Marvel Fanon
Marvel Fanon

A one-shot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (DuttPanda). The one-shot's duration is 19 minutes.


As the city Sokovia deteriorates during the Battle of Sokovia during Avengers: Age Of Ultron, a wrecked yet barely working Ultron bot squeezes itself out of the battleground and silently in order to escape the wrath of the Avengers. The bot flies it's way to Europe, before powering down in a town in London. A prodigious boy, Nathaniel Richards, finds the bot, and thinks it is garbage. He takes it to home and keeps it in his workshop, and finds the advanced technology within the bot and the artificial intelligence set. He uses his tools to restart and reprocess the power of the artificial intelligence gear, which he places on the bot. He activates the Ultron bot and the bot, having it's brainpower back, becomes sentient and starts destruction in his toolshop. Midst, his parents enjoy buffet on a romantic dinner.

Again, back to the scene, Nathaniel evades and chases to his home, but the sentient Ultron bot, who is too weak to use it's additional offensive gear, is in pursuit of the boy, as he wants him to fix his body. The Ultron bot enters Nathaniel`s home and chases him around. Raged that the boy revolts against his "superiority," the sentient Ultron shoots beams towards the boy with it's concussive blasters, however, the robot malfunctions and the blasters pops out of it's body. Nathaniel quickly snatches the concussive blaster, and escapes to the house's panic room, which is protected by Vibranium layered walls. He uses his only tool in his pocket; a screw, to reverse engineer the blaster (displaying his bewildering intelligence) and he equips it and comes out of the panic room, to make a final blow to destroy the Ultron Bot, the last Ultron A.I in the whole planet, literally saving the world. He drops to the floor and laughs hysterically, promising to himself that his parents will never learn about this.

Three weeks later, we see him in his wrecked workshop, doing something with the completely destroyed Ultron robotic body. It is revealed that he has been reverse engineering it`s use along with it's artificial intelligence to create a prototype of an imperfect and a smaller Iron Man armor. The first time, he powers on the armor, it malfunctions. In rage, for his failure, he punches the artificial intelligence compound, activating the armor, and he gives a wide smile, leaving the audience to decide whether he will use it as Iron Lad, or for something else.


  • Timothee Chalamet as Nathaniel Richards
  • Tom Kenny as Ultron-Bot PX 8.0 (reverse engineered)
  • Steven Weber as Nathaniel`s father
  • Julliate Hohnen as Nathaniel`s mother