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Real Name
Cole Kuo Pierce
Current Alias

White Demon, Ghost Knight, White Dragon & Divine Beast



S.H.I.E.L.D (Earth-1958), X-Men (Earth-1958), The Syndicate

Jeniffer Pierce AKA Celestial (Twin Sister), unnamed mother and father, Abigale Hawker (Wife, Deceased), Liz Braddock-Pierce AKA Psylocke (wife), Richard Yun Pierce (son), Katherine "Kitty" Peirce AKA Shadowcat (Formerly Katherine Pryde, Adopted Daughter), Axel Peirce (Formerly Pryde, Adopted Grandson)


Base Of Operations
S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, Xavier School, Utopia Island



205 lbs (235 lbs with liantium spine)

Blue, (electric)

White, Black (Formerly)

Unusual Features
Energy discharge from eyes when using powers at limit, tattoos and a few scars, Laintium spine.

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Marital Status

Super-spy, Adventurer, Soldier and Pilot

University, college and high school graduate


Place of Birth


First appearance



((The history will be put into more detail in the form of a fan comic soon))

Cale along with his twin sister were born in the year 4250 (meaning they're both 120 by the time they join the X-Men). Both were born into a mysterious organization known as The Syndicate, this group of like minded humans, mutants and aliens fight behind the shadows of their own parent groups, countries or empires to ensure freedom reigns and tyranny is destroyed by almost any means. When Cale and his sister Jennifer were 14 they unleashed their powers. The cause of their powers manifesting was a brutal attack from Anti-Mutant extremists, during the attack Jen lost her unborn baby and her human boyfriend (who was shot in the head at the start of the attack). Cole in a fit of rage unleashed his powers first and tore the attacks to pieces and stood at their corpses dripping in blood.

After years of training with their powers and in various abilities such as martial arts, assassination, recon etc. They went off to find someone to fight with. After many decades and many banners to fight under the two joined the X-Men as instructors at The Jean Grey Academy for Gifted Youngsters, Cole under the alias of Infamous taught combat along with fellow Syndicate member Wolverine, History and Music. He also headed the 3rd year dorms and gained the alias among those students as "The White Demon" after seeming him repel an attack from Anti-Human extremists known as The MLFI (Mutant Liberation Front International). His sister taught English, Science and Drama, while Cole was feared by many student and respected by more he did strike up a big brother relationship with Kitty Abigale Pryde a 3rd year student who was known as Shadowcat. This relationship gained notification after Kitty became pregnant, While the father was anti-social towards her and other he remained loyal and protected her always and constantly checked up on her if he didn't see her for a long time. He even adopted her after her parent died in a mutant dawn attack. so she could at least feel she was still part of a family.

After Kitty's baby boy was born he became the god-father and inducted Kitty into the Syndicate along with the baby's father and the human battery Hyper-Charge. After the induction ceremony he got called away with his sister and wolverine to launch a raid on a Freedom for Humanity base located in the Rockies. The goal of this raid was to free a Mutant thief known as Wild Card (Formerly Gambit X). During the raid Cole was blown off a cliff and presumed dead but was actually in a deep meditative trance that allowed him to recover both physically (despite his powerful healing powers) and mentally. After spending a year missing he returned, Much to the surprise of his sister, Kitty and Psylocke who of which hugged him first. After catching up with recent news and events he returned to his everyday activities such as training from dawn to when classes start and doing what he does best.....Fighting.

Powers and Abilities


"The Surge": The Surge as it's known is a unique power that allows Cole to boost his physical abilities to super-human levels without harming his own body. His strength, speed, agility, reflexes, balance, senses and thought process are at peak bordering on superhuman when the power is inactive his stamina durability and regeneration are at super human levels.

  • Variable Strength: While the base strength is at it's peak Cole's surge allows him to boost it to the point where he can lift 150 metric tones with effort (200 if using his willpower). This proves useful when dealing with super-strong enemies and strong defenses. While preferring to challenge himself and not use his strength fully, Cole has on more than one occasion used it to great effect.
  • Variable Speed: One of Cole's favorite ways to use his Surge, while his top speed is unknown people have theorized he can reach speeds of mach 7.5 to 8.5. When using his speed at this level his body puts up a "Speed Shield" that protects his body and anyone/thing he's carrying from the G-Forces and Air Friction.
  • Variable Agility: When Cole needs to avoid getting hurt he boosts his Agility to "Dance through the Wind". This allows him to dodge mid-air or pull off feats of acrobatics no normal human can think of.
  • Variable Reflexes: Cole can boost his reflexes to the point where he can catch a gunshot with his eyes closed. This combines with his durability makes it very hard to get a fatal shot, It also makes playing sports a breeze.
  • Variable Balance & Coordination: When needed a great deal of balance Cole can boost the part of the brain that governs balance and coordination. This allows him to stand almost perfectly still in a 7.8 Earthquake.
  • Variable Senses: Like his physical abilities that are all at peak when at base levels Cole can boost them to equal levels allowing him to sense enemies form miles away.
  • Variable Mental Process: At base level Cole boasts an I.Q. score of 196 when boosted he can push it into the 200s but prefers to increase his thought process allowing him to throw out tactics in seconds.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor & Retarded Aging: Cole is able to heal, regrow limbs and reattach limbs and an amazing rate. This makes Cole nearly impossible to kill permanently. It even slows his aging greatly, even though he's over 120 years old he looks to be in his late 20s early 30s. His immune system is also equally increased making poisoning him a redundant action, also he can't get ill or catch any diseases.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Like his healing Cole's stamina is equally increase as a by product. He is able to fight and operate for days without rest of any signs of needed it. The longest he has gone for without sleep was 10 days.
  • Variable superhuman Durability: While at base levels Cole's durability is highly resistant to damage it can be pierced with constant attacks, when he boosts it he can be rendered nearly unbreakable to anything but the most powerful of attacks. This proves handy when falling from great heights.

Secondary Mutation

Bio-Energy absorption & Manipulation: Cole's secondary mutation is the power to absorb different types of energy within an 8 foot radius and covert it and add it to his own bio-energy reverses. He can also manipulate it into various forms such as "Punch-Gloves" which basically take the form of gauntlets with blunt cones around his fist, these gloves allow his punches to cause more damage and send enemies flying without the need of his surge (or further with). He can also create a verity of weapons except for firearms as the internal workings are too complex to manifest easily. his preferred ranged combat method with this power is throwing blades or shurikans of various sizes. The Bio-Energy also gives him powerful mental shields which will either give the telepath an painful Migraine or result in them just getting static.


  • Martial Arts Master: Due to his S.H.I.E.L.D and X-Men training Cole is a master fighter specializing in Chinese Martial Arts (specifically Five Animals Kung Fu), Jeet Kune Do, Karate (Isshin-Ryu & Kyokushinkai), Ninjutsu, Tae-Kwon-Do, Capoeria, Hapkido, Boxing and various weapon based styles. His skill in martial arts and combat is enough to fight the wolverine and sabertooth of his time on equal terms as well as dozens of highly trained S.H.I.E.L.D agents during Syndicate "Ghost Operation" beating them with ease only using his Martial Arts skill.
  • Expert Acrobat: To get around New Orleans effectively Cole learned Parkour which along with his superhuman agility allowed him to dart across the city with ease.
  • Expert Spy: Thanks to being trained by S.H.I.E.L.D Cole is a brilliant spy, having infiltrated various anti-mutant groups and anti-human groups as well.
  • Skilled infiltrator: Thanks to his training and Ninjutsu skills he can sneak into most heavily guarded buildings with little trouble.
  • Talented hunter & survival expert:Cole has been trained greatly in hunting and survival tactics. And has been training his mutant students in the same skills along with Wolverine and Nomad.
  • Top-Gun Ace: Cole is a Top-Gun graduate as part of his Syndicate training, and has engaged several squads of Hydra combat jets and won unscratched.
  • Inhuman willpower: Cole's willpower is also stupidly high, due to all the death, pain and fighting he's been through. He can fight through illusions, mind control and pain while he heals with varying degrees of ease.
  • Master Assassin: Cole also can kill most targets with ease and at any range.
  • Expert Marksman: Cole rarely misses with his powers or firearms. He mainly uses side arms in a Gun-Fu method using his boosted speed and agility while focusing his speed into his eyes so he is able to get an accurate high speed shot.
  • Skilled Leader: Cole is also a skilled leader despite preferring to work alone, he's lead several agents to success.
  • Talented Hacker: Thanks to to Cole's training he is an amazing hacker able to get into S.H.I.E.L.D's systems within 10 minutes and have some fun with the Director's personal computer (Cole wrote the "Nyah Virus").
  • Linguist: Cole can speak Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, Taiwanese Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Native American along with other languages.
  • Talented Musician:Cole is a virtuoso he can play guitar, bass, drums, violin, piano, flute and mouth organ. all with excellent skill even being part of several bands in his youth.

Strength level



  • Hydrophobia (formerly): When Cole was young he developed hydrophobia from nearly drowning as a young boy. He got over the fear during his Syndicate training where he was submerged in water and could only get out if he relaxed and beat the fear that held him back.
  • Bio-energy disruption: While is it rare to encounter anything that cna disrupt his Bio-Energy powers it is a problematic weakness. It renders his Bio-Energy based powers useless so he is forced to rely on his skills and Surge more.
  • Immensely high powered psychics: While immune to most psychic probing and mind control Incredibly powerful psychics can cause him problems.
  • Decapitation (Formerly): While this weakness was more present before he got his metal spine. After he gained it the weakness has all but vanished.
  • Mental Disability: When Cole was 14-15 he was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome which effected his social abilities as well as learning but while the Autism will never go away he has learned to control it and use it for his benefit. The way his mind is wired causes more problems for telepaths if they get past his natural psychic defenses.



  • Combat Armor: Similar to his rival Nomad's but is a Recon & Assault Combat Nano-tech armor MK6. This suit has a chameleon function that allows him to blend in with his surroundings and has built in sensors, a holo computer mounted in the right bracer. on top of the power adaptation abilities that all the Nano-tech combat armors have. The main purpose for this suit is to provide close recon then if need a hard and fast assault. The common look for this suit is a long black "leather" Cossack jacket with no sleeves and the Syndicate emblem on the corners of the collar and back (after joining the X-men he added a red x behind the Syndicate emblem). Like all the Syndicate Nano-Tech armor it has a social camo mode and is mentally controlled
  • Vibranium & Steel alloy Bracers and Greaves: These are made of the same alloy as Captain America's Shield. however the elbow and knee protection for each of these are made from shatterproof polymer laid over a thin layer of the same alloy.
  • Liantium spine: After being seriously injured during his Syndicate training his spine was fused with anew light weight version of Adamantium called Liantium, while Liantium is as strong as Adamantium it is much lighter. After a few years the metal fused with his bone on a molecular level effectively turning his spine into a semi-organic version of the metal allowing it to grow as his spine would normally do.
  • Utility Belt: This belt is adamantium laced and stores his tracking devices, As well as various tech.

Transportation: Sometimes uses S.H.I.E.L.D transports or the X-Men Blackbird
Weapons: Throwing knives and a telescopic adamantium bo staff.


  • Cole owns a 2069 Dodge Challenger which he has never driven as the car scares him to death for unknown reasons
  • Cole hates 3 kinds of people; Anti-Mutant militia, Anti-Human militia and Mutant Extremists as they mostly go against his moral code and finds them highly annoying. He has no real issue with tearing them limb from limb
  • Cole is also very witty and sarcastic at times making quick one liners and joking comments to his friends and enemies to either entertain or annoy (sometimes both), He also plays pranks on either his friends on enemies either with his powers or classic gags.
  • Cole is very close to Wolverine, Nomad, Psylocke and the young mutants he trains. With Wolverine and Nomad he is considered by many to be rivals but only says Nomad is his rival and will spar with him nearly daily to prove who's better, while with Wolverine he is respectful and normally talks to him about combat, tactics and sometimes women. His relationship with Psylocke is more of a one sided crush it seems. However when they started dating this relationship came to light. He is also very close to Shadowcat up to the point where he adopted her as his daughter when her parents died.
  • With Martial Arts Cole uses a style he invented called Shooting Star Kempo it is a blend of all his martial arts into one style with a basis in Jeet Kune Do and uses the main aspects of the styles like Jeet Kune Do's adaptability, Boxing's agility, Tae-Kwon-Do's dynamic kicking abilities and Capoeria's grace along with his natural cockiness.


((Yes one of the big inspirations for this character was the game Infamous))

((After much thought and consideration i changed the powers and history.))

Cole does smoke one cigarette a week maybe two if the week had been stressful.

Cole loves his heavy metal and rock music but doesn't mind gothic techno or meaningful hip hop.

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