Zeke battles the Hulk while wearing his "paralysis" armor

Ezekiel Hasden "Zeke" Stark is the son of the late Tony Stark and the current Iron Man.

Early Life

At some point in time, Tony Stark and Black Widow conceived a child. The child, born Ezekiel Hasden, was put in an orphanage due due his mother's illicit activities. This orphanage was the same one that Scott Summers lived in as a child, and he and Zeke soon became friends. After this, not much is known about Zeke's history... until the day Zeke met the Avengers.

Avengers, Wanda, and the Iron Spider

On a mission to capture the rogue Luke Cage, Iron Man met Zeke hiding in Stark Enterprises. Zeke had stolen Spider-Man's old "Iron Spider" armor. Unaware that Zeke was his son, Iron Man offered Zeke a position in the Avengers as the Iron Spider. Zeke accepted. As an Avenger, Zeke met Scarlet Witch. They fell in love, and married soon after.

Jane Howlett

On a mission with the Avengers, Zeke met X-23, who at the time was with the New Mutants. Zeke met with her after the mission and offered to take her in. X-23 accepted, and Zeke renamed her Jane Howlett, a slight tweaking of Wolverine's real name, James Howlett.


Zeke on his "Starkboard," which he abandoned after his spine healed.


Ezekiel Stark


Zeke in armor


Zeke as Iron Spider