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On Earth-713, Isaiah Bradley was the first and only super-soldier to fight against the Nazis. Unlike Steve Rogers, Isaiah killed a vast number of enemy combatants during the war, though he did not act rashly, doing only what his hierarchical superiors in the army told him to. He had to crawl through dead bodies while covered in blood and dodging enemy fire on Omaha Beach. In battle he would calmly analyze all possible ways to act in any given situation, making him a perfect soldier. At the end of the war, he found himself frozen in ice, just like Steve Rogers.

Ninety years later, the Avengers woke Isaiah from his suspended animation, and he became their leader, commanding all the incarnations of the team over the years with his brilliant strategic mind and born leadership capabilities.

Powers and Abilities

As a side effect of the Super-Soldier Serum injected into his veins, Isaiah Bradley manifested a number of new powers and abilities, including:

  • Peak human physical condition
  • Enhanced physical and mental faculties
  • Hyper-accelerated healing factor (on par with Wolverine)
  • Extremely slowed aging rate (only showing visible aging of forty years and still in his physical prime despite his ninety years frozen in ice)
  • Skilled in armed and unarmed combat
  • Expert tactician, strategist, leader and field commander

  • Wields vibranium-steel alloy shield

Though not a superhuman power, Isaiah preserves the same high human values, the same individual greatness and the same moral integrity that Steve Rogers has; the only difference is that he doesn't think twice when he has to kill his enemies, when there's no other choice of course. 


  • Isaiah Bradley and all of the Avengers are very much like the Ultimates, and the villains they face are way more dangerous and hard to beat.
  • Isaiah's healing factor makes him exceedingly difficult to kill, much more so than almost all alternate versions of Captain America.
  • Isaiah is an ardent follower of the Baptist church, attending all services whenever they are held.
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