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The Infinity Gauntlets were a set of three, divinely crafted armaments, forged by The Ancient Ones before the

The Infinity Gauntlets

beginning of time. There were said to be three Gauntlets (then called the Necrelios Artifaciuses), one for each domain of the Universe - Angel, Demon, and Man. The three Gauntlets were prophesied to never be touched by hands other than the Ancient Ones, but during the destruction of the Hidden Citadel in 7000 B.B.C.E., the prophecy was shattered and the three gauntlets were scattered across the universe.

Mortal Gauntlet

Mortal Guantlet.jpg

Current Wielder: The Star-Lord (Rodrick Quill)

Official Name: Necrelios Artifacius Sapius

Powered By: Stone of Dreams

Arm Worn On: Right

Abilities: The ability to warp time and mind.

Angelic Gauntlet

Angelic Guantlet.jpg

Current Wielder: The Silver Surfer (Sirriana Revlis)

Official Name: Necrelios Artifacius Avius

Powered By: Wings of Purity

Arm Worn On: Left

Abilities: The ability to warp nature and water.

Demonic Gauntlet

Demonic Guantlet.jpg

Current Wielder: Thanos the Powerful

Official Name: Necrelios Artifacius Satanus

Powered By: Horns of Fury

Army Worn On: Left

Abilities: The ability to warp emotion and fire.

The Spiral Gauntlet

It was prophesied by the Ancient Ones, that when the three Gauntlets were joined together in a Spiral Convergence, they would form the Spiral Gauntlet (something that could only be produced under the hammer of a god). The Spiral Gauntlet is one of the most powerful artifacts in the Universe, capable of omnipotence. Some believe it can even turn the user immortal. The Spiral Gauntlet has never been seen, but many predict that the creation of such a weapon would be catastrophic to the entire world.