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Real Name
Isaac Newton
Current Alias
Sir Graviton

Sir Isaac Newton, Sorcerer Supreme, Scientist Supreme, Genocidal Genius, Graviton,
High Councillor Newton



Royal Society, Living Legends
(radical faction leader; formerly)

Isaac Newton (father; deceased), Hanna Newton (mother; deceased), Barnabas Smith (stepfather; deceased)


Base Of Operations
Cambridge University,
Cambridge, England






Marital Status

Terrorist, radical faction leader of the Living Legends, and member of the High Council of the Shield; formerly Warden of the Royal Mint, Member of Parliament, university professor, mathematician, Sorcerer and Scientist Supreme

MSc in Mathematics from Cambridge University

Human scientist and sorcerer

First appearance
Last appearance

Ancient Comics:
Living Legends Vol 1 1
Ancient Comics:
Living Legends Vol 2 30


Quote1 I spent years of my life searching for scientific laws, for the silent truth. Now that we have discovered it, I suggest we shall take it into our own hands and uphold it, for the truth does not have to be relative... It is absolute... Quote2
-- Isaac Newton

Early Years

Same as his real world counterpart, Sir Isaac Newton was an English physicist and mathematician who is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution. He studied and graduated at Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. Beyond his work on the mathematical sciences, Newton dedicated much of his time to the study and usage of alchemy in various of fields and purposes, eventually mastering over it in the process after a few years of self-learning, along with biblical chronology and his other written philosophical works, but most of the former in those areas remained unpublished not long after his later death.

The Living Legends

At some point in his life after accomplishing discoveries and scientific principles such as the famous Three Laws of Motion, the Law of Universal Gravitation, and his collection books that was the Principia, Newton was eventually recruited into the Living Legends, something he would later prefer into also calling the organization as the Order of the Shield, and was personally mentored by fellow scientist and historical figure, the great Galileo Galilei, before Newton was eventually promoted into becoming one of the members of its High Council of the Shield. However, as Newton's hubris and paranoia began to overwhelm him in his place and reputation within the Living Legends, he began to murder some of his intellectual rivals who were yet to be recruited by the high council of the Living Legends as a result, using his strategies and tactics in order to make their deaths seeming like they were simply accidents. Such intellectuals he had murdered were also members from his former organization, the Royal Society.

Despite his clever but morbid acts to maintain his intellectual reputation within the secret society, one such fellow former legend would have already predicted Newton's madness, revealing to be none other than the famous seer himself, Nostradamus. Newton later discovered the the "Secret Alchemy," which used his replicated version of the Elixir of Life, and allowed him to live forever. He then captured and imprisoned Nostradamus in the year 1652 after the latter had discovered his extreme intentions, and grimly made him immortal as well while using him as a seer and forcing him to reveal visions of the future for both his own personal and altruistic benefit of maintaining peace and order throughout the timeline, in his own and the Legends' oath and vision.

Secret Ideological War

Newton Star Children Earth-61656

Newton unleashes only a portion of his true might and intellect through the possession and control
of the Star Children

The access to immortality also gave Isaac clarity of thought, and he discovered the concept known as the "Quiet Math," which was the "divine structure for ultimate deduction." Using this, he determined that the world would end at some point in 2060, although he also feared that his calculations might be inaccurate as time goes by, referring to many different destructive factors in the future that may accelerate his apocalyptic prophecy way sooner. This knowledge was designated, by Newton himself, as the "Silent Truth," since he had kept this knowledge to mostly him and himself only. Armed with the Silent Truth, he knew the old ways of the Living Legends had to change, so he murdered Galileo in a secret duel and subsequently took control of the High Council in his new conquest to save the world, and the cosmos itself in his own terms by recruiting every member and historical intellectual across history who were willing to join him and learn the Silent Truth, and vanquish those who do not and were willing to wage an ideological war just to foil his ultimate goal for the universe.

Equal Reaction

As he expected, Newton would find a longing rivalry with his fellow High Councilor, close friend, turned enemy Leonardo da Vinci, after the latter had no other choice but to create a counteractive, resistance faction within the Legends in order to oppose him and completely stop his radical and universally-threatening mission from ever commencing. In response to his resistance act, Newton had some several secret methods he executed in order to back him up in the meantime to keep his adversaries distracted. One significant protocol was Newton's clandestine alliances with a few diabolical intellectual leaders across history, which included the former Roman emperor Nero, the 19th century mad scientist Victor Frankenstein, and the 15th century infamous impaler Vlad Dracula.

Along with it, Newton also had the lost Celestial pair Eson the Searcher and Zgreb the Sorrower (with both being physically merged as the "Star Children") be coerced under his will, in which he used the former into finding various worlds that posed a threat to Earth's future, according to the visions of Nostradamus, and the latter Celestial being the one to help them annihilate the threat. Only a few years of unending war against the conservative peacemakers of the Living Legends, the now empowered and the seemingly unstoppable Newton would eventually dubbed himself by the nom de guerre of Sir Graviton, due to his firm and terrifying claim that nothing and no one could ever escape his gravitative grasps, once they have decided to get in his way. The seed of conflicting sides within the system of the Living Legends have wage conflict for the future of mankind and the entire world, and thus the Secret Ideological War has officially begun.

Opposite Reaction

Taking place approximately a few years before the Second World War, the ideological war still continues within the first and main battleground of the conflict, taking place in the Immortal City, base of the Living Legends secretly found underneath Rome, Italy. After the resistance were able to find their newest and greatest allies, with one of those being the heroic but mysterious individual known as the Iron Patriot of the Great War and the rescued Nostradamus, Newton's paranoia once again began to slowly ruin his once calm and stable state in leading his consistently-powerful radical organization, rendering his allied leaders to doubt his long-term effectivity in leadership as soon as he had seemed desperate to immediately get even with his adversaries.

Despite his growing insanity, Newton still put his genius mind into a far more efficient use in what he thought would be moments nearing his defeat, more efficient than when he was during his first declaration of war against the original system of the Living Legends. In one of his significant counteractive plans, Newton had secretly established a final, hypothetical endgame protocol in order to win and end the war at the same time, although at the cost of him and his men's lives. Before his enemies could have unveiled this revelation themselves, the steps of the entire protocol were still kept in a written text Newton had named in mixed languages, both Terran and alien languages, simply translated into English as the "Opposite Reaction."

Proposition of Peace

Once the intellectual enemies of Newton have finally decrypted and fully understood the overall purpose of the protocol that was the Opposite Reaction, Leonardo decided to meet Newton in secret at the ruins of the Immortal City, specifically its former headquarters, one last time in his attempt to have a civilized meeting with his old friend and convince him alone to joining a treaty that Leonardo and some of the surviving High Councilors had been proposing since the ideological war had begun beyond the earths. Though he had some doubts at first, Newton still overcomes his paranoia and would end up agreeing into attending their meeting without informing his own fellow radicalists about it, open on what the said treaty might be, albeit still hesitant whether or not he would be compliant with it by the time he listens to their peaceful propositions.

During the clandestine meeting within the Immortal City, Newton temporarily reunites with his former fellow Legends besides Leonardo, which includes Archimedes, Nostradamus, Ildico, Michelangelo, even the former villain of the Legends that was Nikola Tesla, and the newest addition to the team, Isaac Stark. As the secret meeting continues, the committee were able to slowly convince their old friend and enemy to finally end every bloodshed and every destruction the unending conflict caused by their opposing ideologies for almost three centuries, through the treaty they've proposed.

Defiance of Graviton

Unfortunately, just as Newton could have a say about their treaty, their shining moment was deliberately interrupted by Newton's allied leaders after the three had found out their secret meeting, to which a massive armed squadron led by Nero had tactically surrounded the city. Under Nero's strategic command, the squadron suddenly fired at the headquarters, subsequently destroying most of the structure, though they weren't able to kill any single one of the leading Legends, including Newton, whom Nero thought was going to end up betraying his own society for his old friends (even though it was not truly the case). Once Newton finds out about the reckless misunderstanding done by his situational allies, he became furious due to their irresponsible acts, leading for Newton to have no other choice but to side with his old friends and situational enemies in the meantime and reluctantly combat his own army, seemingly redeeming him in the process. In that very moment, Nero was suddenly horrified when he realized that the Living Legends have finally reformed for the first time in hundreds of years.

Final Treachery

During the ambush on Immortal City, the Living Legends, the latter went out victoriously as they defeated the massive squadron, thanks to their combined genius minds, efficient inventions, and strong will to fight them off. In the end of the penultimate skirmish, however, Newton mercilessly killed Nero in order to prevent his own traitorous ally from fully exposing what his true plan was to the rest of the Legends. With the death of Nero and the destruction of most of the radical faction, it would seem like the Secret Ideological War was on the verge of its end. However, with his undying ambition fueled by his loyalty to his own radical ideologies, Newton would have still reclaimed the mantle of High Councilor and sill continued to pursue his goal of saving the future of planet Earth, and the state of the universe through his extreme ways, and at that time, Newton only had his last resort to fulfill his purpose, the mysterious series of equations they only knew as the "Opposite Reaction."

Multiversal Chaos

With Newton finally earning the trust of his old friends, he partly lied to them what the overall purpose of the "Opposite Reaction" would be, ensuring that its success would finally save the universe from the incoming threats, especially the greatest threat he have ever found other than his own universal threats, the entire multiverse. Contrary to what they were told, Newton's actual plan was to use his inventions created from the equations of the Opposite Reaction, along with the Human Machine and the energy source that has been powering the Immortal City, in order to create a multiversal apocalyptic event through the quantum engines of Nikolai Tesla, which would leave their own universe as the only reality left standing. His endgame protocol was going just as planned, right until Isaac Stark himself slowly studied and finds out that the effects of Newton's plan were going to cause chaos, and finally demanded Newton to tell the Legends the whole truth behind his motives.

Unfortunately by the time the Legends believed Stark's discovery and accusations to Newton, the latter had already activated the quantum engine, much to the Legends' horror and Newton's somber satisfaction now that he has finally achieved his goal to save reality, or at least their own, but destroying the rest of the vast multiverse with a powerful cosmic storm released by their combined engines. Leonardo and the Legends could only feel guilt and devastation as they witness the deadly engine's living dark energy completely obliterate trillions and trillions of dimensions and realities, which sadly killed countless of lives across the multiverse, proving the ultimate power resulted from the great but tormented mind of Isaac Newton.

Back to the Start

Still filled with optimism and hope that they could still find a way to undo Newton's destructive multiversal actions and save the world in the process, Leonardo da Vinci, Archimedes, Nostradamus, Ildico, Michelangelo, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Stark, and most of the surviving members of the Legends forcibly took Newton with them, and together, they used the Human Machine to travel back to the past, only a few moments before their own reality ends up being destroyed by the engines used by Newton himself, proving that Newton's equation still had one teeny but significant miscalculation, lately realizing that it has been a result of Newton's worsening, uncontrollable megalomania and paranoia, in which his actions had inevitably led to the eventual destruction to one-third of the whole known multiverse.

A Redemptive Death

As Leonardo da Vinci and the rest of his closest allies have mutually made the reluctant but altruistic and utilitarian decision to fix everything that the now insane Newton and his extremist organization have done and restore what they could salvage from the already decimated one-third of the multiverse, but unfortunately accepting that it had to be done at the cost of their further ability to reform the Living Legends ever again. The last set of explosive blasts of dark energy released by the Human Machine has finally been activated by the Legends, leading to the final destruction of the sentient machine, finally sends him back to a younger body of his alternate reality self, now arriving in the year of 1725 of an alternate universe, something that would be known by historical records in the modern ages as one of the last years of Sir Isaac Newton, approximately two years before he would eventually pass away in his new, normal body and life.

Finding one of his last purpose in his new but emptied life, Newton would eventually dedicated his last few years into studying and writing about biblical chronology and his other unspecified written philosophical and religious works, but most of the former in those areas remained unpublished not long after his later death, with one of his secretive written works later falling into the righteous hands of S.H.I.E.L.D., which was the Order of the Legends' revised and complete journal, with its final content warning the present on how the state of the multiverse was at stake of accelerating its fate due to the actions of a greater cosmic force that has even pre-existed it.

In Newton's deathbed, he could only think of what his life a Legend could have been if he didn't end up falling into his own ego and became more open to the ideologies of his fellow noble intellectuals, instead of eliminating them with such radical approach and subsequently starting a war to. Though he was assumed to live the last years of his life filled with regret and depression for his most extreme of actions, Newton was later revealed to actually have overcome his trauma, dying in peace and contentment after a series of old letters of forgiveness were sent to him, which came from his old and former fellow Legends, who mostly have already died a few centuries either in the past or in the future due to natural causes and old ages while living in their respective timelines.

Powers and Abilities


Master Alchemist: Isaac Newton is one of the smartest individuals to ever live. Through the usage of the Elixir of Life, Newton has also become nearly immortal. Through his extensive mastery of science and sorcery, officially classifying him a powerful alchemist, Sir Isaac Newton has developed several powers including:

  • Flight
  • Longevity
  • Summoning
  • Astral Projection
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Gravitikinesis
    • Graviton Manipulation
    • Movement Impairment
    • Graviton Attraction
    • Graviton Blast
    • Force Field Generation
  • Demonic Transformation
    • Hellfire Manipulation
  • Elemental Manipulation
    • Pyrokinesis
    • Hydrokinesis
    • Geokinesis
    • Aerokinesis
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills*
* Heightened stats when empowered


  • Genius Intelligence
  • Master Scientist
  • Master Engineer
  • Master Inventor
  • Master Tactician
  • Master Deceiver
    • Influential Expert
  • Trained Marksman
  • Trained Combatant

Strength level

Class 17+


  • Insanity
  • Megalomania
  • Eccentricity
  • Paranoia



  • Various designs and inventions
  • Human Machine (formerly)
  • Elixir of Life (formerly)
  • Silent Truth (formerly)
  • Quiet Math (formerly)
  • Word of God (formerly)
  • Opposite Reaction (formerly)
  • High Council of the Shield's Armor (formerly)


  • Various invented vehicles (formerly)


  • Various invented weapons (formerly)


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  1. Ancient Comics: Living Legends Vol 1 30


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