapon that was once used against "It," gaining a temporary immunity that finally got them to overcome their fears and "It"'s deluded illusions. The Squadron then told "It" the ugly sad truth, and that is the fact that the Macroverse (specifically, on Earth) was an illusion itself all this time that "It" created for itself, and it was never real since the beginning of it's arrival on Earth. This even made "It" kept on denying their statements and started havong doubts on himself, driving it mad and insane to the point where "It" itself couldn't determine what is real and what is not. As a result of "It" being schizophrenic and paranoid, it became wild, transforming into it's most truest disfigured terrestrial form, the ruthless and terrifying, "Arachnidian."

The Squadron then used all of their advantages and efforts to attack the now-violent and an afraid entity, weakening "It" to it's most vulnerable state. And as the entity weakens, all of the illusion and fear that they kept on seeing started fading, including the imaginary Macroverse. With now "It" vulnerable and starving, the entity has no where to go. As a final act of assault against them, "It" unexpectedly lunges at the powerless Joseph Ledger, who was the previous Doctor Spectrum, biting onto his neck, screaming in agonizing pain. Shocked, the Squadron immediately pulled the entity out of Ledger and used all their powers to vaporized and obliterate "It," apparently killing it.

Unfortunately before the heroes could ever leave the sewers, "It" immediately returns, now in the form of his all-time favorite, "Pennywise the Clown." The clown then violently battles out and throws all of the heroes in different directions, knocking them all down, and as "It" tries to finish off a dying Ledger, "It" was brutally impaled by Matt from behind, finally using the ancient weapon that would drain all of it's essence. "It" roars loudly in pain, as Matt then stabbed "It" continuously and violently, disemboweling it, and finally stopped after ripping out "It"'s most valuable essence, its "heart." After that, "It" collapses and falls down, lying on the ground, and slowly dies from losing all of its essence, stuttering it's final words to them, "Touché you... Well...played... Well...played," before "It"'s corpse melted into a acidic semi-liquid form, slain. And as of that, the entity "It" is finally gone for good, once and for all, only to leave a haunting scar on every surviving victim it tried to hunt and deceive, including Matt Murdoch, and the entire Squadron Supreme.


Even after his defeat and destruction, the aftermath of "It"'s terror throughout the state of New Troy and the rest of the entire globe had left the world on edge, putting the public perspective on the Squadron Supreme in a new light of path towards the community. After the entity's defeat, efforts were made by law enforcement to recover all the remains left by the killer "clown," because pieces most of the creature's essence, the "Deadlights," were being recovered and sold on the illegal black market.

Through intensive and extensive research in the experimenting the essence, the mad scientist Ebenezer Laughton had developed a powerful hallucinogenic drug he dubbed the "Terror Stimulant." After injecting the substance onto his system, Laughton was able to secrete an odorless pheromone into the air that can affect the adrenal gland of most beings within a distance of 20 feet. Using the substance he developed, Laughton became a highly known superhuman criminal and terrorist throughout the cities New Troy, going by the villainous name of the "Scarecrow."

Powers and Abilities


"It"'s Physiology: Being an inter-dimensional cosmic being and entity, "It" was an extremely powerful entity with extraordinary cosmic and supernatural powers. "It"'s life essence is comprised of writhing bright orange lights called "Deadlights," a dangerous and eldritch form of energy created in his dimensional realm. Although his true form exists outside of time and space in his home dimension plane, the Macroverse, the powers demonstrated by his earthly avatar include the following:

  • Nigh-Omniscience
  • Deadlights Manipulation
  • Mutated Pheromone
  • Psychokinesis
  • Mind Control
  • Possession
  • Telepathy
    • Astral Projection
    • Astral Manipulation
    • Insanity Projection
    • Physical Illusion
  • Shape-Shifting
  • Power Absorption
  • Energy Absorption
  • Teleportation
  • Invisibility
  • Nigh-Invulnerability
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Chlorokinesis
  • Nigh-Durability
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed


  • Master Acrobat
  • Master Combatant
  • Master Manipulator
  • Master Tactician

Strength level

  • Class 100+ (only inside the realm of the Macroverse)
  • Class 85+ (outside the Macroverse, Earth and other planets or realms)


  • Beings with Indomitable Will
  • Beings with Fearlessness
  • Three Decades of Hibernation


Equipment: None known.

  • Teleportation

Weapons: None known.


  • No special notes.


  • "It," was a character created and is directly based on Stephen King's character, "It."
  • During one of it's hunt for a fearful prey, "It" had once encountered the infamous author Stephen King when he was still at a very young age, and even tried to haunt and hunt him down as it's victim through the form of a troll, though it miserably failed due to unknown reasons. King then eventually came up with the idea of writing a novel, based on the terrifying "Troll" that he once saw when he still a child, and later changed it into a clown, thinking that people would find it more terrifying.

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