Infinity:The Avengers is the first film of the Infinity Universe movie series. It is influenced by Star Wars. This film is directed by George Lucas, produced by Christopher Nolan and scripted and supervised by Joss Whedon. This film stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and James Earls Jones.


  1. ADBY- Pre-historical existence of the republic era of the Infinity Galaxy.
  2. ADB- Historical existence of the democratic age of the Infinity Galaxy. The current timeline of the story.
  3. The Interstellar Knights (I.N.K)- A peace maintenance organization that is intergalactically assigned to handle space pirates, criminals and fugitives and also balance peace and prosperity in this overwhelming universe.
  4. The Jedivengers Forces- The revolutionary organization led by the mysterious Star Vadar, a highly advanced space battler with cyborg technology and a furious expanding empire.


In a distant galaxy far far away, in ADBY 5, the I.N.K organizations and the Intergalactic Crime Patrol ally with the Interuniverse Governmental Parliament to discuss about the politically feeble situation of their universe. Since the expansion of crime around interstellar locations, the republic attitude has not developed any changes to prevent corruption as technology advances in this modern era. After the unwelcome discussion, the I.N.K organizations concludes the debate with democracy ruling with republic parties being bashed out. The governmental parties are outraged and in rage and torment, form a revolution to bring back their rule and the new revolutionary organization that has been created on democracy`s path, is named as the Jedivengers Forces, led by Maul Parker (in Star Wars Canon, Darth Vadar).

Now, in the present and current timeline, in ADB 9989, during a ferocious battle, the I.N.K battle station wins over the Jedivengers Forces, disbanding the revolutionary after such a long time. The leader of the I.N.K battle station, Captain Omega (in 616 comics, Captain America)

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