This suit was created by Tony Stark through a vast amount of items, a list of components are below.


Unofficial Iron Man Omnipotent Armor?


  • Proto-Adamantium:Tony Stark searched for Hephaestus because he knew how to make any metal used in forging.
  • True Vibranium:The original form of Vibranium created from Wakandan and Antarctic Vibranium plus Reverbium, creating a metal that grows stronger over time and can cause earthquakes.
  • Uru:This uru was placed in the Heart of the Universe for 3 minutes before being pulled out to make sure it didn't explode and also heavily enchanted.
  • Dargonite:Rare metal that can pierce Adamantium.
  • Various Earth Metals:Graphene, Wurtzite Boron Nitride, Copper, Etc.
  • Extremis 3.0:Grants the user Appearance Alteration, Regenerative Healing Factor, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Reflexes, Immortality,and Cyberpathy.
  • Nanobots:Can morph the armor into weapons, allowing user to make huge Repulsor cannons.
  • Symbiotes:during the symbiotic invasion stark captured thousands of symbiotes an merged them and then got agamotto to put them under his control.
  • Wand of Watoomb:tony stark removed the demon heads from the wand and made them his shoulder guards.
  • Infinity Stones:Located across the Left and Right arms.
  • Fearsome Fist of Farallah:Located on Right hand.
  • Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr:located on forehead
  • Crimson Gem of Cyttorak:located in center of chest
  • Wings of the Phoenix: Phoenix Wings generated on the back covered in Enchanted Uru.
  • Sandals of Hermes:The Sandals of Hermes covered in Antarctic vibranium.
  • Various Weapons:Repulsors, Homing Repulsors, Phoenix Charged Repulsor, Etc.

This suit is used by Tony Stark to defeat abraxas with 2 alternate reality Infinity Gauntlets.

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