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Marvel`s Infinity is an American animated television show based on Marvel Studio`s characters, produced by Walt Disney Productions, directed by DuttPanda. Infinity is based on the different sagas and villains confronting against the heroes of Earth. This series is inspired by Bridgetterocks's exceptional and revolutionary Assemble! television show, although adhering no resemblance to it. Each season has different perspectives and characters, although, the Avengers being frequent collaborators, along with Spider-Man.

Timeline and Placement

This television show takes place in the 21st century, intersecting other timelines as well, as part of the Kang The Conqueror storyline, however, this takes place in Earth 7654, another parallel reality alongside the other millions, that consist of the Marvel characters.

Locations outside of Earth, in the extraterrestrial deep are also set in this television series, eg: Asgard, Niffleheim, Thanos' area, The Celestial Stars, etc. Earth is the main location of this series. This series is called Infinity because not only does adventures outside Earth lie, but a set of other sagas also take place, within the stars, moons and other planets in the horizon.

Critical Reception

Season One has earned a certified fresh rating of Cf-lg 89% in online movie aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes, with a critics consensus, reading, "Submersive, stylish and exuberant with exhilarating action and a breathtaking premise to an acceptable ending, the first season of Infinity brings on drama and passion, without any hesitation and introduces an original storyline, with a highly satisfying antagonist."

Seasons and Episodes

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Currently, there is only one season that has ended production. The second season has started shooting for it`s premiere. DuttPanda has announced confirmation up to Season Three. There are also plans to make Season Four, with three different scripts in works. If possible, Dutt assures that there will be at least, seven seasons.


Earth`s Mightiest Heroes ally to take on the toughest villains that threaten billions of lives! In the first season of Infinity, a nefarious villain endangers thousands of lives just for a personal gain! It is up to the heroes of Earth to resolve this issue, only to discover that one of them, themselves are a part of the villainy!

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